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Alpha Ship, August 11, 2010

Artist's impression of the Alpha Ship

Dear ones,

Do not harbour any doubt, any of you, that your paths although sometimes difficult and riddled with doubts, tests, and sometimes confusion are not followed alone, in solitary, but you are accompanied by Us who watch over you so that you stay in the correct path without deviating from your route, which will take you to the supreme wisdom of Being.

The Love we have for you, dear ones, cannot be expressed in words. We, the Wisdom and Love Masters, are ready to go through any sacrifice no matter how difficult and painful it may be in order to help all those who wish to be helped, and to lead them promptly and skillfully through the shortest and fastest path to Salvation. A great sadness surrounds us when the human beings we wish to help remain deaf to our advice and recommendations, and we are forced to observe how they make mistakes and err on their path, doing many times what they shouldn't do and not fulfilling the role they came here to do in this incarnation when they took on their body of flesh.

It is normal that there are those who are not ready to follow the sublime and imperial path of Spirit because they are still young souls, following a life of materialism and searching for enjoyment and mundane pleasures. But those who are older souls who should be committed to noble and humanitarian causes in aid of their fellow man, it is very sad and disappointing that because of trivial reasons like laziness, earthly comforts or search of fame and personal renown, they renounce the glorious mission that was their destiny to fulfill.

If you, who are now reading these lines, are one of those chosen men and women appointed by the Divinity Himself to join the network of Light Workers who are ready to offer joy, trust and comfort to so many, many souls in need, who will need it in the coming times, we welcome you one and a thousand times.

Bless you, brother and sister, but we do not wish for you to do this feeling compelled to do it as an obligation, not even as a form of a forced and empty sacrifice, but we wish for you to do it out of joy, enthusiasm and the satisfaction to see how your effort has helped others among your brothers and sisters who have gotten the help they needed.

Yes, may the Light of the Divine God illuminate and glorify all creatures who use his/her available time after work and also during his/her work to contribute towards the expansion of the Light, peace and Love in the hearts of all the souls who will benefit from this.

I bless you, and I ask you to serve with humbleness and in brotherhood all those who ask you for help, the help you will give them, even when those ones either because of shyness or pride don’t dare to ask you for it. Offer your help even before they ask you for it, and Heaven will reward you with its blessings.

We are all together in this task because truly We Are One.

With Love, your brother who loves you,

Master Kuthumi

Channel: Kris-Won

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