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October 5, 2010

13 Ben, 11 Tzotz, 7 Ik

Greetings! We come again with more to explain. Right now, critical talks and the strategic distribution of the new monies are taking place. The dark ones have delayed your abundance and freedom long enough! Our Earth allies are implementing worldwide the agreements so grudgingly obtained from the dark cabal. Because this involves many detailed steps to ensure that these revelations are brought in a timely manner into the public arena, we too are engaged in assisting them with this process. Your world is a veritable morass of twisted financial setups which need to be shut down and replaced by new systems, and this is all being accomplished without completely stopping the flow of money between nations. Indeed, the new procedures are coming on line even as we speak, and many in the know are amazed at how fast the new system is phasing out the old, which has been in effect since the end of World War II. The new system is much more complex and involves a number of new gold-backed currencies.

The new financial network is decentralized and regionally based, with each region being dominated by a specific currency. Bear in mind that this monetary reboot is a stopgap: as the abundance spreads, the need for such forms of wealth will decrease. The goal is for the new currency system to sustain strong global economic growth for about a year, until the ever-spreading abundance takes hold. Coupled to this are the many advanced technologies that will be introduced by the transitional governments and by us. These two factors will create a bridge to a world where money per se has little part to play. It is an axiom of any spirit-based society that food, clothing, and shelter are available to all as an absolute right, and so your present standardized mechanism of trade will quickly morph into a free exchange of goods and services. Beyond that comes a 'marketplace' based on the concept of proprietary ideas and inventions, where ideas and services are exchanged with the goal of solving problems, locally and globally.

This is a precursor to what we call fluid group dynamics. In this organizational model, those most proficient in a certain area become centers of creative brainstorming. These develop into organic systems, made up of sovereign individuals, which are able to come up quickly with fluid solutions. We use this procedure to work out how to complete any aspect of a project or mission. Take, for instance, this particular first contact: as you know, this mission has required constant reroutings and detours from the norm. One of these is the thorough and detailed monitoring of each one of you. This gives us the requisite database which, coupled with our fluid methodology, enables us to come up with effective ways to surmount the myriad speed bumps of this mission. The principle scenario we have been describing to you is a loose and very flexible adaptation of normal first contact protocol, which is adjusted, almost on a daily basis, to the volatile circumstances of your transitioning society.

Galactic society is well grounded in fluid group dynamics. In your case, the specific needs of your many societies will predicate how this procedural model is to be adopted. Each of you brings your unique preferences to the equation to magically form a new unity. Our role here is to take you to the point where your new fully conscious selves can come together to forge your own star-nation. Long ago, you came from the stars to colonize this new realm. You soon forgot your origins, and today you have no inkling of your true identities. This quandary will be resolved once you complete your return to full consciousness. Until then, you may catch glimpses or get intimations of this otherworld or way of being whilst dreaming or in meditation. Of course, once you wake up these traces quickly fade. Your rising consciousness, however, helps to imbue these glimpses with a certain validity, making them more real to you, at least until your doubts come flooding back in again.

This particular step of the mission begs the question that is uppermost in everyone's mind: why are the governmental transitions taking such a ludicrously long time? The dark cabal is counting on your frustration to encourage their supporters to persist in refusing to allow such change. These politicians, whom the dark cabal selected to hold office in your governmental power structures, are extremely worried about what the Earth allies have in store for them. This concern keeps them in line. Our negotiations with the cabal have made them aware of the impending deadline and this scares them. As a result, these governments are plotting a lineup of 'events' designed to prevent any easy transfer of power and to frighten the public into submission. But let us be quite clear: what has been agreed upon will happen, regardless of what these governmental scalawags are setting in motion! Much is afoot that will ensure our many goals.

In our fleet are many expert advisors from the Anunnaki and from our Agarthan cousins. They have watched closely and have kept our Earth allies and Heaven fully advised about planet-surface developments. They strongly recommend that if certain results are not attained by a specific time, then predetermined consequences should be applied to the cabal and their governmental allies. We have informed the cabalists of these consequences during the recent negotiations. Freezing their assets is only the beginning of a whole range of measures we can bring to bear against them. In fact, most of these measures are now being implemented and we expect full compliance. We fully anticipate their surrender, and without dithering around with prior conditions! Be assured that moves are underway to create the circumstances that will result in an emphatic victory for the Light!

Our plan-of-first-choice is to carry out a first contact with a series of new transitional governments in place. The illegal aspects of the cabal's governance are glaring and ubiquitous. These governments threaten the sustainability of Mother Earth's ecosystems, and a great dying-off, similar to that of the late Permian era, is on your horizon. Furthermore, your societies have maxed out the resources that keep them afloat. The coming events are intolerable to us. We have watched you under the ruling thumb of the dark decimate Mother Earth, ruining her waters, ground, and sky. The ever-rising levels of pollution are pressuring her into some type of response that can hopefully demonstrate to these shameless ones that further unabated despoliation is unacceptable. This Earth-response will need to affect the dark cabal in some deadly way.

The process of change from one reality to another is being carried out as gently as possible. One of the notions the dark ones cling to is that they are somehow special and privileged, but this is not the case! Each of them can die or meet with sorrow. They have extended their world of power and wealth well past the agreed timeframe, and this is to change. The majority of you have suffered too long from their illegal actions and the time has come to end this sorry episode in your history. We have been patient and have obeyed the wishes of Heaven, and now we are ready to deploy our technology to implement in style the denouement of this much-protracted drama. It is time to watch first contact finally unfurl before us all!

Today, we continued our discussion with you. Each of our messages is a 'broadcast' of sorts, addressing what is happening around you. The enormous amount of work and preparation on the part of so many is about to gel! Let us come together to celebrate with joy the beginning of a new reality for each one of you. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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