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January 30, 2011

My dear, you are concerned about the unrest in your world, it is the result of the people waking up to the terrible corruption that they are victims of and taking action against it. I know that Egypt had a very special place in our hearts, it is hard to see the suffering involved in overthrowing corruption. The puppets that are " IN POWER" all over your world are being exposed, people are seeing the Light. We told you that the Dark Cabal would loose their stranglehold on your world, they fight hard and they fight dirty to try to hold on to what they see as their birthright. They have made your world a prison, you are totally controlled, their mistake is in stepping up their control in a last attempt to keep control. Because you were born into oppression you did not recognise it as such. As you raise your Consciousness , you see the prison bars, they are the Laws that are imposed on you from cradle to grave. Out of the Darkness will come the Light, you will see your fellow human beings and you will realise that what divides you was falsely placed there to divide you and give them excuses to go to War. You understand that the spilling of Blood irrespective of whose blood it is the ELIXIR of LIFE and POWER to them. Your fellow human beings are not your enemies, they are all victims of those who control the Puppets. You will rise above it, you will be free. Our two worlds will link as never before. You know what you must do to bring this about.

I ask that you all Bless the food that you eat, ask that it be purified so that you receive only goodness from it, likewise the water that has had so many chemicals put in, ask that all that enters your body, the Temple of your Soul is pure and free of all negative effects. Pray also that the toxic chemicals in your air, placed there by the chemtrails be removed before they enter your lungs. This is War, you are being attacked through your food and the air you breathe. God is on your side and will protect you, all you need do is ask. Understand that you are being attacked on every level, it is up to each of you whether you respect yourself enough to take these simple measures to protect yourselves.

Try to read uplifting material that will raise your Spirits. Come together to share food and laughter whenever possible it will help to give you the strength to overcome the Fear that is constantly being used on TV and Newspapers to control you. Create as much Love in your lives, only think loving thoughts, send out Love to those brave souls who are struggling for their freedom right now, pray for them, help them whenever possible, they are being brave, they are standing up for their rights as Human Beings that have been denied them by those who plundered your world. What you are now seeing is the Darkness before the Dawn. The reason they have Power is because you have given them that Power, without your compliance they would be Powerless. They will be exposed, then it will be your decision as to whether they are allowed to return to where they came from, it will be the people's decision, it will be democratically arrived at.

Their Monetary System that has made slaves of you will be exposed as the most corrupt sin against Humanity. Only real EVIL MINDS could have produced such a cunning plan. They will be removed, no mercy will be shown to them, they will face those whose lives they have tried to destroy. They will be forced to face the destruction they have caused.

It is not all gloom and doom, you have everything to look forward to, Light and truth, Full Consciousness when all becomes clear and once more you will enjoy the beauty of Planet Earth, you will meet friends from other Planets. Trust in God, this is the Divine Plan in action, each one of you chose to take part in it, it is your gift to God to bring this about. You are now walking your Path. My own Path was not an easy one, it was when I passed over that I understood why it had to be so. It was not easy being of the Light to find myself surrounded by such corruption, I lived by Truth and Truth alone and was many times criticised for it. It is never easy but it is what is expected of you. Try to look to the future, get through the present as best you can with Honour and Dignity intact. Open up to your Spiritual side , learn to Meditate if possible, it will help you to deal with the present and open your eyes to what is actually happening. Everyone of you is important in the Eyes of God, the Supreme Being. You are on the cusp of the greatest Transition Earth has ever experienced, you are bringing it about, think on that....

My dear, try to enjoy the journey. We will write again soon. Your adoring Husband, Monty.

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