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Kris Won, March 31, 2012


We would like to take advantage of this opportunity given to us to write a few lines to you, to publicly express our profound gratitude to our Stellar Brethren.

Hello, friends from the surface!

Once again, I am contacting you within the framework of a close communication between the underwater world and the surface world.

Those of my race are brimming with happiness and an indescribable joy for the way the new ocean and sea water situation has developed. And we owe all of this to our beloved brethren from outer space, who, with the help of their amphibious ships and impressive technology have worked very hard - almost without a rest, I would say - in order to help all the inhabitants of our dear blue planet, especially those of us who have the ocean as our natural habitat.

Our dearest brethren from the Stars, who are showing their love, their compassion and their incomparable desire to help in this way, have carried out a cleaning and purification of the seas and oceans of our globe with such success that they (the oceans) are today absolutely nothing like they were only a year ago.

How wonderful! If you could see like we see how clean and crystalline the seas are after their fortunate intervention, you would be elated with joy and happiness, just like we are now.

I suppose it has also something to do with it that you, the surface races, intervened, and who have been gaining in awareness during the last several years that you must not dirty the ocean and sea waters because Mother Nature's balance itself is at stake.

You are understanding - even those who had been most indifferent to the wickedness of polluting and dirtying the seas of the planet, thus, affecting all the flora and fauna of the bottom of the ocean - ¡including us, the aquatic human beings, of course! - that we must accept our commitment to take care of the natural environment of all living beings of Gaia.

I cannot convey in words how happy we are to be able to swim through much cleaner and crystalline waters, free of the horror of chemical products that some heartless people throw into the oceans and innumerable fresh-water rivers because they have no other place to pour them into; free also to swim our hearts out near the docks, where hundreds of ships, Cruisers, and boats throw overboard their oils and fuel residues into the ocean, leaving behind veritable pools of viscous filth; and at last relieved from the terrible risk of dying due to the pollution by lethal radiation from many radioactive materials that some throw into the ocean, as if they were sinister messengers of death.

We would like to take advantage of this opportunity given to us to write a few lines to you, to publicly express our profound gratitude to our Stellar Brethren.

While I transmit these words to my channel, Kris Won, I can see the loving faces of our brothers and sisters, smiling because they are feeling the gratitude in our hearts. Hah hah hah, nothing escapes them!

Dear friends, our brothers and sisters in consciousness, thanks so much from the heart, for all the effort and dedication that you are demonstrating to help us purify the waters, and also the surface Earth of our poor. wounded planet!

Infinite thanks and our recongnition for their extraordinary labor.

We are all One in Spirit and Conciousness.

Source: Iris

Channel: Kris Won

Translator: Gloria

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