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October 12, 2010

7 Ahau, 18 Tzotz, 7 Ik

Selamat Jarin! We return with more to discuss with you! Presently, the schisms between various components of the Anglo-American dark cabal are intensifying. Several sections of this global cabal are extremely worried about how their coming collapse is to play out. As various parts of the new financial and currency system are secretly revealed to them, panic develops within these groups. Their main concern at present is the exposure of the vast amount of illegal, not to mention immoral, activity that forms the basis of their daily modus operandi. An example of this is the announcements of insolvency made over the last few weeks by a number of major US banks, in the hope that such action can be a mitigating factor with their new Earth-allies mentors. A general tally is being made to determine not only the nature and extent of these crimes, but also who the main perpetrators are. Naturally, this activity has many members of the financial community very much on edge, because our Earth allies have stated repeatedly that those found guilty of such criminality will indeed be held accountable.

The cabal is now feverishly engaged in negotiating a reduction in the penalties to be levied against them. These concerns are evident in the actions recently decided upon by a number of banks and their associates regarding the whole foreclosure business. Adding to the stress are the latest failed attempts by the US Federal Reserve to stay afloat as the US financial system teeters on the brink. This can be seen in the copious amounts of precious metals that have changed hands in the last few months, but these panic-driven acquisitions are too little, too late. The vast majority of such commodities are being held in secret by our Earth allies, and at the proper time, the new financial system, designed to dovetail with huge governmental transfers of power, will be revealed to the public. Despite their recent, precious-metals acquisitions the true amount of debt carried by each large financial institution is to bring the old system down. The many aspects of this new system are in place and the governmental transfers have been legally tendered. All that remains now is for these changes to be effected at the right divine time!

These developments are a sign that the Light is taking charge of your reality. Just ahead of you lies a world that is far different from the one you know. The objective is to be ready for whatever way this all pans out. The multinational banks know that they are doomed. They are to be broken up and their many allied institutions likewise dismantled. Smaller, more locally oriented banks will replace them, and each of these regional banks will be strictly regulated by commissions that form part of the new people-friendly financial system. Each bank will be limited regarding where they can operate and what services they can offer. Remember that this new system is only temporary; it is merely a link between the present setup and one based on full-blown global abundance. This worldwide state of plenty is intended to allow you to cease your concentration on the pursuit and possession of money and become involved instead in what makes your heart sing. The 'pursuit of happiness' is pivotal to the new reality!

The Ascended Masters long ago understood that humans needed to turn their attention away from the money-ruled world foisted on them by the Anunnaki and focus instead on nurturing one's inner joy. Saint Germain, in the US Declaration of Independence, hinted strongly at this when Locke's 'Life, Liberty, and Property' was changed to 'Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness'. The US Constitution's Bill of Rights and the French Declaration of the Rights of Man further expound on the need for humans to freely express what it is that brings them joy. The impending new reality incorporates this concept among its basic tenets. You are to progress from your present scramble for survival to a realm where your true calling is easily manifested. This is the principle that first inspired Saint Germain to conceive of the World Trust in the mid-18th century. This trust was to serve as the core for world abundance, which was to be shared by all and distributed by the Light Workers of the world.

The Anunnaki watched over this trust and soon came to the conclusion, in the early 19th century, that it should be diluted and the last part of the wealth-spreading scenario prevented from happening. This then led to a greater plan to circumvent the Light entirely by instituting their own plan for permanently enslaving their limited-conscious charges before the end of the 20th century. What they could not foresee was the Treaty of Anchara and how this event would scupper their treacherous enslavement schemes. Once upon a time, the Light and the dark lords (Anchara) of the galaxy forged a divine prophecy: at the right time, a special Declaration of Anchara was to greatly transform this galaxy. This declaration was to terminate the galactic wars that had raged from one end of the galaxy to the other for millions of years. This proclamation had another benefit: it had the power to bring former foes together. This treaty was to flood the galaxy with a new Light: a Light of Oneness and full consciousness.

After the treaty, the ruling Earth-minions of the Anunnaki were at their wit's end. Stymied at every turn, they rebelled and fought each other for the privilege of leading the dark to victory. But what they bumped up against was the allegiance between Gaia's many forces of the Light and the first contact mission of the Galactic Federation. This coalition soon gained the upper hand and began a process that now verges on success. Its main goal is to free you from bondage and bring you the abundance long provided for you by the Ascended Masters. This goal includes the return to full consciousness. In addition to this is the grand reunion with the peoples of Agartha and your ancestors from throughout this vast and magnificent galaxy. The time for all this has come, and we are very close to revealing ourselves to you.

This mission's many points of great significance for you are of equal importance to us. Our undertaking here is part of a larger revelation. The last decade and a half has wrought quite a change on your world, including a whole series of events that are about to result in a grand transformation. This change will bring you wonders that are to rewrite your history, your culture, and your philosophies. At present, your worldview is analogous to that of Copernicus: you see yourselves as the center of sentient existence. This, naturally, will change when we appear. At a stroke, Life will be seen to be galaxy-wide! You find yourselves at first lacking in knowledge and possessing scant information about how the universe really functions, but this will quickly change. As your education progresses, you will become more comfortable with your new reality.

Your new realm is to unfurl before you like a holy lotus. Its petals will show you a new, divine way of living. A galactic society will take shape and you are to expand into every part of Inner Earth; the link between inner and surface Earth will be complete and the beauty of the totality of Earth and its diversity will astound you; whole new ecosystems will be born. You are to be the stewards of this reunited land and of the many worlds that surround you. The solar system is to regain its original beauty. You will become justifiably proud of your work and what you are doing to spread the Light to every nearby galaxy. The ceremonies on your surface world envelop you with delight, and this is reflected in your myriad shining crystal cities.

Today, we reviewed what is happening on your world. We looked briefly at how you reached this point in your history, at first contact, and at its significance to your destiny. The time comes for us to meet and to carry out the final part of your journey to full consciousness! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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