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Alpha Ship, September 2, 2010

Artist's impression of the Alpha Ship

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

September opens its doors, while October will be the month in which many great things will happen in your world. We are anticipating this for you, because maybe this way many people who are doubtful regarding the veracity of our messages could then have a stronger proof that the information we are transmitting to you is authentic.

October will be a month of much activity, a very 'busy' month -as you would say- and it will be in preparation for the following month, November, which will also be of special relevance because during the month of November new and powerful waves of cosmic energy will arrive on your planet. Their impact on the surface of the Earth will help open more and in a better way many minds to our beneficial influence, ours and that of the White Brotherhood of the planet whose Masters are doing extraordinarily beneficial work on the evolution process of the human race in these current times.

The Galactic Federation joins forces with the Masters of the White Brotherhood, the pure and pristine hierarchy striving continually to overcome the darkness, not by fighting against it, as that would be absurd and useless (and they know this), but their action is concentrated on fomenting and increasing the Light from the outside, and especially from within the consciousness of all incarnated human beings. The joint action of both sides has become such a powerful astral and luminuos force that it is cornering the retrograde forces, making them recede more and more with great impetus. It is a true battle between good and evil, in order to uproot the evil for a long time at least, if not forever, from the face of the Earth.

In this current battle between these two antagonistic forces whose extremes touch each other, and nevertheless, a characteristic of the Law of Polarity, their forces are assisted by civilizations from different points from this local universe, like the sublime presence of the wise Pleaidian brethren who are like your parents in regards to your origins, the powerful brethren from Orion, who are warriors without equal, the brethren from Andromeda, a very old and rich lineage of qualities, and the sweet and loving brethren from Sirius, as well as a few others.

Although all of us have many more characteristic traits, it is not to say that the brethren from a constellation are the only ones who posses those qualities, but it is true that each civilization stands out mainly by one or two aspects that show up more in them than in the rest of the brethren cultures.

It is so, dear brother from this small and beautiful central European country*, the Pleaidians work side by side and in a close fashion with the Orions, as well as the Sirians. We share much common work, and in fact, these civilizations share a great number of joint missions.

From this fraternal union, a powerful force surges as a result of the great fraternity that binds our two peoples, and in numerous occasions we have made great advances in our mission to help you transcend the third dimension and propel you to a superior state of consciousness on the evolution scale of the terrestrial human being.

We notice a feeling of very 'heavy' vibrations in some of you, perhaps in many of you who do not have the patience to wait for the slowly arriving moment in which First Contact will take place, since you want it now! It makes us smile because we remember ourselves millions of years ago when we were going through the difficult situation you are going through now.

In those days, we were also assisted by other more advanced civilizations than ours, which we remember despite it having occurred a long time ago, and also in that occasion, our Elder Brethren asked us to be patient and to actively cooperate with them, but without losing the very commendable and honorable virtue of patience, together with another great virtue, that of perseverance.

Patience, together with perseverance can make wonders happen. We invite you to develop both, making them standard for you and incorporating them as part of your own virtues, constantly active in your hearts and minds.

The only result of this effort on your part, coupled with the experience we are providing you from millions of years ahead of your current evolution level, is that the Good will be victorious in the struggle against the Bad, and that you will see your efforts crowned by an unprecedented success, never before seen in your world. The moment in which the Light dethrones the regressive and dark forces that torment you will be so glorious that your consciousness won't be able to forget it in the centuries to come.

Love and peace,

Source: Comander Sohin

Channel: Kris-Won

Translator: Steve

Note from Kris-Won: Here Sohin is answering a question made by Kees several months ago. Kees lives in Holland, a central European country, and coordinates a website of channelers from different countries of the world translated to many languages: GalacticChannelings.com

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