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January 16, 2011

I am aware of your sadness my dear, yes it is now 7 years since I passed to Spirit, you re-lived every moment of that day yet again. To me my dear, my passing was as spirit planned it, with you at my side, I was doing what I lived for, talking about the work of spirit and the Afterlife. The spirit world just took my breath and in seconds I passed from one state of being to another, a truly beautiful experience. It was time for me to go to complete my work on the other side. Leaving you was so hard, it was such a shock for you. I have never left you, I constantly show that I am with you. We work together now as we did when I was at your side. My work now is to help guide Mankind out of the darkness into the Light and to bring our 2 Worlds closer together, to remove all the man-made barriers so that full consciousness is enjoyed by all Human Beings once more. There are many on this side of life working towards this end. There are those on earth also who work tirelessly for this and they are being vilified by the Dark Cabal, they are even trying to hold those who stand for Truth responsible for situations that are clearly caused by the Dark cabal themselves, who in their desperation to succeed with their plans are causing so much damage to your Planet, they are needlessly killing those who dare to get in their way. They have no Soul, no human emotion touches them, they are devoid of compassion as they push forward in a last desperate attempt to take over your world. They will not succeed.

Truth is being revealed, its flow cannot be stopped, through this more people will awaken to the reality of what is going on. The Financial Terrorism continues, these plans that were put in place generations ago. Foolishly Governments fell into the well placed traps, they believed the lies and promises of those whose only plan was to destroy them, to bring them to their knees. Only the awakening of the masses can stop this. Once you wake up to the fact that you are being led like sheep to the slaughter. Step back from the Materialism that is surrounding you, it is not necessary, it has never brought happiness or peace of mind. Love and Love alone touches the Soul, it alone brings fulfillment. Products are seductively advertised so that people strive to own them, they were specially designed to either make you ill or bankrupt. It is only when you are fully aware of the extent of the corruption that you will be able to make rational decisions.

It is so easy for them to seduce people away from the honest Path of Life, they find their weakest point and play to that. People need to be strong to withstand this. The promises of riches and fame turns so many heads and leads them in the wrong direction. The Path of Truth and Light is not an easy one, many fall by the wayside. Sometimes people have to be removed as they do not have the strength of character to see things through. Courage is called for to stand up for Truth. You are having to cope with people who are without conscience, who assassinate and kill many to achieve their goal. It has come to this my dear, you cannot believe anything you are told no matter how many scientists OK it, they have been bought off, they are part of the Plan. Trust only your instinct, your Higher Self will guide you. When something looks wrong, feels wrong, then it is wrong, it's as simple as that.

Always reach out to those less fortunate, to those whose lives have been totally destroyed by the disasters they are trying to cope with. Your world is in turmoil, its Good fighting Evil, though to some it looks as if Evil is winning, this is not so, it is their last desperate effort. No government has the courage to stand up to this, they have no power, its all a game of pretence, in truth they do not rule anything at all. These terrible times will be but a faint memory when the Transition is complete. Always remember to search for Truth and you will find it. Come together in Love and Harmony and your strength will grow, your Light will extinguish the terrible Darkness that engulfs your World. Eat natural organic foods when possible, drink pure water, keep your minds pure, avoid the distraction's that are carefully placed to distract you from the path of Light. We are paving the way for you, we will remove as many of the obstacles as we can. Keep focused on the Light, let Truth guide you forward on God's path. My love gives you the strength to go forward to complete our work. I remain your adoring Husband, Monty.

William Blake.

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