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Alpha Ship, August 28, 2010

Artist's impression of the Alpha Ship

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

Despite the painful events that are occurring in some localized spots on the planet, realize that people of all nations of the world continue with their local festivities, enjoying their family lives, or sharing their leisure time with friends. And those that reflect this attitude are the majority. You can go to a village in Africa, India, including Haiti, after all that has happened, and is happening, but nonetheless still see children playing happily in the streets of their village, their town or their city.

The sorrows are soon forgotten, and man recovers his joy and spontaneity, because his true nature is to be happy. Nobody wants to suffer in their life for a long time, and people try to shorten any pain and to return to adopt a happy attitude as quickly as possible.

The human being, once he has harmonized and balanced the scale of all wrong doings with the altruistic actions of his past, of all the lives spent on this planet, takes on the state of bliss that corresponds truly to a human being, because he is a creation of the Divine Creator, made, in essence, in His very image and likeness.

This Act, valid and applicable to all human beings on the planet, is also reflected in the times that we are now living, in transition towards a New Age of Light. When a human or animal becomes ill, after an incubation period of the illness, there is a small crisis before the body expels of its ailment and recovers its health and well-being again.

This situation also occurs in Gaia, in your beloved Planet Earth, which is also an intelligent living organism itself.

So before this Planetary Being who gives you shelter disposes itself of the "illness" that it has, as a result of misuse made by its cells (the human beings) from the energies and materials available to him, it is necessary, before complete healing, to pass through an intermediate stage, though of short duration, so that it (Gaia) can free itself of the few cancer cells that are preventing its body from being a healthy body.

For this fact to take place, some cells must be disposed of from the body of Gaia, so that other cells are able to enjoy a healthy future, full and happy. But if you look carefully, there are many more good and peaceful people in the world than mean and evil ones, therefore the vast majority of you will continue living your lives as embodied beings on this planet, and only a small fraction of humans will leave their bodies to enter into other bodies, but on other planets further behind in evolution from Gaia.

The Earth, the world that it hosts, is a very special planet; it is of great relevance to the planets of your Local Universe.

(I am forced to cut, much to my regret, communication with Sohin for two compelling reasons, and after a brief pause and asking for forgiveness from Sohin, I try to establish telepathic contact with him)

I see people concerned about whether they will be one of those who will die (I prefer using the term “disembody”) or if they will continue their journey on Earth. But believe me, those who leave their physical body will not die, but will continue their development on smaller planets, so there is nothing to fear. The life of the Spirit never ceases, and you still have many lives to live on this or other advanced planets, unless you choose not to embody anymore and to establish your homes on more subtle planes, where there is no need to surround yourself with a body of flesh.

Do not worry about what your future holds, because your fate is already predetermined, whether you worry about it or not. From this, what you can be sure of is what the future will hold for you with respect to the evolution of your soul, which will continue towards the state of Perfection that is the zenith, the final stage of all souls.

Live happily, and enjoy with us these times of transition for Earth into the New Being that it will soon become, and with it, all of you.

Peace and Love

Source: Commander Sohin

Channel: Kris-Won

Translation: Steve

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