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Question Corner

Artist's impression of the Alfa Ship

Dear brethren at the Alfa Ship,

Here we gather questions that are sent to us by the readers of your messages (or by us), which we would like to ask you.

If you would like to react on some or all of them in your messages, we would appreciate it very much :)

Note for our readers: We receive many e-mails that don't really contain a question for Alfa Ship, but are more like stories of awakening or requests for contact. We're happy with all the e-mail that we get, but these messages we won't post here, but on our blog. You can find our Alfa Ship Comments blog here.

Questions for Alfa Ship:

- Please, Dear Ones:

About how much longer will it be.......days, months, years. My physical body is quickly aging and I would like to be here to watch the wonderful time that's coming. Can you offer the slightest hint?

Thank you, and many blessings.
Jean, 07-25-'10

- Quite naive i suppose but can't they help to end this disaster in the mexican gulf? Perhaps better millions of people scared for them as a ruinded earth for that’s what really makes one sad.
Roeland, 05-04-'10

- Dear Friends of Alpha Ship

Thank you for your wonderful messages, they are like little candles in the night to light our paths, when we need them the most.
I would like to ask you about the sick people of planet earth. What will happen to the Souls lying in hospital beds, who know very little about the Ascension, will they get help through these changing times, because they will be challenging for even healthy people.
I haven't heard this topic answered yet so would appreciate some help with this question.

Love and Light
Joan, 04-17-'10

- First of all thank you for shearing the information which is happening on the Earth (Gaia). You are written that the first contact will happen very soon. Here on Earth we always have the clock and date which measure the time. Can you tell us if this means this year, next year on within 5 years?

Thank you very much.

Love from
Krister, Sweden, 04-15-'10

- Greetings,
I would like to ask just one question:
Why have all of us had amnesia about who we really are and what we've done before when we were born on this planet? I would believe that if I choose to incarnate at a certain vibratory frequency, I would like to retain my memory, and then being fully aware,live my experience. But being born on this planet, I have no recollection of my spiritual past. Why is it so?

Thanks and regards,
Ronojoy, 04-13-'10

- Will ALL children ascend to the 5th Dimension?
It worries me that parents may be separated from their children in the physical body when the new Mother Earth evolves.
Donna, 03-30-'10

- Queridos hermanos :

Es un honor para mi poder tener un canal de comunicacion con ustedes desde mi agradecimiento infinito por este esfuerzo, quisiera me confirmen si realmente existe un comandante KLALA al mando de una nave que recorre el emisferio sur especialmente sudamerica, y si tiene algun canal de contacto en Argentina, pues he recibido informacion acerca de comunicaciones vertidadas por el >Cte Klala, sobre los acontecimentos que estan sucediendo en Chile y argentina especialmente sobre los movimientos sismicos, por otro lado, desearia informacion acerca de los problemas que deberiamos enfrentar en la costa del rio de la plata, en los proximos tiempos, y que medidas de seguridad deberiamos tomar al respecto. desde ya muchas gracias eternamente agradecido Humberto de Tigre Buenos Aires Argentina.

Nota; desearia me aclaren acerca de la nave Alfa que papel desempeña en la flota, y quien esta al mando de dicha nave, cual sera el cronograma de los acontecimientos venideros, en lo personal seria para mi un hecho importante tener su precensia, de alguna manera siempre he creido en su precencia, desde que tengo uso de razon. gracias nuevamente. (espero su respuesta)
Humber, 03-12-'10

- Dear Commander Sohin of the Interstellar Alpha Space Ship,

Greetings, Can you speak about what one can do if he/she is desiring to make certain that they are ready to serve in a greater capacity and or possibly be selected for planetary service once/during/after first contact has fully commenced (i.e. I really want to be an earth ambassador of some sort)?

Thank you for all that do.

Mitchell , 03-10-'10

- first of all thanks alot for the messages of wisdom and encouragement you are giving us , they are highly appreciated , and i can honestly say it's the only beacon of light that i can currently see in this sea of darkness we are currently living in , i just don't want to keep substitute a belief system with another , meaning , i don't want to replace organized religion with light religion , in other words replacing believing in the UNKNOWN with something equally UNKNOWN to us , that would be pointless to say the least .

it would be very devastating to me and to everybody reading those messages if it all ended up being someone's sick idea of a joke or if it turned out to be a giant conspiracy and since there is no sure way of telling if all of this is true i try to keep an open mind when i am reading the messages , but the word "faith" has completely lost all it's meaning to me , humans living in a physical plane need physical proof , that's what first contact should bring if i am not mistaken , but why delay the inevitable and why wait on a government and on a system that has done nothing to help humanity infact they have gone in the opposite direction and are harming us by withholding alot of information from us ..

to cut the message short because i am too frustrated to write what i feel into words , i would like to end the message with a question ...

" would you ask the prison wardens permission before setting an innocent prisoner free ? " .....................

i just wish something happens soon because for the moment i have broken all my ties to religion and i am free falling , i just hope someone was really there to catch me when i arrive , or it's gonna be the end of the road for me ..

thanks alot for taking the time to read my message and i would understand if you didn't post it ..

Basem, 02-19-'10

- Dear friends of Alfa Ship, thank you for answering my previous questions. I have some more, could you please answer these too? I would be very grateful if you did.
So, most beings on your ship are Orian, you say. How many inhabited planets are there in the Orion constellation? Can you tell us a bit about life there? Can you also tell us about the role that you played in building the pyramids on Earth? And were you also the ones that created homo sapiens out of genetic experiments, over 200,000 years ago on Earth? Who exactly are the 'annunaki'? Are you only in space ships now, just coming down to earth for work now and then, or do you also live permanently in underground cities or maybe even among the people? What exactly is your relationship with the Pleiadians, I get the feeling that you worked together on many occasions on Earth?[ This question was answered by Alfa Ship on September 2, 2010 ] What's your relationship with the reptilians? Are you humanoid or do you look differently? Can you maybe send Kris-Won a picture of what the Orians look like? Thanks for your time!
Kees, 02-18-'10

- (Comment on Alfa Ship, February 14, 2010)
This is a very profound message and coincide with our Knowledge Book (KB dictated to Mevlana ( Mrs Bulent corak -istanbul) since 1981 via ALPHA channel. MAHREK dimension is where we are going to be landed as crystallline energy if any disaster knocks us ( only for those already embracing ascension). I wish to know if Alfa ship works together with illona-Sirius constellation in serving the Divine plan for our accelerated evolution. KB is the THE LAST AND MOST POWERFUL Book mentioning those technologies in today's message.
mS, 02-16-'10

- Welcome to all on the Alfa ship and I hope Disclosure comes soon. I recently saw the movie Avatar and it felt like there is a place or even many places like the planet Pandora with its amazing colours and the connection between the people and their land. Will you tell me if there are such places and perhaps a little bit about them? Do any on board the Alfa ship come from home planets like this?
My thanks to you.
Moiya, 02-16-'10

- Considering the inevitable downfall of the Federal Reserve, would you advise us to pay taxes this time around?
It would seem that a revolt in that arena would help bring a head to this situation?
Since we have a limited time left in this duality, how can we best take advantage of learning the most we can?
It is difficult to imagine what the most appropriate action is right now - in anticipation of EVERYTHING changing, it seems absurd to concentrate our energies on making a "living", paying off debt, etc???
Can you advise us how to best behave in the NOW that reflects this new paradigm shift?
I have enumerable questions......
I will stop there.
Thank you.
Joy, 02-15-'10

- How long has this crew been traveling on this ship? Are there ways to visit their homeland without being transported via the ship? Are any born on the ship and live their lives entirely in this way? Does this crew need nourishment in the same way that we do? If so, I assume that you meet these needs through replicators alone, or do you grow any food on board? Are there any animals on board as pets? I would like to be transported to this vessel and remember my journey, is that possible?

Thank you for your love and devotion to our beautiful Mother and to us!
Joy, 02-15-'10

- Hi Kris-Won,

I was concerned by something said in your February 11th message, to the effect that you would not initiate first contact until the leaders of the biggest earth governments agree.

Since most of those leaders work for the dark side (willingly or otherwise), this won't happen until they are removed. That won't happen without help from our space brothers, so it seems that all hope is gone.

Why won't you listen to the will of real people (a small survey would do it), instead of trying to get the agreement of the dark cabal?

I, for one, want to meet with you, see your technology introduced and watch the collapse of all the corrupt institutions: pharmaceutical, banking, educational, media etc. I don't care what our corrupt politicians think, you are not violating the free will of real humanity if you bypass the dark ones, and introduce yourselves to us.

Do you need the permission of the dark side minority to stop the poisoning of our skies with chemtrails?
David, 02-15-'10

- Hola, amigos de la Nave Alfa. se que nos conocemos muy bien, asi que me siento en la libertad de referirme a ustedes como grandes amigos. Tengo dos preguntas para ustedes, hermanos:

1. Me pregunto si es que una vez destruido el sistema actual de codicia y ego, se nos va a dar asistencia medica 'estelar'. Cual es el punto? por ejemplo, yo tengo frenillos y temo que una vez comenzada una nueva civilizacion me tenga que quedar con ellos o con el tratamiento incompleto. O por ejemplo alguien que necesite enderezar su nariz para poder respirar bien.

2. Todas las noches y bastante seguido, unas lucecitas muy simpaticas sobrevuelan los cielos de mi casa (de todo el mundo, supongo). estas 'navecitas' parecen actuar de diferentes formas, pareciendo incluso que me estan bromeando o saludando. Éstos son ustedes? o se trata de seres egocéntricos o de algo humano? y que hay de unas explosiones verdes y naranja que hubo hace un año en los cielos de acá?

Muchas gracias. Saludos desde Chile.
Martín, 02-12-'10

- Greetings to all,

I have a question regarding the issue of 'the free will of the inhabitants' referred to in the communication of 11 February.

My question is this: Which is required in order for widespread contact to proceed - the approval of the various ruling governments/ castes/ elite of Earth (institutions which may or may not truly represent the sentiment and best interests of their governed peoples), or the approval of the people themselves?

When it comes to representation, I doubt that many governments truly represent the views of their constituents on the subject of the disclosure of extra-terrestrial realities. I am concerned that respecting the free will of the ruling 'elite' of this world may conflict with respecting the free will of the majority of well informed inhabitants of this world, and delay or even prevent a just outcome.

I would like to understand the consequences if the less enlightened governments remain obstinate, and continue to exercise their apparent power of veto, given that time is somewhat limited (as I understand it).

Clarification of these matters to the extent that is beneficial would be greatly appreciated.

Submitted with greatest respect,
Ian, 02-11-'10

- Hola
mi nombre espiritual es Pargatjeet Sing y quisiera preguntar a los seres de luz lo siguiente. En una experiencia mística me ví en una nave y antes de bajarme me colocaron en una plancha y vi una luz que escaneaba mi cuerpo, al tiempo que sentía como mi cerebro se se comprimía y se expandía, como si estuvieran borrando mi mente. Luego me dijeron que bajara de la nave y que me debía quedar aquí en la tierra. Bajé y sólo vi trierra revuelta y maraña, como que algo había ocurrido. Me quedé muy triste y sólo viendo como la nave se alejaba. No sabía porque me habían dejado aquí. Después en otras experiencias he tenido contacto con seres que me enseñan a manejar naves. Podrían darme una explicación al respecto.
Pargatjeet Sing, 01-26-'10

- mi pregunta, es ha que frecuencia de entendimiento debemos estar para poder entender y comprender lo que vamos a vivir proximamente=?
que lecturas nos aconsejan para prepararnos ?
rocio, 01-25-'10

- Dios los bendiga por estar alli con nosotros. Si me gustaria contactarme con un ser de la nave alfa. conocernos, intercambiar informacion. Que me oriente con lo que sucede en Venezuela, mi pais. Con nuestro Presidente. Quisiera irme de tanto odio, separacion. injusticias. Necesito orientacion.
Reciban un cordial saludo y un abrazo.
Rosita, 01-24-'10

Wilfredo, 01-22-'10

- Dear Brothers in Alfa Spaceship,

I've read about the coming earth changes and my question is whether all the beautiful art and antiquities will then be destroyed, if this is something that would be known at this time. And I'm hopefully assuming that a sufficient number of us will have a genuine desire to have a world different from the one we now have. I also hope we will act in such a way that we will deserve any sacrifice that may be made on our behalf to save not only our civilization but our wonderful planet Earth.

Peace and Love,
Doris, 01-22-'10

- Hola,

En el 2009, el los últimos meses, antes de dormir y en momentos de estar entre dormido y despierto, sentí que mi cuerpo se entumecía y se ponía rígido y dentro de mi cabeza entraba una especie de señal, que dentro de mí, la codificaba y "escuché": permítenos entrar en tus pensamientos.

Primero me asusté y dije ¡NO GRACIAS!

En las siguientes ocasiones, sobre todo en las segunda, cuando ocurrió nuevamente esto dije: "Si son seres de luz, sí."

Las siguientes veces sólo tenía la sensación del cuepor rígido y que estaba a punto de recibir otro "mensaje" pero éste nunca regresó. Para explicarme mejor, sentí como si estuviera prendido el radio pero sin escuchar la canción.

Acaso fue un contacto de seres estelares?
Renato, 01-21-'10

- hermanos en la luz los saludo a todos gracias por estar con nosotros y les quiero preguntar como seran estos años que vendran en nuestro pais y el mundo me pueden explicar como ustedes estan ayudando a mis hermanos en este planeta que ya parten y partiran sera como lo que se publica en internet en esas 3 fases del comandante asthar sheran en tres videos la evacuacion es verdad eso .un abrazo de ser a ser y mis bendiciones por estar con nosotros .
teresa, 01-21-'10

Buenos Días desde Madrid, España,

Me surgen mil y una duda, a saber….

Estoy de acuerdo en que nosotros los habitantes de la nave Tierra, tenemos que despertar, tenemos que poner de nuestra parte para intentar retornar a nuestra madre Tierra a su integridad original, pero…….

1. La gran mayoría de los seres terrestre desconocen lo que se esta “cociendo”.
2. Si no hay algo extraordinario que nos haga despertar, ver que no estamos solos en la galaxia, saber que nuestros gobiernos están en comunicación con nuestros hermanos estelares, empezar a descubrir el engaño en el que hemos estado viviendo por eones por parte de toda la clase política, económica, etc, ¿como hacemos para levantar al mundo?
3. Si cuando intentamos hablar (lo poco que yo sé y entiendo) nos toman por locos, como lo hacemos?
4. La densidad de la 3D, es dura, bien lo hemos elegido, pero si hemos pedido ayuda y se nos has concedido por parte del CREADOR, porque no obtenemos algo más tangible?
Maria, 01-21-'10


Gracias por estar con nosotros apoyándonos en todo este proceso... Esperamos que se mantengan allí vigilantes y pendientes de cuanto pueda suceder... y sucedernos....
Nosotros aquí en la Tierra, entre tumbos vamos cumpliendo con nuestra misión de vida (eso espero...).
Las Nuevas Energías nos inundan...
Un Saludo desde el Corazón...
Solstrom, 01-20-'10

- Que cambios sufrira la Tierra y su humanidad a partir de esos cambios que estan anunciando desde hace decadas.

- Y a proposito de decadas, cuando ocurriran y

- que debemos hacer los humanos mientras ocurran esos cambios aqui y ahora.

- Que instrucciones nos dan?
Sandra, 01-18-'10[ This question was answered by Alfa Ship on January 21, 2010 ]

- Queridos Hermanos de la Nave Alfa:

Mil gracias por mantenernos informados de los acontecimientos planetarios, ya que no siempre podemos tener la visión global, que vosotros desde arriba podéis tener. Igualmente gracias a nuestros hermanos de la Tierra, que en servicio nos hacen llegar todas estas canalizaciones que son como abrazos estelares, que nos permiten seguir adelante a pesar de este caos perfecto.

Bueno no me enrrollo y voy directamente a la pregunta. Tengo un hijo autista y me gustaria saber, llegado el momento de los movimientos planetarios, que será de ellos y nosotros, como sus padres cómo debemos actuar, tomando en cuenta que deseamos cumplir con nuestros trabajos en servicio, pero también queremos estar con ellos y protegerlos de alguna forma, pero no solo a los autistas, sino a cualquiera que tenga alguna discapacidad.

Con infinito agradecimiento y amor eterno,
Lucero (España), 01-17-'10

- Queridos Hermanos...Desde que nací... he estado mirando al cielo, tratando de descubrir lo que se quedó oculto allá arriba para mi alma y mi corazón... Es un anhelo muy grande y siempre he deseado ver una nave sobre mí en el cielo, pero hasta ahora no la he podido ver...aunque internamente he tenido algunas experiencias....
Después de vivir todos mis procesos de 3D por 42 años, a partir del año 1984 inicié mi camino espiritual y llevo 26 años practicando en éste trabajo sin desmayar y estudiando con todos los Seres de Luz y Maestros Ascendidos que aparecían en mi vida y consideraba podían hacerme avanzar, para lograr mi Ascensión...
Llegué a éste amoroso Planeta Madre Tierra, habiendo decidido vivir contratos muy duros, que al pasar por ellos he estado a punto de morir varias veces, pasando por procesos muy dolorosos... y he tenido mucho valor para superar todo ésto. Ahora sé que estoy despierta y deseo hacer una pregunta a mis Hermanos de la Nave Madre Alfa, que me haría muy feliz si fuera respondida:


Mi alma y mi corazón esperan con gozo, el día en el cuál pueda re-encontrarme con ustedes. Aún sigo mirando al cielo, esperando verlos y he estado trabajando mucho para ser merecedora de que éste día llegue. Los amo a todos mis Hermanos de las Estrellas y a sus Canales también por darnos la oportunidad de recibir sus maravillosos mensajes....De nuevo AN'ANASHA
Teresa, 01-17-'10

- me llamo hector schmidt soy de argentina quisiera saber que es lo que origina los desastres naturales la naturaleza el diablo o dios y se pueden predecir y controlar gracias
hector, 01-17-'10

- ¿Cómo se puede agilizar la activación de las Glándulas Pineal y Pituitaria?.
Además de crecer, la idea es controlar mejor los temores por falta de recursos financieros, estando mayoritariamente conectado con el ser superior.
Muchas gracias por la respuesta, aunque no llegue.
Gracias Hermanos por la ayuda permanente a nuestra evolución.
Miguel, 01-16-'10

- We know you're far more advanced in technological way than we are. In other channelings there's talk of devices which could solve the problems that we have with energy, healthcare and hunger very easily. Often it is said that these devices will become available to us after disclosure and first contact, but many people on earth could desperately need them now already. Is it possible to release them in some way, or maybe put information for us on the internet about how to build them ourselves?
Adriano, 01-15-'10[ This question was answered by Alfa Ship on February 4, 2010 ]

- You told us a little bit about your ship, but we would also like to know from what planet you are, how many of you are in that ship, what you look like, if you're a group consciousness or individuals. And if the latter is the case, what is your name, the one who sends these messages to Cristian?
Kees, 01-15-'10[ This question was partly answered by Alfa Ship on January 22, 2010 and on February 4, 2010 , and more extensively on February 14, 2010 ]

- On earth we have cards that are called Runes Cards. You can ask them questions about yourself or issues that you have, or other things. They give you answers, through symbols. It seems they're very old. Do they have ET origins, like many things on Earth? If so, can you tell us some more about them?
Adriano, 01-15-'10

- In your message of January 11, you talked about other galactic races that reside in your ship, like the Pleiadians, Sirians, and also the "Swans". Well, we've heard of Pleiadians and Sirians before, but who are the Swans? Has it anything to do with the constellation of the swan?
Kees, 01-15-'10[ This question was answered by Alfa Ship on February 14, 2010 ]

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