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SaLuSa, January 15, 2010

Each week passes and you move nearer to seeing firm evidence of the changes, that regardless of how they appear are part of the plan for the cleansing of Earth. We obviously realize that the news of the major earthquake in Haiti, has caused much shock and great sympathy for those dear souls involved in it. Such an extremely poor country cannot cope with problems on the scale it has occurred, and it is another challenge for the more wealthy to generously help out. The numbers of dead and injured and the extent of the damage, will require a major rescue operation that is well within the capabilities of the major countries. How you respond is a measure of how far you have progressed, in accepting the Oneness of all life.

There are the inevitable questions as to why the earthquake was allowed to happen, and as we have often pointed out, there are karmic situations that we cannot interfere in. We do have immense compassion and love for those involved. Haiti has for centuries held a very low vibration, that in these times of cleansing has attracted the events that took place. Where the souls are concerned, they incarnated on Haiti for the very purpose of the experience it would provide them. They were also aware of the dangers but knew that their passing would be quick, and that once they were in the Astral Regions they would quickly be released from the effects of the trauma. Indeed, they would find themselves safe and surrounded by loving souls nursing them back to health. We know that many find it difficult to comprehend what is behind these events, but be assured all works out according to the Divine Plan.

Remember Dear Ones life is about learning from your experiences, and as an observer you cannot know what reasons are behind another souls choice. Few of you are actually aware of your own life plan, and that is closed off from you because you would most likely try to avoid some of the experiences necessary for your spiritual evolution. So although you have freewill, where you have already decided on what you need to progress, you are unlikely to change your plan. You are drawn into situations with people that are also tied to your experiences, and inevitably it will work out accordingly. As you must realize, there is a considerable amount of planning that goes into ensuring that you successfully complete your time on Earth. This particularly applies to this period you are in now; as for so many of you it is to be your last life in the lower dimension. Some of you have elected to have a busy life, clearing karma that has accumulated over many life times. Many of you will recognize yourself as one such Being, and as your delightful expression indicates, “your feet have not had time to touch the ground”. It is of course well worth the effort, and your reward for achieving higher consciousness levels is that you will be ready to ascend.

Life on Earth can be frenetic and draining, and that is partly the result of the myriad controls that confront you wherever you go. You cannot feel free in such circumstances, and you should really have ample time to indulge in activities that are for your personal advancement. Far too much time is involved in surviving and maintaining a reasonable standard of living. As we often inform you, this will start to change in the near future until eventually you will be free from all restrictions. You can hardly envisage what it will be like, but the advancements that are due to your civilization will totally change your life opportunities. To be able to follow your own desires, and more importantly have all the time you need to do so will bring you great happiness and satisfaction.

With your modern communications events are quickly brought to your notice, and where they are catastrophic it begs your response in a generous manner. Unlike a century or more ago, your television brings them into your living room and often you see it live. It has had the effect of bringing out the best in people, and is helping break down barriers that used to exist. Can you not marvel at the way your evolutionary path has developed, as in such a short time you have begun to accept that you are your brother’s keeper. If the money and energy spent on war and preparing for it were re-directed into such good causes, poverty and disease could be eradicated quite quickly. However, that level of change will not occur until we are working together, as your old regime obstinately holds on to their agenda for world control.

There are in fact a multitude of groups that have recognized the rising concern for others, and you are seeing the first signs of a movement that is bringing people of a like kind together. They are the first to respond to need, and by their example are catching the imagination of many others. The energies for change are moving in the right direction, and ready for our arrival. It is pleasing for us to note how aware many more of you are in this period, and we know it will gather speed as the consciousness levels increase exponentially. We tell you all is well and we mean it, even if there are minor setbacks.

We wait now for the inevitable announcement that officially acknowledges our existence, and the numerous occasions we have contacted your leaders. This is an important point to bring home, as we have not been left wanting when it has come to offering to lead you to peaceful co-existence. You may wonder why it has only occurred in recent times, and the reason is that with the discovery of atomic power, you held the potential to destroy yourself and the Earth. There has always been that possibility, but the plan for your evolution would have been seriously set back if it had taken place. Furthermore, there are the far-reaching effects that travel the Universe, and would have created problems for other civilizations. That is unallowable by Universal Law and it is our place to monitor you and ensure that it does not happen. No Dear Ones, that does not constitute interference, and instead it acknowledges the Divine powers that are responsible for the Universe.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and know that you are eager for us to get together, and will enjoy the satisfaction of restoring the Earth. Seeing how it is at present, clearly the sooner we can get started the better. You really do not have too long to wait as this year we will commence a program of instruction, so that you will know what is to take place. We bless and love you all.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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