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January 9, 2011

My dear, here we are once again endeavouring to bring information to your world. Earth is an important Planet, this is why it was chosen by those from another planet to take over, to remove mankind, keeping only those they need to become their slaves. Man is in a Mind Prison that prevents him from seeing what is obvious to those who are awake and aware of what is going on. The technology that is used to keep you in this state of mind is light years ahead of anything you are aware of. The Microwaves they were using recently killed the Birds and the fish, these Microwaves are used to cause Earth Quakes and many other Man-made Disasters . The evidence is there for all who seek to know the truth, what you are experiencing is covert terrorism. If those who hold the Power have their way soon Freedom of Thought and Free Choice will be a thing of the past, they alone want to direct your thoughts and choices, you will find yourselves totally controlled if you do not wake up to what is happening and refuse to be part of it. Only a conscious mind can withstand such an assault on the mind. This is something that has been carefully planned for generations, they have taken over Governments and Institutions necessary for the destruction of the Human race as you know it. They will not succeed.

My purpose is to try to awaken the Soul and help to re-connect with the Light. There are many who want me only to talk about the Spirit World and how everything is absolutely glorious here but I cannot abandon all those Souls who need to be rescued.

It is a question of Good over Evil. Evil that is disguised so as to draw you in, they smile, they are so re-assuring as they assure you that what they are proposing is only for your good and the good of mankind. There are so few people in your world who you can trust. N L P is used widely but it is only one of the tools used against you, Fear is their greatest tool, subliminal messaging etc. etc..

Again I ask that those of the Light to be there for each other, try to support each other whenever possible. It is so sad to see your world disintegrating, you know that the Network and I will do all we can to prevent it. Pray, open your hearts to the Spirit World, ask that the Light be restored soon to prevent the terrible suffering that is being experienced by so many. The more Love that you can send out into your world the better, pure Love, Love for your fellow man, Love for all god's creatures, Love will defeat the Evil that has taken over your World.

Peace and Harmony must be restored, you , all of you are in a position to help restore it. I never said it was going to be easy but the rewards are beyond your imagination. It is your gift to Humanity, future generations will learn how through the work of a few, Truth triumphed over Evil. The tools of the dark cabal are FEAR and CONTROL at any cost, when you concentrate on Love there will be no room for Fear.

We do not abandon you when we return to Spirit, we still care and watch over you, all of you. Soon we will be able to do so much more, we will play an active part in your lives. Love never dies, it is forever. Our two worlds will become linked once more, all will be restored, it will not be long now.

I know my dear, you are thinking that soon it will be the 15th January, then it will be 7 years since I passed to Spirit, the memories of that evening are still very painful for you. It had to be so my dear so that we could complete our work. I am always with you, you know that you are loved, that we will be together again when our work is done. I remain your adoring Husband, Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

Comment from one of our readers:

"I so love this,it affirms that we live on and that my Husband that i so miss and love 6 years gone now, is still with me and that we will be together again.Thank you for these messages..LOve light and golden rays...
Unni" (01-09-'11)

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