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February 6, 2011

The awakening that we promised is happening, people are at last waking up to what they are, Beings of Light that have been imprisoned in darkness, trust me, once the Light has been found and recognised there is no going back. It is beautiful to see people coming together in harmony with one aim in mind, to remove the corrupt leader and to try to create a better future for their people. It can be done as I have said in the past, the Power is really with those at the bottom of the Pyramid, you are now seeing this in action. When people come together in Peace to seek Justice, Religion and Politics take a back seat, it's People Power in action. The energy they created was powerful, guns and bombs are not necessary to create change, it is the coming together of the people who are no longer frightened of those in control. The controllers create the Fear, its up to all of you whether you accept it. Their brave actions have been a lesson to all who seek Truth and Justice. Please pray that they will not be led into accepting someone who has been set-up by the enemies of Egypt to fool the people into accepting them. They must research the Background and Connections of everyone who puts himself forward to become President. The Take-Over of Egypt has been very carefully planned, the people were brought down to such a low level that they had no choice other than to demand the immediate resignation of that person whose loyalty was to his Masters....... not the people of Egypt. Pray that the people will see through the propaganda and will chose wisely.

My dear it was lovely to physically be with you this week, I felt that you needed it, it does take a lot of Energy so I cannot do it too often, but it brings joy to both of us. I still like to surprise you occasionally. It is nice for me to see that you still celebrate my birthday, thank you.

People are being brought to you now to enable you to go forward with our work. You are all co-creators of your world, it's up to all of you to create a World where Truth and Love have real value, not possessions and power. You and I learned the true meaning of Love and how to live in Love for when you have Love, you have EVERYTHING. Through Love you will re-discover who you truly are, re-connect with the Soul as it opens the Door to the Light and leads you out of your self-inflicted thought prison and you will enjoy a freedom that you have never known. This is a time of great change, be brave, go with it and you will experience life as never before. Walk away from the shackles of control, go forward into the Light with joy in your hearts. Accept the new beginnings, it is time for change in all things. The Dark Cabal are planning to try to destroy the character of those you trust, they intend to create situations using photographers and children so that David Icke can be innocently photographed with children and adults, they will then try to imply that David is a Pedophile , nothing can be further from the Truth, they have tried every method to try to destroy him, they sink so low, it only goes to show how frightened they are of him. All those of the Light know that this is Not True the corrupt will expose themselves if they will continue with this heinous plan against a man whose life is devoted to Truth and Light. They do much to try to destroy you my dear, letters etc. only the weak and insecure are frightened to go against them, they lack backbone.

You had a meeting of minds this week, better than you expected, this is part of our Plan. Their understanding of what is happening world wide was so much better than you expected. There is real friendship and respect for you there.

We promised that Truth would be exposed and dealt with. The corruption is astounding, the Church, Political leaders as well as organisations that people are expected to trust are being exposed, it is fraud on a massive scale, now that it has been exposed it will be interesting to see what steps will be taken to prevent the Truth being presented to the masses. Look at those who will try to control the situation...... There is no hiding place for the Corrupt even underground.... if they do manage to escape Justice, DEATH comes to all, then there is no running away , they will have to face the consequences of their Corruption.

It is when the corrupt are removed that people will then create the kind of World that they only dreamed of. What you do today will help establish the kind of World you would like for your children to grow up in. You, yes all of you who are of the Light are the people chosen to bring this change about. You are loved and protected, guided in all that you do, the Supreme Being chose you to return to Earth so that the Transition could be achieved now, this is why you have all come together even though you are in many different Countries, you are all one great expanse of Light and Love, your Light is expanding, it's reaching out to all who seek the Light. As more people around the world find their voice and speak out things will change, just remember always , You are Many, they are Few. Their Evil plans will not succeed unless you assist them, they cannot do it alone, they need you...... 2011 will prove to be an interesting year, there will be many changes, some Natural and some Man-Made but you have now learned to recognise the difference, that is a big step forward, you are not as easily fooled anymore.

Always remember that Love is your greatest asset, we on this side of Life send so much love to all of you, we are here for you at all times. My dear you have met some interesting people this week, this is just the beginning, our plans are great, we will succeed. Your adoring husband, Monty.

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