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Alpha Ship, August 6, 2010

Artist's impression of the Alpha Ship

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

Many events have unfolded in recent weeks, as everyone can see. These events tell us we are living during a period of great change and they are starting to draw the outline of what the world will be like in the very near future, with new advances in technology, new advances in medicine, new forms of energy to power machines and a new orientation on how we should conduct ourselves in life.

Of those described, the most important change is the last one. Because, even though more developed civilizations teach you certain guidelines to follow, it will all depend on your future attitudes and your willingness to interact with each other in the new manner of running the world, that the Planet Earth really changes with the new vision of humanity who populates Her; whether counting the approximately 6.5 billion inhabitants who currently exist, or the inhabitants who populate the planet after the chain of geophysical changes that will be triggering gradually, to a greater or lesser degree, during the coming months.

We would like to ask you to remain calm in your native countries, that you do not lose faith or feel unprotected, watch what you see happening in the world. We have already warned you on numerous occasions that for the world changes, there will be many modifications needed by Mother Nature, and many sould will disembody in the process. But nothing will be accidental or casual, since absolutely nothing in the Universe happens by chance. There exists higher intelligences, who are true extensions of the Creator, who take into account all of the factors and who are constantly debating about which are the best options in the infinite number of probabilities around the destiny of the Spheres (not just Earth). However, the fate of this little blue planet has a preponderance and an enormous influence on the destinies of many other spheres of the local Universe and even beyond. No wonder, then, that in these moments you are being visited by so many forms of life from all corners of the created Universe.

It is a very important task for all to stay still and quiet in light of whatever happens, knowing that everything IS and WILL BE for the benefit of all humanity and all living beings that populate Gaia. You will be in the right place by sublime intelligences, as well as being in the most appropriate moment and wherever you are, you should help the best you can, either physically or praying, reciting mantras (words or phrases power), singing praises to the Divine or meditating in silence and going within, where you find the whole truth. Each one will feel how he can best help and in what manner.

The change of Planet Earth will be, definitively, a change led by all of us, you from your willingness to help change the planetf or the better, and us putting all our means to help you attain this.

We have heard the anguished cry from your hearts, that you implore our help for the world where you live, to not only become transformed into a world free of wars, hunger and disease, but in an environment that you deserve as beloved and protected creatures of God.

And we will do our part, since it is necessary of each and every one of us to contribute, like unique and invaluable pieces of a global puzzle, that is getting put together with mathematical precision.

We will never abandon you, do not fear that. Countless people, both physical and disembodied, are supporting you in this process of planetary renewal, and they will accompany you by taking you by the hand and whispering in your ear: “Fear not, my brother, do not fear, my sister, because a bright future is about to enter your life, that will finally achieve balance and harmony among all beings. "

We will be continually reminding you through our channels and contacts that this evolutionary leap in your evolution is not a dream, but something that is happening now at this very moment. And so until the day comes that you are all looking forward to (we know well) where we can openly teach all of that which will help you to break the chains that bind you to your attachments that prevent you from seeing the beautiful reality that is the man, the Universe and God.

We are with you, and in a way much more closer and personal than you can imagine. If only you knew! But all in good time, because eating too much from the plate could cause you indigestion!

Receive all our Love, and our constant partnership, and know that all is well, anchored in your moment in time and in its place in space.

Peace and Love,

Source: Commander Sohin

Channel: Kris-Won

Translator: Steve, Adriano

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