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Montague Keen - November 2, 2015

My friends, each day you see yet another step being taken to destroy humanity, and what do you do? What are you prepared to do?

What the Cabal is dropping on you from the sky, is destroying the human body. Thought signals are also being used to control the human mind. They are killing you and yours, yet you continue to serve them and believe their lies. When will this stop? I find it hard to believe that the human race has become so stupid, so docile, so blind, and so helpless, that it accepts what is being done to it without question. You need to find your courage, in order to refuse to accept what is being done to you. Humanity must survive; so stop the killings and the destruction that has become a way of life on Earth. You make it so easy for the Cabal to get rid of so many through false flag operations. There will be another one in the United State soon. As long as you sit back and do nothing, they will go on killing and destroying everything, until you get off your knees and refuse to be part of their evil plans. By assisting them, YOU ARE GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION. When you pass over, you will see the enormity of the destruction for which you are responsible. It will take centuries for the Earth to fully recover from the terrible damage you are responsible for inflicting on it. How do you think you will cope with this, when you pass over, and you have to face what you have done. For face it you will, be in no doubt about that.

You are each responsible for your actions. Taking orders is never accepted as an excuse. Open your eyes and stop kidding yourselves that your life is okay, and that that is all you are responsible for. This is not true. You have a responsibility to each other. You are the human race. Those who have caused war after war in order to remove large numbers of you, could not have done it without your assistance.

Another part of their plan is to destroy all the evidence of life on Earth BEFORE THEIR ARRIVAL AND TAKEOVER OF HUMANITY AND THE EARTH. You, the people, are victims of the greatest fraud in the history of your world. Those who control you and want rid of you, have changed the history of your world. They control education, medication, and the media, in order to mind control you.

Wake up, you are prisoners on your own planet! All that is rightfully yours, has been taken from you. They are slowly, painfully killing you. YET YOU CONTINUE TO SERVE THEM ! How can this be? Why have you given all your power to those who have no respect for you at all? What more can we in spirit do to awaken you, so that you will take action and refuse to assist them in the destruction of the human race?

There are those on the Earth, that though they look like you, are most definitely not human. Their agenda is the annihilation of humanity so that they then have the Earth for themselves. They will no longer have to hide their true image and origin. Every day now, you see the truth of what I have warned you, happening right before your eyes. The Cabal wants war at any cost. They need war in order to survive on Earth. Are you prepared to go on killing for them? When will you give a thought to your own kind?

This is the time of year when you remember those who have died in wars. You should remember too, those who were killed so that the Cabal could thrive on Earth. Please do not be guilty of glorifying war, for there is no glory in killing. It destroys the souls of those who do the killing. War was never part of life on Earth before the Cabal arrived here. So ask yourselves, WHY WAS THIS SO ? Everything bad and corrupt has been instigated by the Cabal. It is all they understand, for it is their way of life.

You do not have the luxury of time to waste. Your time is fast running out. Stop being pathetic victims and take responsibility. Stop being complicit in the destruction of humanity. Do not serve those with evil intent. The Cabal needs armies to do its killing. Is that what you came on Earth to do?

See the Earth as precious to life. Visit all those ancient sacred places and experience their energy. The Cabal is destroying them, and all the links to your ancient origins. They deliberately bomb them. Armies are instructed to destroy all evidence of your true past and your real history which would show you who you really are. You must unlearn all you were taught in the last 2000 years.

When the Vatican falls (and fall it will), you will find all the evidence you need to see clearly when and how man was manipulated into giving up his true path. He was forced to accept religion, which is THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL. It has taken a long time for you to see and accept this truth, as you were blinded by the lies, manipulation, and platitudes, that hid the evil intent behind religion. When you see things as they are, not as you are told they are, then at last you will be free.

Are you prepared to create a better world for future generations, or do you want to condemn them to live as helpless slaves like you? You have been given all you need to know, to enable you to make the necessary changes. Self respect and confidence is all you need now. See the Earth with love in your hearts, just as ancient man did. Open your hearts and minds to the truth. You can make the changes that will restore love and light to the Earth.

My dear, you face such challenges. Great effort is being put into stopping your work. You know the end result. You have been shown. The awakening is happening. In an effort to stop it, massive pressure is being put into starting another world war. They care not the cost. It is the Cabal's only hope of successfully taking the Earth from humanity.

We watch over you, my dear. We surround you with love and light.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

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