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Montague Keen - October 11, 2015

Every day, it becomes more obvious that the final big push is about to happen. Those involved gathered in the United States and made their plans to create the New World Order. They have planned a huge FALSE FLAG OPERATION that will help them to remove many from the Earth. Veronica, I have explained to you in the past, that the souls will have left the bodies, before disaster strikes. They just shed their bodies, their service to humanity completed. The chaos, the lies, the subterfuge; it is difficult for you to know what to believe. Resist acting like sheep, for each and every one of you has decisions to make. Ensure you do your own research, as those decisions will decide whether you survive and create a world without the corruption that you have had to endure. You only have to look around you to see the Cabal's evil plans in action. People are being paid as mercenaries to destroy Europe. The Cabal proudly boasts that this is what they are doing. It is all there, if only you took the time to look for yourselves. Are you really going to just sit back and allow this takeover of the Earth and the destruction of humanity to happen, without doing anything to prevent it?

Go to your sacred sites and to the ley lines, and release the sacred energy that is the lifeforce of humanity. How can you go on trusting those who poison your air, your food, and your water? This is a BIG QUESTION that needs an honest answer. Is Russia the only country which protects its people? Stop allowing yourselves to be conned into a false sense of security. Be prepared to lead humanity to a new way of life. One that is peaceful and includes all of humanity. You must say that enough is enough. They will have to leave the Earth in the same way that they falsely entered it and took it over. Do not continue to be conned into believing that they are your friends. They just want what you have, and they will try to take it at any cost. They see you as their slaves, nothing more. You exist only to serve them.

Humanity had all the knowledge needed in past times. Look at ancient architecture and ancient writings; in those times, people understood much, and they had the full use of their brains. What you must understand is that the Cabal still has this ancient knowledge and they use it against you. Humanity was deliberately dumbed down; and now, you have only the use of a small percentage of your brain. Mind control is skilfully used to do this, as well as your televisions and newspapers, and more especially education and medication, with the mandatory use of vaccination. Why do you just accept this as the norm? They could not have done all of this without your cooperation. Once, we were all blind to what they were doing to us. But now, you know the TRUTH. What are you prepared to do about it? Remember that whatever you decide, affects all. You are all in this together. Do you wish to survive or to be crushed? They show no mercy, since they are not capable of it. They just crush all who get in their way. They do not possess a conscience. They are driven by greed and power. Look at how they have used their banks to cause misery to crush the poor. Banks were deliberately created to cause suffering and control.

They thrive on your suffering and your pain. It gives them the ENERGY they crave. This is why they continually pursue WAR. It matters not to them, where; for it is the ENERGY of FEAR and SUFFERING which they need to exist on Earth. It does not matter how they present themselves, whether they display their acquired opulence, or representing their "GOD" or not. They do not belong on Earth. It is time for them to leave humanity in peace. Enough of you are awake, now, to understand this, and you know that you need to prepare to move forward. All their citadels of corruption will fall. They are not able to remain, as when all the energy of wars and killings ceases, they are in trouble. For all the suffering creates the energy they need to exist on Earth, so their life line will be cut. They have lived well at your expense for far too long. Look to the future. You can make it all that you would wish it to be.

We, on this side of life, are working at your side to prevent World War III. The Cabal uses every opportunity to push for war in every way they can possibly imagine. Thankfully, you are not accepting their LIES anymore. But they will not give up easily. They will try to destroy as much as they can, before they leave. Just be thankful that they are leaving.

Help will arrive. It is all planned. A new way of life will open up, without the constraints of the past. No more controlling religions or political parties to corrupt and control you, ever again. Your spiritual life will open up, and you will connect directly with Source, once more. No middle men to step between you, ever again. All the false prophets will have to step down when all that they preach is shown to be nothing but control.

It will happen quickly once the Cabal falls, as it will take with it the corruption it needed in order to hold humanity in control. FREEDOM is a beautiful experience. Freedom to think, to see, to feel, to research, and to become all that you can become. It is all before you. Welcome it with open arms.

Veronica, if you had any idea what you and he are up against, you would be shocked. What must happen, will happen; for it cannot be stopped. When everyone decides they want to be FREE, then FREE they shall be.

My dear, I share your frustration. Things are not moving fast enough. But love shines a light that cannot be extinguished.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

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