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Montague Keen - October 4, 2015

The tide is turning. The Cabal is no longer confident of success. They are now having to hide their plans from you, in the hope that you will never suspect what they are up to. Instead of the confident proposals they had planned to put to you, during the Pope's visit to the United States, they have had to keep it low-key, and make their changes surreptitiously, in the hope that you will not notice. The important message to you: do not trust or accept the results of those meetings that will railroad you into a New World Order. Everything they suggest would trap you, no matter how they dress up their proposals and their promises. Do not allow yourselves to be taken in. You believed and accepted them in the past. Look at the result: WAR after WAR. The killing of humanity through the AIR, WATER, FOOD and MEDICATION.

The destruction of Europe is happening before your eyes. This, too, was planned. Look at the people fleeing the war zone. They are but a small proportion of the people forcing an entry into Europe. Why are questions not being asked about this? What you are reading in the press is all propaganda. Your controllers are following their agenda. Remember, "Nothing is as it seems".

They are putting aluminium and mercury into your vaccinations in order to cause you even more problems than before. You are trapped in a SEA OF DECEPTION from birth to grave. You need to wake up to all this, to ensure your safety. Over the years, your controllers have played a waiting game, but now they want to reel you in, like fish on a hook. Because you have started to ask questions, you have become dangerous to them, and now, they need to rush their plans forward.

This is when mistakes are made, and make them they will. They will not be able to remain hidden for much longer. Then, you will see that those whom you were taught to love and respect, actually hold you in contempt. They want rid of you, so that they can have the Earth for themselves. They have openly called you "USELESS EATERS" and "CANNON FODDER". They loathe and despise you. They want what you have. It is a source of amusement to them, how you bow and scrape before them; though in reality, you are humanity itself, whose planet this is. YOU hold the real power. Once you open up to it, and see just what you can do, everything the Cabal puts in place to keep you down, will just disappear.

Mind control has worked well for them. They use music, sport and education. Once you read and understand their plans, they can no longer trap you. You become awake and aware. FREE AT LAST. The 'box' can no longer hold you in servitude. It is time to face some unpleasant facts about those you had trusted. This is never easy, but it must be done.

How these people took power is so horrific. It will shock you to the core. The millions who lose their lives through satanic ritual, every year, increases as the Cabal's loss of power becomes more desperate. This has to stop. These innocents need your help and support just to survive on Earth. You are all victims of these parasites. You all suffer at their hands. You have seen what happens to those who try to expose the Cabal; they have ways to get to them and close them down. They put so many obstacles on your path, that life becomes a constant battle just to continue.

Please do not be taken in by the plans of the Cabal. Without you, they are powerless. You could leave all the corruption behind and step forward into a new way of life, that will include all of humanity. Say goodbye to the corrupt and wish them well as they leave the Earth. Then, you can proceed to pick up the pieces and start again with a clean sheet. Everything you need will be provided, including FREE ENERGY, which the Vatican has kept hidden from you. This will change so much for you. Embrace the future, for it will be what you have dreamed that life on Earth could be. Believe in yourselves, for you can do it, and you will do it. This is your time to take control from the corrupt.

Seeing Veronica in Ireland last weekend, brought such joy to my heart. I thank all those who made it such an important and exciting visit. What you saw there, and experienced, is just the beginning. Ireland is about to raise itself up, out of the corrupt hands of the Vatican. Ireland will expand and reach its full potential. All that was covered by water will rise again. You, my dear, felt the ENERGY of this and you connected with it. This is what you experienced at TARA. The Earth is responding to humanity's wish for freedom from corruption and constant war. Those who do not belong on Earth will no longer be able to stay here. It is as simple as that.

Thank you, my dear, for all that you do. You must rest whenever possible. My love is with you always. I know that you are conscious of it. I am happy to show you, whenever possible.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

I am very grateful to G for making it possible for me to be in Ireland last weekend. I have never seen Ireland so alive with ENERGY. It was great to be able to meet and chat with so many of you. I took part in a Crystal Ceremony at the Royal Marine Hotel in Dublin, on Sunday afternoon.

On Monday morning, six of us (four of whom I had never met before) went to Tara. Quickly, I realised that I was with my Soul Family, though we had only just met in this life. We knew each other and we blended together as one voice. At Tara, WE WITHDREW OUR CONSENT FROM ALL WHO HAVE STOLEN IT FROM US. WE REFUSED TO PLAY ANY PART IN THE DESTRUCTION OF THE EARTH AND OF HUMANITY.

G, J, and I, are Irish; P is from Norway; A is from Turkey; and A is from Holland: yet we were ONE ENERGY ! It was such a wonderful experience. I thank them for their input and for being the Beings of Light that they are. The memory of the six of us at Tara will live with me for many years to come. Thank you. We did make a difference !

Until we meet again, much love, Veronica.

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