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Montague Keen - October 18, 2015

As the light in your world increases, it exposes all that is evil and corrupt. There is no hiding place now for all who have put in place the plans to destroy humanity and take over the Earth for their own purposes. Everything at the top of the pyramid of control is TOTALLY EVIL. It must be removed. As they cannot exist without your support, it is your duty to refuse to support this evil structure for one moment longer. Do not pay attention to their false promises, for that is all they are. They have managed to mind control humanity into obeying their every command and law. Ask why they need to control you through the air, water, food and medication, if you are so helpless? Is it because THEY FEAR YOU STEPPING INTO YOUR POWER. This necessitates them using such means to ensure that you remain docile, obedient, and in control. Together, you could take over the running of the Earth for the benefit of humanity, rather than for the elite few who have stolen all that is rightfully yours. There are three seats of corrupt control: Rome, London, and Washington. Once you deal with those who control these seats of corruption, then peace will return to the Earth.

THE ZIONIST/JESUIT CONTROL SYSTEM THAT EMANATES FROM ROME HAS FOOLED HUMANITY FOR FAR TOO LONG. It is time to refuse to be part of their EVIL GAME any longer. Remove your support and laugh at the lies that flow from their mouths whenever they speak. Everything they stand for is BASED ON LIES and CORRUPTION. It has got to stop. Once you close the door of the Vatican, forever, their evil plans cannot be carried out.

The Rothschilds are Jewsuits

Enda Kenny, the Irish Prime Minister, opened the door to the Vatican's satanic abuse and killings, and the paedophilia, which they have carried out for generations. They value the energy they get from the fear of their poor victims. The Irish have suffered much at the hands of the Vatican. The Irish HOLOCAUST was Jesuit planned and executed. They sadistically abused the Irish people. (I, too, was brutally raped by a priest; and I saw first-hand, how they abused the poor orphans. It was criminal, but because it was the Vatican, the perpetrators got away with it. - Veronica) What they preach, and what they do, are worlds apart. You now have this wonderful opportunity to remove all the corruption from your world. You do not need them. Life on Earth will become a joy when all that was hidden from you by the Vatican is returned to you. There are certain individuals who will enter the Vatican on your behalf when called upon to do so, in order to retrieve what is yours.

This will cause some upheaval for a few weeks, until good people come forward to put in place measures that will ensure energy, food, and water are restored. It is advisable to have supplies to see you through this period. When the corrupt lose their grip on humanity, peace will be restored. You have everything to gain. All you will lose is the corrupt institutions that controlled you.

We, on this side of life, are aware that this is a big step for Man to take. We are also fully aware of all that you will gain by taking this step. The question you need to ask yourselves is, "Do I allow the destruction of humanity, or do I refuse to be part of it; for I, too, will lose my life." In the next two weeks you may see the corrupt make their move. They show no mercy, as they are not capable of it. To them, you are vermin, to be removed and destroyed. The world of spirit is with you every step of the way. Once you make the decision not to facilitate the takeover of humanity, you will stand tall, and do whatever it takes to protect yourselves. The 99% will not be a pushover for the Cabal. They do not have a hope of success without your support.

There is a big effort to suppress the exposure of the satanic abuse and killings in your world. The reputations of the truthseekers will be questioned and trashed in an effort to protect the paedophiles and abusers. This is big business. The truthseekers need your support and protection. Satanic abuse and killings have been part of the control structure for hundreds of years. It is only now being identified and exposed. The Cabal is fighting hard to keep its evil deeds secret. Their practices got them expelled from various countries in times past. It is part of their history. In this time of awakening, everything must be looked at and evaluated. Dark deeds that disgust normal human beings have to be brought out into the open and prevented.

The good people far outnumber the evil ones, so the task before you is not as daunting as you may fear. Once the head of the snake is identified and exposed, then the remainder will quickly lose power. Trust me, IT IS A HOUSE OF CARDS. You have the ability, without much effort, to pull it down. It is all based on dark magic, lies, and corruption. When questioned, it will just fall apart. There is NO EVIDENCE THAT WHAT THEY CLAIM TO BE TRUE, IS TRUE. All the real evidence confirms that it is totally untrue.

At last, humanity has found the truth and will stand by it. You have tolerated this abuse for generations. It is time to say, enough is enough, and this must stop. I will not close my eyes to the abuse of my fellow man for one moment longer. What you accepted as the norm will no longer be accepted. The puppets in power are looking very vulnerable and exposed. Watch, as they try to wriggle out of the truth, and try to confuse you with worthless words and promises. Their time is up. Man is awake to their game, and he refuses to play that game any longer.

Remove every last vestige of the control system from your minds. In your hearts, you know what is right and what is not. Live by that knowledge. Use your energy to ask that all the right actions take place. Release the divine energy from the ley lines and the sacred places for the benefit of mankind. Ask that all that must happen, will happen, as it should, to assist humanity to regain control of the Earth so that all can live in peace. This is your moment to come together and be counted. It is all there for the taking.

My love, you really must rest whenever possible. I know it is exciting as you see everything now being exposed. You have waited a long time for this and contributed much to its exposure.

Always at your side. Your adoring, Monty.

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