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Kris Won, February 24, 2011

Santa Catalina Thomàs

Silence has always been so despised! We have become accustomed to hear sounds continuously that distract our attention outwardly, and don’t permit us to live the joy of interior communion with the Lord, who is the only fruit of all joy and blessedness.

If there is something that provides the peace that our soul desperately desires, is to cultivate an attitude of interior silence. For this, more useful than listening to music, no matter how relaxing and pleasant it is, no matter how much it makes us vibrate and how it moves us, the voice of silence is still infinitely more important, where only the melodious and sweet voice of the Lord resonating with incomparable beauty within the deepest and most profound of our being.

I am a soul devoted to the Lord, for many years now, in which I shared my earthly existence with all of yours. Many of you, I’ve known since many lives ago, where we shared moments of uncommon happiness, as well as lacerating pain and sadness too.

My name in my last incarnation was Catalina Thomàs, and I lived surrounded by beautiful nature during my childhood in the town of Valldemossa, in the Island of Mallorca, in Spain. Years later, I would take the vows and I would become a nun in a convent of Palma de Mallorca, where I devoted myself completely, in body and soul, to live through fasting and contemplation of a little of the agony that Jesus suffered trying to alleviate all of our sins.

Now a new era is about to begin, in which man will not need temples or churches built in stone or wood, but will honour the Creator of all things from the temple of the individual flesh that each of you is. The new man will not need to travel to a mosque, a synagogue or cathedral to seek the Word of God, because he or she will easily find it within himself or herself.

A priest will not be necessary either to connect him or her to the Supreme Authority, as church, as it has been known for centuries, will disappear and give way to a new Universal Religion.

My soul is with you, and constantly begs for the reinsertion of those that have lost their way, so they can find their course to return to the Father.

Receive all my love, and those who can, help me with your personal prayer to return the human being where it belongs by hereditary affiliations, to the divine knowledge that we are all children of God, and therefore, brothers and sisters.

My greetings to every reader who reads this, as well as my blessings

May we all be able to meet one day, at the table of the Lord, to share with Him all our joy for finding him, now forever.

Channel: Kris Won

Translators: Gloria and Macarena

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