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Alpha Ship, September 18, 2010

Artist's impression of the Alpha Ship

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

The local universe where you are located shares borders with other adjacent universes, each of them containing millions of galaxies which maintain within themselves complex solar systems for each of the stars comprising each galaxy.

Your galaxy itself - whom you curiously named the "Milky Way" - contains about 100 billion stars, even though it is not one of the biggest galaxies, as there are some which contain up to 1 billion suns, which are even bigger than your sun.

Therefore, you have an idea of how enormously vast God's Creation is, our God who is both Father and Mother. His/Her limits are so enormous that I could say that, from a physical point of view, it borders on the infinite.

However, nothing within Creation can be infinite, as only the Creator of all the Cosmos can be considered Infinite Himself. Our Father/ Mother of all His/Her creatures, like you and me, is truly Infinite, Eternal, and a mystery to all of us; undefinable and cannot be encompassed by any Intelligence of the Cosmos, however advanced It might be.

No one can totally comprehend his/her Creator; nevertheless, it is our destiny to merge ourselves in Him/Her some day, and at that moment the veil of illusion that keeps us separate from His/Her Essence will disappear, which keeps us erroneously believing that we are different from Him/Her.

The soul's path leading from the time of its separation from the Primordial Nucleus until its return to the same Fountain is what we call EVOLUTION. Evolution would be a term more appropriate for those with a more scientific mind, while those with an inclination towards the metaphysical would more aptly use the term SPIRITUAL PROGRESS.

But both terms are different nomenclature for the same path that an individual soul must follow until its return to the Divine Creator. As in so many occasions, only the terminology differs, but it is the same truth. These are the problems of language, which have created so many confrontations amongst yourselves throughout the history of humankind, not only on this [planet], but on absolutely all the planets of the third dimension.

If you could only see the way we see it, how each ego tries to impose its own vision of reality on its fellow man! Instead of getting angry with another human being because he/she has a different vision of reality, wouldn't it be more intelligent and wise to acknowledge his/her point of view as it makes you look at other subjective aspects of the same Truth, enriching your knowledge which was previously more limited, and therefore, more subject to error?

Do you understand now why persons who are wiser are at the same time the most humble and also the most gentle and kind? Look at humankind's past, and you will see that great men and women like Jesus of Nazareth, Buddha, Madame Curie, Albert Einstein, Plato or Mother Theresa of Calcutta, to cite a few, were not only wise but also enjoyed a gentle, loving and kind character.

Make an effort every day to get to know more and more your world and its traits, but do not forget to polish your character because only a good and amiable character will turn you into a true human being.

There are many people in your world who believe that completing an education and achieving a certain degree of knowledge in a field of knowledge is enough. But that isn't so. Confront your own internal demons, those who take you away from the true loving and radiant beings that you are, and polish your personality ever more, which is the outer shell you present yourself to others with.

As you say, it is not enough being a good person, you have to also show it outwardly to others.

I embrace you and urge you to be a better person every day. Bring out the best in you, and do not delay in being that which you already are.

Love and Peace,

Source: Commander Sohin

Channel: Kris-Won

Translator: Steve

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