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SaLuSa, January 13, 2010

Try to enjoy the thought of the events that are coming, that will clearly signal the end of the last cycle of duality with your present Earth. If you see beyond the immediate happenings, you can go through this period without being adversely affected. See the prize at the end of all your experiences, that will lift you up and out of the lower vibrations. What you have achieved will not be fully realized, until you have cut your ties with all that has no place in the higher dimension. This is where your present concentration should be, and the more you clear away the old links, the quicker your vibrations will increase. You may savor your memories of Earth, a beautiful world that offered so much to Man. However, the new Earth will far outweigh the attraction of the old one, and you will share beauty, peace and happiness unknown to you at present. As you experience time the end will come so quickly as to take your breath away.

With the assurances we give you, fear should be the last emotion to cause you problems. Is there not a saying that all you have to fear is fear itself, and what prompts such feelings except doubt and lack of faith? Be brave and keep your head up and stick your chin out, and march purposefully along the path you have created for yourself. The forces of Light are with you all of the way, and are your protection against the dark Ones. We are indeed part of that force and most essential and important to you, but more so are your personal guides who are there to ensure you successfully complete your life plan.

Loneliness is peculiar to you Dear Ones on Earth, who at times become isolated and distanced from your true self. It does not exist in the higher dimensions where all is as One and held in an energy that is bIissful and all encompassing. Sadness and melancholy are also non-existent as the vibration of love provides an enfolding energy, that ensures complete and utter happiness. In such energies what else can life be but fulfilling and wonderfully joyful.

The picture has been painted by God’s hand and his/her great love for all of you. Accept what is being given to you for your ongoing experiences, and know that your real lives are about to begin. You were never intended to be held in the lower dimensions forever, and another cycle of evolution is about to commence. It will carry you even further into the glorious dimensions of Light, and erase those lesser memories that relate to duality. However, the experiences will forever benefit you, from which you will become a soul of greater wisdom.

No matter where you choose to go in this Universe, the object of your experiences will be to increase your levels of consciousness. So when you meet with Beings from another civilization, know that they too are carrying out a life plan to move further ahead in their evolution. The expansion of your consciousness is ongoing, and you are soon to experience a great leap forward in yours. Without being disrespectful to you, you are more like babes in arms – but within a few years you will have achieved full consciousness, something that is beyond your present understanding. Can you now appreciate what a fantastic opportunity is presented to you as this cycle closes, and one that you would not knowingly want to miss.

We would say that memories of your time on Earth will gradually fade away, and become just a dream bearing no relationship to your new found level of consciousness. You are returning to levels that were quite natural to you in the past. After all you dropped into the lower dimensions to experience duality, whilst carrying a very limited memory of your Higher Self. It was not that the link was removed, but that you were veiled in the darkness. Over the last fifty years, you Dear Ones have lifted that veil and the Light has flooded back to the Earth. You came into your own at the time of the Harmonic Convergence, and your efforts brought a decision from The Elders, which resulted in an extension of opportunity for souls undecided about Ascension. The potential was seen for many more of you to open up your consciousness, and change your time line to one leading to it.

What you have done on Earth has evoked a lot of interest throughout the Universe, and many come to your solar system to witness Ascension. They are not allowed to interfere in your lives, and our ring of craft around Earth keeps away intruders. Your past history contains many references to visitation from Space Beings, only perhaps recognizable as such since you entered the Space Age. Look for example at the Sumerian and ancient Egyptian periods, and it is clear that contact took place. It explains the sudden development of Agriculture, and many other skills bringing about the emergence of an advanced civilization.

Life on Earth must still go on regardless of your expectations, and you still have to provide for the necessities of life. This will gradually lessen, and in time you will have vastly more leisure time at your disposal. You were never meant to be enslaved, and having sufficient time to express yourself is most important. You all have skills that are latent, because other demands on your time leave little for self - development. Just think of how many skills you carry from one lifetime to another, that you are unable to project into this particular life for lack of time. However, where they are planned to be used by your choice, then the circumstances will be created so that they manifest.

Dear Ones, think positively as the months roll by, and know that your time will come when the dark Ones have their power removed. They cannot succeed in their plan, and it is too late for them to take any other form of action. They are stuck with the fall out from their own failure, and are destined to be put away where they can no longer be of danger too you. Their influence is by no means what it was, and our allies will ensure that it does not resurrect itself again.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and leave with my blessings to you all for a full awakening that will carry you into the Light.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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