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October 19, 2010

1 Manik, 5 Tzec, 7 Ik

Selamat Balik! We come again with more to discuss with you. At present, we are engaged in talks with our Earth allies concerning how best to expedite their various agendas. We have suggested to them that any remaining hurdles or complications be left for us to take care of. We intend to get these last difficulties out of the way by using policies first outlined some six years ago. Furthermore, Heaven has given us a specific timetable. Mother Earth is now in the midst of changes that require us to make a more open appearance in the coming months, and to do this we need Earth's governments to be more cooperative than they are at present. The only way to obtain the requisite level of cooperation is with regime change and so we intend to quickly remove any remaining obstacles. We no longer have time to massage egos or nurture anyone's feelings of self-worth. Our liaison personnel are advising our Earth allies of this shift in approach and we fully expect positive replies. We have also instructed our ambassadors to deliver a series of specific messages to several of your governments.

These messages address the need to enforce a legal regime change. It is high time to bring about the conditions that are prerequisites to first contact. We have little patience for yet further delays and dearly wish to get on with the schedule that we promised Heaven would be completed by this time. Sadly, your governments feel that unreasoning obstinacy is a valid raison d'ĂȘtre and are carrying on relentlessly down the path to global destruction. We strongly disagree with their goal and have expressed our displeasure at their intractability. Therefore, we have put into play the means to achieve a legal regime change in many major governments. This meets with the approval of our Agarthan cousins, and our Earth allies, too, seem ready to follow our lead. A series of moves are now underway which will manifest the prosperity deliveries and allow the overdue regime changes to take place. Our advanced technologies are in place and we are in a position to help our Earth allies de-claw the last ruling cadres of the dark cabal. Once this is done, we can soothe Mother Earth, thus preventing a series of natural catastrophes.

Mother Earth is moving into a new phase of her transformation from a limited to a fully conscious world. This change requires a substantial weakening of her geomagnetic and gravitational fields. Once a specific point is reached, she can calibrate her next moves with the Sun's. This allotted time of joint calibration is presently occurring, which explains the additional light coming from the Sun. This light is full of information that Mother Earth needs in order to set up the shift from a bipolar to a monopolar state. Your scientists quite misunderstand what is happening, but are correct about the effects arising from this shift. Consequently, we see an urgent need to intervene on a much larger scale than at present. Our scientists are asking us to do so and we have informed all those concerned with your safety to be aware of what is close to happening. The ominous potential in many on-planet situations, coupled with the accords arrived at with the dark cabal and our Earth allies, demands some decisive action at this time.

Our fleet is daily setting the stage for these dramatic events. We have told many on your world why there is a need for our direct intervention. There is also the imperative of divine time. The divine plan clearly states that we need at this time to show our ships to you in great numbers, and this we intend to do quite shortly. Such a revelation needs to be carried out with some degree of discretion and decorum and so we are creating the means to safely do so. Our purpose is to come in the light of our benevolence which can permit you to see us as the concerned and compassionate prototypes that you are to become. We do not wish to frighten you or be seen as some sort of celestial bogeyman. We are your space family and we are here to transform your suffering into joy and your difficulties into comfort and ease. The final stage of first contact will accomplish this and change your world very much for the better, where you can achieve your true and heart-felt objectives with glee. We welcome you to your new reality!

This fast-approaching world is one you can barely imagine as full consciousness must be experienced to be believed. In this state, interaction with your environment happens on many levels simultaneously. The amount of information you can process each second is immense! Another revelation is the huge amelioration in the way you interact with your fellows; and again, this occurs on many levels. You are veritably bombarded with data both from various physical realities and from the innumerable spiritual realms you inhabit. You are both a physical and a spiritual Being of immense talents and capabilities; however, in any particular lifetime you choose one of these realities as your principle focus. Thus you are born into a specific clan, having carefully chosen your parents and the podlet community they live in.

This fully conscious world nurtures you even before your birth. As a newborn you have the ability to be telepathically connected to your entire community and, in comparison to your present abilities, your learning capacity is prodigious. You discover how your segment of galactic society operates and what to expect as you go through a prolonged learning-process that takes you through the first seventy years of life. You learn about your chosen talents and how to work with others to hone your skills. You find out how to make your own unique contribution to solving the challenges your podlet may face. You bask in your sovereignty and explore your responsibilities to enhance your community and expand your potential. You are in a constant state of joy which you express gracefully with all those around you. This zest for life motivates you to explore who you are and to contribute your best to your podlet.

As you grow toward adulthood, you become more and more acculturated into your society. You start to travel both to other parts of your home world and to the other worlds that make up your star-nation. You participate in the rituals that are a sacred aspect of your daily life. You learn to interact with the different ecologies that compose the inner and surface realms of your home world, and these excursions bring you into contact with the many clans that make up your galactic society. This helps you appreciate fully the multiple complexities that conjoin to form the organic whole that is your home world's galactic society. This nurturing web can then be extended to include the entire star-nation. It forms a fulfilling holistic bubble around you, graciously demonstrating the fully conscious way of life.

When you volunteer for duty with a Galactic Federation Science & Exploration fleet, you do so in order to extend your knowledge of this galaxy and to mentor others on their journey to full consciousness. Many star-nations that are accepted into the G.F. are either on the verge of full consciousness or have just become so. These moments are special and treasured opportunities for the fleet to experience with these newly accepted members the joy that is full consciousness. In your case, we have come under entirely different circumstances. Nevertheless, we come, as always, to mentor you, and to share and enhance your path to full consciousness. This mission has taken longer than expected, but the time now comes to complete our tasks and lead you all into your new fully conscious realm!

Today, we talked about what we are now doing to manifest your new reality. This S&E fleet is more than ready to usher you into the magnificent realms of full consciousness. The time draws near for all of us to celebrate our many successes together! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Website: Planetary Activation Organization

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