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Alpha Ship, July 18, 2010

Artist's impression of the Alpha Ship

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

We have insisted many times that it is very important to the cause of the coming arrival of First Contact that the maximum number possible BELIEVE in the real advent of a New Era for humanity, which is the same pattern of life that we have in other higher dimensions, thus CREATING conditions most suitable for this New World to manifest in the concrete plan for the third dimension.


Try by all means, using mental effort to the best of your ability, to not get swept away by the fear and uncertainty of your future that your mass media creates, especially the television, which is heavily influenced and manipulated by selfish and greedy minds that are behind the slavery to which you are subjected, who are well protected and sheltered in their offices.

The common denominator of the human race thinks that the [global economic] crisis stems from a fortuitous drop in the exchanges and global markets; but it is not like that. This economic crisis is the work of the diabolical efforts of the secret government with large capital resources that maliciously feed despicable and ignoble sources, such as arms trafficking, drug trafficking, organ trafficking, and the lowest and most despicable of them all, the trafficking of women and children who are prostituted against their will.

These despicable actions, which are filling the coffers of unscrupulous people who operate in anonymity, fill us, who are visitors from other worlds and dimensions of light, with horror and terror; for this reason, we wish to let you all know, so you in turn can spread it through the Internet, to please ignore all the news being spread about your world. The world is not as bad as they paint it - and nothing like that is further from the truth, given that we are at the dawn of a new form of life for you all - so we ask that you please do not pay attention nor comment amongst yourselves about the news on TV or the newspapers that relentlessly bombard you with bad news so they can induce a state of desperation and fear. By doing this, the dark forces make sure to keep you under their domination and control. Do not fall for their game, do not be fooled: the world is not going as badly as they lead you to believe.

Accept the difficult periods of life through which you have to pass sometimes, it must be like that because you are in a dual universe; but it won’t be that way forever. Once you overcome the trials that you currently have and will have to pass, learn from the experienced situation, and turn the page, continue moving forward. Nothing is eternal in your life, everything is ephemeral, except the Being that you really ARE, who remains eternally alive and free!

Achieve your destiny, you are the creators of the work of God the Father and Mother, who watch you constantly. So have no fear, turn your attention inward, and there you will obtain the guidance and the rudder that will carry your lives towards the glory that awaits for you.

Live the Light, move into the Light, be the Light! And no darkness can neither scare you nor tell you to do something different from what you have to do. Your Spirit will guide you.

Peace and Love

Channel: Kris-Won

Translator: Steve

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