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Kris Won, March 6, 2011

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

I am Sohin, chief Commander of the Stellar Spaceship, "Alpha Centaurus", I have under my command a crew of 348 people, including my officials, those who come for a visit (temporary visitors), and the crew members who have as their regular mission to travel on a regular basis to the surface of your planet in order to carry out tasks that include sample-taking and decontamination of your ocean water and other points on Earth where some of your governments have buried, with no iota of conscience, highly-polluting radioactive materials in the subsoil of Gaia.

Gaia is your loving Mother, and must accept all those ignorant and immoral behaviours from some leaders of your race, who, in their unconsciousness, have not reflected on the terrible and searing effects on Gaia that the dumping of that radioactive materials deposited in the subsoil in some countries governed by corrupt personages who sell themselves in exchange for favours, usually monetary ones, have.

But tell me, what is the purpose of those economic profits or political favours to those cunning leaders, who are moved only by selfish motives, if that means the destruction of your forests due to the uncontrolled logging of trees, some of them millenarian, the pollution of your oceans and seas, or the explosion of nuclear arms detonated under the excuse of conducting "tests" to secure national safety?

Economic or political rewards at the expense of your natural environment's destruction? Is it really worth it to pollute your soil and oceans in exchange for some favours granted by some countries governed by unscrupulous leaders?

No, I think not, and I know that none of you believes it is worth it to cause unnecessary damage to the planet that gives you shelter.

When our First Contact takes place, we will train you to use alternative sources of energy, free from any polluting elements that are produced in your factories and power stations, for example, and in that way, you will not have to search for places to bury those highly-polluting waste materials in the subsoil or under the water.

I want to clarify to you that the unconsciousness of those leaders gives us a lot of work, but even then, we do it from the heart in order to alleviate Gaia from her suffering, seeing how man pollutes Her physical body (of Gaia).

Those radioactive materials would remain for millenia under the subsoil of the planet if we didn't remove those residues and transferred them to our Mother Spaceship, where we use our technology to neutralize and transmute them into non-polluting elements, as it is impossible to destroy them completely; they can only be transmuted, but not destroyed, as your Earth scientists know well.

Well, that one is one of the most relevant jobs our Stellar Spaceship carries out.

In the years to come, we will also require many of you to work also on-board this Spaceship or on-board other Spaceships, tasks for which you will be well instructed and trained for, I know that.

For that reason, our crew, as well as that from other Mother Spaceships and other smaller ones, is composed of persons from different planets and solar systems, but who are members of the Gallactic Federation.

The personnel on-board a Spaceship belongs, in its majority or in a great part, to the same planet of origin, but it will always entail a crew with mixed members who come from other places in the Galaxy.

In this way, a brotherhood is created among the different races, strengthening the bonds among us.

Besides, given the fact fact that each civilization specializes in an area (such as medicine, biological agriculture, care and restoration of the environment, scientific contributions, etc.), the fact that representatives from each specific field work in the area they master, is beneficial for the optimal functioning of the Spaceship in general, guaranteeing good results and the success of the mission carried out by that Spaceship.

As I said, some of you will be required to work with us on-board Alpha Spaceship, so we will have to choose meticulously from those among you.

The capabilities of some of you are being analyzed, so that our encounter can in fact offer some of you this possibility, with the trust that those people will agree to become members of our crew.

I say that to you in advance, so that all of you know that this is going to happen in the near future, and so that our proposal doesn't surprise the people in question, to be elected by us as partners on-board Alpha Spaceship and also on-board other alternative Spaceships.

There is not much time left for your civilization to become a member of the Gallactic Federation, and that thought fills us with great joy.

It is a great honour for us to assist you in this way, in any way we can.

That is what we are doing, and that is the reason we have come.

Peace and Love

Source: commander Sohin

Channel: Kris Won

Translators: Gloria and Macarena

Comment from one of our readers:

"I am glad to hear that someone is overseeing what is being done here on Earth is improper and we are governed by corrupt or ignorant leaders. I praise the work you are doing in this case, especiallly in regards to caring for Gaia. I have two young children. So I also care about their future.
Jodie" (03-08-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:

"First and foremost, thank you Kris Won, for your wonderful channeling efforts. May you be forever blessed.
I'm always so excited and pleased to fill my heart and mind with the channeled knowledge from the stars. Please forgive the troubled minds of the leaders of Gaia, for the have much to learn about light and love. The dark ones have manipulated humanity's course for far too long and I feel they know their fight is lost to the greater good of the Universal order. I welcome Commander Sohin and his/her elite crew into our rapidly transmuting quadrant of the galaxy. I for one know I'm here to be a special part of this sacred planet's grand awakening and ascension graduation. I'm better preparing myself every new day for the magnificent changes that are on approach to my beloved Gaia. God speed my galactic friends. I look very forward to being a part of the greater whole. I miss my star contacts and can't wait for the veils to be forever lifted.
Most sincerely,
Daniel" (03-09-'11)

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