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Kris Won, March 4, 2012

I am one of the three females in the group. My name is Sasha and the commander of our spaceship is named Umbro.

Greetings to all our brothers and sisters of Mother Earth.

We come from another, more or less distant, planet; for some it may be very far, for others we would be practically neighbours. How do the variables change, depending on the point of view of the observer! In fact, nothing is rigid in the Universe; the vision of the universe depends on the observer's perception, according to his/her experience, lives, living conditions, etc.

Right now, we are seven human beings visiting you, and who have the same place of origin. And I say 'human beings' because our appearance is humanoid, like yours (you would not think that the inhabitants of this planet are the only human beings in all the Cosmos, right?)

The seven of us constitute the crew of the small spaceship in which we travel. Our vehicule is relatively small, but it is comfortable -- one could live all one's life in it without getting bored because we have multitude means of entertainment, even a room where we can recreate through holographic sounds and images any habitat in the Universe in which we desire to be. As you can see, there is no way to get bored having possibilities like this. We can also recreate moments from our past in which we have been happy and which bring us happiness and joy again by reliving them in detail, as if they were occurring again.

I am one of the three females in this group. My name is Sasha, and the commander of our spaceship is named Umbro. All my travel companions are extraordinary beings, so loving and helpful that you'd love to be able to meet them, I am sure.

Perhaps some of you would like to get in touch with us; in order to do that, you only need to go to a secluded and solitary place, either alone or in a group, and connect with our spaceship. Towards this end, I will reveal to you the name of our spaceship, which is the same as the name of our group and our mission here on Earth: TULYA.

Start by breathing slowly and deeply, and then mentally repeat in a whisper or in a low voice TULYA several times, with the intention to wish to contact us. It is also very important to visualize our spaceship, either flying over your surface or on the ground. And once you feel the contact with us has been made, then the happenings will speak for themselves . We do not tell you anything else in advance, only to try this and experience it yourselves.

I don't know if this invitation has been extended to you before, because there is a multitude of small spaceships like ours flying over your beautiful planet, already famous in the entire Universe, (spaceships) whose crews are beings of very different planets or stars, and I don't know if one of them has offered you to make contact with them directly.

Anyway, there it is, our invitation. If you have not experienced this before, perhaps this event will be the prelude of a new form of contacting us in a way that has not been tried before. And if you have already done this with other brothers and sisters from space, then you will count with the experience of having done it before, and it will be simpler, for it will be less new to you.

What do you say to this? Shall we try it?

Go on, then! Who said "fear"?

Source: Sasha, from the spaceship "Tulya"

Channel: Kris Won

Translator: Gloria

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