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Kris Won, February 19, 2011

I see myriad of beings evolving through the spiral of time. Their destinies are interlaced and are configuring the path back to Origin: God.

I am very happy to speak with you; it will be the first time that I do this. Looking through the quantum window that allows me to visit you in your time and in your world, I have found a skilled channel through whom I can communicate with you.

I am part of a contingent of beings who inhabit a far away world, one so ancient as your heavenly king, your yellow star... the...Sun, as it is called here.

The moment of transition in which you are currently has called the attention of many beings in the Universe, and is the reason why we are visiting you from so many civilizations from outer space. Some come to help you, while others are not involved in your process; they stay only as onlookers, as curious visitors, we might say.

My name - my channel is asking me - is Yasuk. At the moment, there is no one of my race on your planet. I am the only representative from where I come from, but to tell you the truth, you are being visited like never before! I can see with my mind's eye a great variety of inhabitants from other worlds, and even some who have mimicked you and are among you, having adopted your same human form.

You have had many lives, hundreds of them, in order to learn to love, and if you have not learned what love is, I am afraid that your time to learn on this planet and in this dimension will have come to an end.

That part of Humanity who has reached a certain evolution level, above the required minimum, will be the one who will inhabit this world once the transformation process has been initiated. Those who have not attained the asked-for level of Love and Wisdom, will be able to continue their evolution process on planets of similar spiritual vibration, and which have affinity with their own energy, even in a period of a more basic and elemental development.

Perhaps we could converse a little longer next time. In the meantime, while that day arrives, I leave you, in order to find out more on the surface of your planet and to better understand the process through which you are transiting now. And I will help wherever I can.

I am Yasuk, and I congratulate all you for your efforts to raise the spiritual level, for your effort will be crowned with glory because you count with a tremendous influence coming to you from the Core Stellar System of your Galaxy.

May your effort to ascend in the evolution ladder be successful!

Channel: Kris Won

Translators: Gloria and Macarena

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