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January 23, 2011

Veronica my dear, we in the Network ask so much of you, we appreciate the effort you made yesterday to get to Kensington, there were people to meet, minds to open and important connections to be made. You were surprised to be asked to speak at such an auspicious gathering, you did not expect the reaction you got from those present, it was lovely to observe. As your husband I would like to thank all those present for receiving my dear wife and understanding the deep bond of love that binds us forever.

Everything is coming together nicely, our team will soon be complete then we can proceed with our plans. I promised that I would guide you to the right people. You do not walk alone my dear.

The agenda for Human Enslavement is running into difficulties it never expected.... As people find their voice they question and research the real reasons for so much control and manipulation and they are no longer willing to be manipulated by the architects of Evil. They do not live by the rules they try to impose on others. They are not of your world, there is now proof of this, I told you this shortly after I passed over, David Icke has said it for years, he is always proved right even if it takes years to do so. The truth always comes out eventually.

What you are experiencing is State Sanctioned terrorism, their need for War is being inflicted on you, the spilling of blood is essential to the success of their plans. They desperately want another war, you are being constantly told that it has got to happen. Be brave, say "Not in my name" refuse to sanction the killing of innocent people and the destruction of yet another country. Your weapon is LOVE, the more love you can generate between Races the less people will accept the excuses of the Dark Cabal for invading other countries. Since they themselves invaded Earth they have set out to destroy all that was good and wholesome . They destroy Countries to plunder Oil, Gold, Diamonds or whatever is available and to remove those they see as unnecessary to their needs. They also try to destroy all those who stand for truth, you my dear experienced this, a member of my blood family is guilty of this, she wrote the most vile letters to everyone on my address book, she continues to try by every means available to her to destroy you, consequently her hatred is destroying her. Everyone answers for their evil deeds irrespective of who they are, Death is a great leveller.

Your World will return to the Light, Love will rule, love is always returned tenfold. Refuse to allow FEAR , no matter what colour coding it has, no matter what you are being told about certain Countries or Religions, go to them, talk with them, make your own judgement. Connect with your deep Spiritual roots, learn more about who you are and why you are on Earth at this time of great strife. You have a choice, no one should be able to overrule that right. Let the people decide whether they want war. Only then will the poor innocent young men who are told that they are fighting for their country not return in boxes. Each death will be answered for. The agenda of the New world Order is "To prevent people from realising who they truly are." Their greatest obstacle is "The rapid political awakening of the masses" so said one of the architects of the New World Order. The more you talk and interact with each other the more people will wake up, I know I say this often but the message must be understood and the urgency of the situation you are in.

Pray for Peace and Love for all, it is through Love that Enlightenment will come and with it you will return to full Consciousness. Your choice is, do you want to live in Love or live in Fear? Yes I know that it is difficult to maintain a positive attitude while all around you your world is crashing down. Question everything you are told, find your voice, talk to others whether you are on a train or bus or in the workplace, help them to see the Light, there is a lot to UNLEARN.

The Transition will happen, it cannot be stopped, the timing is up to all of you to bring it about sooner rather than later. Be strong, be confident, know that the Truth will be revealed. Good will defy Evil.

My dear try to rest, know that you work for Truth as I did in my time on Earth. I am forever your adoring Husband, Monty

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