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Kris Won, March 19, 2012

Espallán speaking.

In short, I am the commander of a small ship manned by five people. On occasion you have contacted one of my crew members, Salome, and that is what keeps the connection with the channel that I use now.

Severe events are what made me decide to send you this statement, that while there is extreme gravity [with respect to this situation], it is advisable that you keep abreast of the current events on Earth.

The Illuminati have hatched a plan to trigger World War III with existing nuclear weapons, which could have devastating results and unthinkable destruction.

With the timid blessing of the United States of America and taking advantage of the pre-war climate that currently exists in the government and military leadership of Israel, they plan the armed invasion of Iran.

No doubt that we will do everything in our power to prevent this war, in which thousands of innocent people would die, and all to fatten the huge profits of the dark lords of war.

We reiterate that we will do everything possible to avoid triggering this armed conflict, within the limits that we have established through the Intergalactic Confederation regarding action taken by Confederate worlds with respect to the inner workings of humanities on planets with free will.

We ask all men and women with open minds and developed intuition who can give credibility to this message, who can in one way or another make an effort to protest or demonstrate openly and without fear, so that all countries that would be involved in this invasion of Iran would not give their support, neither militarily or logistically, for this generalized attack.

We ask especially to the citizens of the United States who demonstrate, both physically and through social networking sites, to force the U.S. government not to launch an armed invasion, which could have implications that they can not even suspect.

Also the power of group prayer would be of great help, praying for peace, harmony and brotherhood amongst the nations of the planet.

Let’s act, like this, in agreement, in deep union, to prevent a useless and inhumane slaughter, by way of the opposition expressed by all of you concerning the start of a terrible conflict, which is in fact unwanted by any man or woman who can properly be called "human being" - with the meaning that it implies.

Yours in consciousness,


Channel: Kris Won

Translator: Steve

Note: While the message may seem a little gloomy due to the subject matter, please do not forget that we have been reminded countless times through other channeled sources like Matthew and SaLuSa that there will be no more nuclear war or nuclear activity. Nevertheless, it is always helpful to visualize a world of peace and harmony and to pray for such a coming time, if that is what you seek.

With love,

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