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Kris Won, February 21, 2011

Hello, I am Iris. I come from the bottom of the ocean. My home is a submerged city, and our members never come to the surface, save for extraordinary motives. But we have the ability to leave the physical body at will, so if we desire to visit your world, we do so, although only the astral body; we are not allowed to do so physically, because you were not prepared to make contact with our intra-oceanic world.

There have been times when a man from the surface has seen us (the few times that one of us has come to the water's surface), and they are those cases known to you and in which you have called us "mermaids". But although you have written novels extensively about it, modifying our appearance, making everyone believe that our lower extremities are like those of a fish... that is not true! However, it is true that on certain occasions some members of your race have seen us, and even have exchanged a few words with us, because we know your language (even though we have our own, which is unlike any of your languages).

Always remember that there is some truth in legends, even though they have been distorted. Just as we have been idealized with fish fins instead of feet, or you have added wings to the backs of God's Angels, or placed a horn on the unicorns' forehead, or put only one eye on the cyclopes, or the body of a horse on the centaurs... Without a doubt, they are always accompanied by many Elementals, by many Devas who look after the trees and prairies,... but their modifications, and those mixtures of men and animals are so funny!...

During my Astral incursions to the surface world, I've observed the trajectory of Kris-Won for some time, this brother of yours, and I've wished for a few months now to contact the world through him, because of his abilities as a medium he is an excellent channel for any being who wishes to send you a message of Love and Harmony.

There is so much that I would like to tell you after my presentation that, I don't know where to begin. According to our old annals, our civilization began to exist at the bottom of the ocean some 35,000 years ago, and we have multiplied and extended in that lapse of time, always in oceans and seas, from the American coasts to the warm seas of the South, where we like to swim among the coral reefs and the coastal waters of the archipelagos in the transparent and calm waters of the Pacific Ocean, the island of Australia and New Zealand, and the sea of Japan.

We also find ourselves along the Gulf of Mexico, the Yucatan Peninsula, and the islands of the Atlantic Ocean, such as Aruba, Jamaica, Marguerite, Trinidad & Tobago, or the islands of the Pacific Ocean, like Hawaii, Bermuda and the Polynesians.

We prefer warm and mild waters, although some of our fellow kin live in colder places like Alaska, Canada, the Antarctic, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Island or Siberia, for example. Our ancestors are the same, but they have cultivated a more serious, colder character, just like their water temperature. It is just like in your case, where human beings in the southern zones have, in general, a happier and livelier character than those born in the northern countries, who usually have a more serious and quiet way of being.

But not because of that are our fellow kind from the north less loving (not at all, because they are very sensitive and affectionate beings), but we, the inhabitants of warm and mild seas and oceans, are happier and more outspoken, for example.

(Note from Kris-Won: I hear Iris' laugh now, friendly and contagious, denoting her happy and open character).

So, now you know, you are not alone on the planet, you would not have imagined that, would you? Not only are you not alone in the Universe, but you are also not alone in our planet, for the world in which we live belongs to the terrestrial beings as much as to the aquatic beings.

Well, I have to go, but I have to say that I have enjoyed enormously to be able to communicate with you, and providence allowing, I will come back soon to talk with you, if you so wish. Let Kris-Won know, and I will know, for I have created a psychic channel with him and I will receive your comments that he reads, through his mind, and I will understand them.

Our worlds are not apart; rather, they touch! I hope my messages contribute to bring our worlds closer together, and for us to be conscious of our relationship and everything that unites us, and from now on, more than ever!

Source: Iris

Channel: Kris-Won

Translators: Gloria and Macarena

Comment from one of our readers:

It was incredibly exciting to suddenly notice I had missed channelings from Kris from mid February onwards, I just read the communication from Iris and it created many of the sensations I have become accustomed to throughout my head and neck and into my torso. I am a young man living in Auckland, New Zealand and I am essentially sending this message to express my request for some kind of contact with Iris' people. I have a handful of these open ended requests that I am holding and I hope this will further strengthen the attraction I have been creating.
With joy!
Robert." (03-09-'11)

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