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Alpha Ship, June 8, 2010

Artist's impression of the Alpha Ship


I am Solaris, and I belong to the Confederation of Planets of our Solar System (the planets revolving around our Sun), and I wanted to talk to you today to explain a little about the reason why your beloved Kris-Won has not been available to channel for you for the past month. He himself cannot give you an explanation as to why he feels inwardly the need to spend some time without channeling, so I offered myself to explain to you some of what is happening.

Some of you have a very relevant role in the beginning of the New Golden Age, and I am not referring only to those channeling but to all those who intervene to inform all people who are interested in this coming change to happen, information which is of utmost importance in these transition times. For that reason, many great spiritually-advanced souls have incarnated (many of them are between 30 and 50 years old) and are supporting this quantum step to the New Reality. Well, it is a "new reality" for you, the great majority of whom did not know of it, of course, except for a few of the initiated and Masters of Wisdom; nevertheless, it is a reality that has always existed because the Truth never changes; it is one and immutable truth.

As we have told you before, we are members of the Confederation of Planets who are guiding, educating on, and revealing knowledge, and are protecting some souls who have a predetermined purpose for humanity. Later on, once these souls are prepared, they themselves will guide some or many of your groups to reach such a state of comprehension of and to live this knowledge we have come to transmit to you, together with our brethren from outer space and some illumined or self-evolved souls of this planet.

"By their acts they will be known" -said the ineffable Master Jesus around two-thousand of your years ago to his disciples. And it is so, and will be so in all periods of time because the teachings of the Great Masters apply not only to a particular era, but They (the Masters) themselves revealed and mirrored aspects of the One Truth in their own lives, expressed in a particular period of time, and which is perfectly valid for any time in the history of humankind.

By their acts, then, and the words they address you with, you will know if those messengers are sources of the true wisdom that The Eternal is placing in their lips, or if in the contrary, they are people with some spiritual knowledge who have a hidden personal agenda, and as such, they are bearers of truths mixed with lies or mental proyections that are products of their fantasies or imitations of other reliable sources. I am referring to what other inspiring sources of spiritual wisdom have told you: the intuition, rather than the logic, although you cannot discard this either, is what will guide you to those messages (be they your own or channeled) that will provide you with the necessary knowledge you need every step of the way in these times of existential changes you are in now. Let your intuition be your guide, and let it serve you well, my dear brothers and sisters of planet Earth, this beautiful blue planet full of life, full of desire to experience beauty, harmony and peace.

In a not-too-distant time, although we cannot predict it exactly, your brother Kris-Won will be able to transmit directly those communiques; he will not need any of his Big Brothers to assist him and dictate to him telepathically their messages, but he himself will connect with his inner source to transmit all the information you need to know directly from his own consciousness, without intermediaries.

We have been preparing him so that he can do it and, in fact, not only he but other sons of this Earth who are also at that level who will certainly be an inestimable help for us, your brethren who come from other planets or stars.

He (Kris-Won) has offered voluntarily to transmit this message, even though he knew he should remain for a time without channeling messages as he realized we wanted to explain this to you. Now we ask you to respect the time he needs to balance all the energies in all his different energy bodies, and when the time is right, he will inform you again of all that is good and important for you to know.

The only difference will be in the way in which he will do these channels, as you will see. There are many changes coming in these present times, and some of them will be wonderful. The Divine Creator is moving His pieces on the Chessboard (which is the world) in a magisterial way, and the result can only be perfect, just like He is.

Solaris has been talking to you, from the Confederation of Planets.

through Kris-Won

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