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January 2, 2011

As this new and very important year begins, we in Spirit ask that you become more aware of the Draconion Laws that are being put in place by stelth. Do not accept the notion that you cannot do anything about it, that you are helpless, far from it, you are Spirit who happens to be in a body on Planet Earth so as to protect the Earth from the take-over that is happening all around you. Know this fact, " You are many, they are few", you are Light, they are Darkness. You are Love and Light, this is why you care for your fellow-man, you want to protect him, all of you who chose to this work are guided only by Spirit, your motives are Honourable and to be trusted.

Laws can only be made with the consent of the people and people are not voicing their objections. Fear is being used, you are being given miss-information regarding Natural Medicine. You know my dear that the Earth produces everything that the Human Body could possibly need. Nature provides. The Human Race survived for thousands of years just using Natural Remedies and all the terrible diseases that you have to deal with now never existed. The Brain-washing that goes on in this field is criminal and inhuman, you are all God's Creatures, God alone has juristiction over you. Connect with the Love that surrounds you, each one of you is important in the scheme of things. You each chose the roll that you would play in returning Planet Earth to the Light before you returned to the Earth. Surround yourselves with Love and Laughter, try to bring Light into the lives of those who have not awakened yet.

The massive changes that are happening in your world preparing you for the transition to the Light are causing the Dark Cabal to become frantic and lash out in all directions. They use money that never existed and fear to try to overpower you. Those who have challenged them have survived and remained in their homes. The moment you give in to the Fear, they have you in the palm of their hands. They do not have a conscience, you mean nothing to them, you are expendable , they do not want you in what they regard as "Their World." Do not fear them, they could not survive if you were not propping them up, think of the Pyramid, they are only at the top, all of you occupy the remainder, when you remove your support, they FALL.

Think on that, they need you, on the other hand, YOU DO NOT NEED THEM. They are in your World but they are not of your World. We do not intend to stand by and watch the destruction of Planet Earth, nor do your friends from other Planets, they are poised and at the ready to assist you. They have been busy preventing the forces of Evil from succeeding in causing World War 3. Because certain Armies are chipped they can be controlled by electronics so in a War situation all Human Emotion is removed, terrible acts are carried out in your name. Do you really want to live in such a world, you and you alone can change it, each one of you needs to accept it is your world. No man should be without Food, Shelter and Dignity.

Surround yourselves with Love, with Love in your Hearts you will never harm anyone or anything. Pray for Peace for all Mankind, yes you are different, some look different, have different belief systems but you are all God's Creatures, all Beings of Light. You have been encouraged to fear certain groups, count just how many times in even one News Broadcast you heard the word's Terrorist, Enemies it brainwashing you into accepting it as fact. There are no facts to support what they say, it is those who control your Governments who decide what you are told, they try to keep you in a constant state of Fear and Anxiety about an attack on your Country. Every day this is forced on you through TV and Newspapers, there is no honesty, they just do as they are told. In England you are told even in Court that 4 so called terrorists got the 7.40am train from Luton to London, THAT TRAIN WAS CANCELLED THAT DAY AND THE NEXT TRAIN ALSO, so it would have been impossible for them to be in London at the times the "Bombs" went off, this is a perfect example of people just accepting what they are told without questioning...... You have access to information, check things out for yourselves, do not be led like sheep.

When the transition is complete and Peace restored and Mankind learns to live in Harmony with all God's creatures once more, it is then that you will be able to appreciate the importance of the work you are doing today to bring this about. When Full Consciousness is restored, all barriers will be removed, everything will be possible.

I am part of the Network, we wish all of you Enlightenment and Harmony in your lives in this year of 2011, we are grateful for your assistance in opening minds to the Truth.

My dear, a special thank you to you for your love and devotion to me, your adoring, Monty

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

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