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Montague Keen - October 25, 2015

Life on Earth becomes more difficult every day, as exposure of the corruption, and information on those who secretly rule the Earth, leaves many of you confused and upset. Facts must be faced and dealt with. Many times, I have pointed out to you that those who control the Earth ARE NOT OF THE EARTH, so they do not have any regard for human life. They are driven by what they want: total control of the Earth, and they will dispose of any who stand in their way. They take; it is not in their nature to give. They control humanity through BANKING and RELIGION, which are both designed to destroy lives, reducing life on Earth to a struggle for existence. You can change this by refusing to comply with their demands. The important thing to remember is that they cannot do this without your assistance. Once you accept this one fact, that the power is in YOUR hands, they are finished. I cannot stipulate enough, how important this is. Everything you need to know is available to you, as all that was hidden, is now open to those who seek it. Life will be so much easier when you have the courage to refuse to support the banks and religions, and you refuse to play their dangerous games anymore.

The Cabal is forcing more and more people out of the East into Europe. It is so obvious what their plan is. Two world wars did not succeed in wiping out Europe, so they had to come up with another way to do it. They try to hide their plans, but you are awake now, so you can see for yourselves. It is obvious that at least 80% of these people ARE NOT REFUGEES. This is how ruthless these dark forces are. They will use everything and everyone in their effort to hold on to power. They know that when enough of you are awake to their plans, they will fail, and they will then have to leave the Earth.

They have gained so much on Earth. It was a push-over. Humanity was easily controlled by the religions which they invented. Banking was their idea, and theirs alone. It was a triumph, as whole countries could be controlled through money. Why do you continue to show respect to those who exploited your world and caused so much suffering and wars, etc. MONEY DOES NOT MAKETH THE MAN. A beautiful soul exudes spirituality, and its light is obvious to all. The soul-less become more obvious every day, as the empty vessels they are. Their time on Earth is fast coming to an end, and not a moment too soon. As your lights grows, it exposes all that is dark and corrupt.

Concentrate on spreading the light, sharing your research, and coming together as good against evil. In ancient times this was the norm, this is how knowledge was shared. Trust me, it works. You have been encouraged to remain in your homes, watching your MIND CONTROLLER (the television), obeying only what it advises. Television has made it so easy for the Cabal to control the masses. Sport and music are also used, and these are controlled by the Cabal. Another method is MEDICINE: drug-based medicines. They boast that vaccinations are used "TO CULL THE POPULATION". See Henry Kissinger and Bill Gates speaking of this fact on YouTube. Cancer has become one of their successes, and it is big business.They ensure that you get it, then they destroy lives, by ensuring that you suffer to the maximum amount, when all you need is BICARBONATE OF SODA, which kills cancer cells. YOU HAVE BEEN CONNED IN THE MOST SADISTIC WAY BY THESE EVIL FIENDS OF CONTROL. You alone, should be in control of your life. Do not give this control to others, whether they be doctors or clergy, it matters not.

Free energy is being prepared for all. It will run your cars and your homes, etc. The corrupt will try to hold you in the old system but they will fail. Once you make the decision to take back control, everything will fall into place. You will adjust quite quickly to a new and more peaceful way of life without the stresses and strains imposed on you by the Cabal. Ask yourselves how could so few control so many? How could humanity fall for such blatant lies? What evil force helped the Cabal to take over your world? How does the Cabal serve that evil force?

They do it through SATANIC HUMAN SACRIFICE. This is happening every day, all over your world. CHILDREN DO NOT GO MISSING, THEY ARE TAKEN FOR SACRIFICE. The Cabal cannot exist on Earth without the flesh and blood of these children. Their success depends on this practice. In order for you to move forward, this information must be taken on board.

We in spirit are grateful to all you good people who answered the call to take back for humanity the energy from the ley lines and sacred places. Life on Earth depends on this energy. Your governments seem determined to destroy it through FRACKING. This shows you whom they serve, and it is certainly not humanity. I ask that as many as possible, undertake this work, both for humanity and for the Earth itself. Your future depends on it. When you can turn on your television and hear someone deliver News that is true, then you will know that you have succeeded.

The Irish people are learning to their cost, just how corrupt and illegal the banking system is. Many men are driven to suicide, and families totally destroyed by the greed of the banks. Today it is Ireland, but this will happen in many other countries, as the banks attempt to destroy humanity. This has got to be stopped. Learn from what is happening in Ireland and be prepared. Banks and their corrupt actions must be exposed. They lend you money which they do not have, and then they punish you if you get into difficulties. By forcing businesses to close, jobs are lost, and men are unable to pay their mortgages. Banking was created by the corrupt to control the many. All banks must go, be removed from the Earth; this alone would remove a major part of the control system. Are you prepared to stand together and say, "I will not continue to live by your dictates one moment longer." You can do it. The Cabal comes together to create chaos. Humanity can come together to create peace and harmony out of their chaos.

My dear Veronica, trust that all will come together and that the right people will be there to assist. The difficulties that are being created for you are an attempt to distract you from your mission. The awakening proceeds, as it cannot be stopped. Its time has come.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

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