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SaLuSa, January 1, 2010

Dear Ones, here you are facing a year that promises to fulfill your expectations, and yet many are apprehensive because you have been a long time awaiting the changes that will lift you up. You look to us for signs of fulfillment, as indeed we are the centre figures in all that takes place. Until you are totally involved it naturally seems out of your hands. So you wait for events to unfold as predicted, and we do our best to keep you informed as to what is taking place. Apart from getting bolder with our presence in your skies, there is not much more we can openly do until Disclosure.

However, off Earth there is a lot happening, and most of our work takes place aboard our ships. To carry out our monitoring duties we do not need to be close to you, and our technology enables us to carry it out from our ships stationed outside of your atmosphere. Although you see our Mother Ships of varying sizes, we prefer to use our scout ships if we need to come nearer to you. We do not normally stay in one position for very long, but on occasions we will remain stationery for lengthy periods to allow you to see the reality of our presence. We are more often than not pursued by your aircraft, but their attempts to apprehend us are quite pointless. We have the ability to accelerate far more quickly than any conventional craft you have, and can defend ourselves with ease should weapons be used against us. We are not out to create unnecessary confrontation, and ours has always been a peaceful excursion when visiting your planet.

We can say that all major events necessary for your release from the old regime will begin this year. We are still intent on moving the last cabal into a position, where they will have no alternative but to concede their power. It is already much less than at the beginning of this millennium, and our allies are pushing them further away from their plans for total control. At the same time you the people are becoming more adept at recognizing the truth when you see it, and are more discerning where your personal future is concerned. This year will be the beginning of many dramatic events, and you will see the plan for abundance and other benefits promised to you taking shape. So much hinges on Disclosure, as without our help you could not alone overcome the dark Ones, or begin to co-ordinate the forces necessary to cleanse the Earth.

Time is now of the essence and we are ready to leap into action at a seconds notice. Be assured you are safe from any attempt to create a major incident that will give the dark ones more power over you. One of the earlier aspects of our plan is restore your rights, and draconian laws that are unconstitutional will be removed as quickly as possible. Progress revolves around creating a new mentality towards each other, and a desire to give help wherever it is needed as you go through the period of change. Your potential is unlimited and we know that when you understand the purpose for what is taking place, you will give of yourselves whole heartedly. There is a rainbow of many different rays of light uplifting your consciousness, and it brings the promise of the Golden Age where all is in absolute harmony and peace. What is about to happen on Earth are the first steps towards establishing the structure for it to manifest. The vision is held in your hearts and Ascension is the process that will lead you to it. Never lose sight of your goal, as you are the creators of your reality. You are continuously projecting your energy into the future, and each individual plays their part in determining how it will be. As the saying goes, “be in the Earth, but not of it” and allow the lower energies to be transmuted, without taking your attention away from your life plan and destiny.

If we look at the probabilities for the next few years, we see completion of this present cycle of duality in accordance with the Creator’s decree that it shall end successfully. If we were to anticipate where you might be by the end of this year, we would expect to have seen governmental changes and the first signs of the abundance program taking place. This means that disclosure will have already occurred, and a number of other projects will be under way. World unity is a strong factor in determining how quickly progress is made, and it will become more easily achieved once the leaders of each country are in accord with our plan. If there is any delay we see the people demonstrating their power to determine their own future. By then you will have been informed of the meaning of the end times, and will be under no illusion as to where your future lies. The falsehoods and lies that have kept you in the dark as to your real purpose in life will have been disclosed. Some souls will still refuse to acknowledge the truth, but their denials will mean that their future will be in accordance with their beliefs. God does not impose the Creator’s Plan upon anyone who chooses a different experience, because it is known that eventually they will find the path to the higher dimensions and the Light.

As more of you take up a position of projecting the positive energies all around you, so it is transmuting the energy of fear that is still prevalent upon the Earth. That alone is weakening the ability of the dark Ones to maintain their hold on you, and they have no other way of preventing you from moving fully into the Light and Love that is all around you. It is your silent weapon like Archangel Michael’s sword that sweeps away the darkness that has hidden the truth from you. You can lift another soul simply with a smile or kind word, as each carries the Light that lifts them up. You will find it gives you great joy to do so, and will eventually lead you on to Unconditional Love which is your ultimate goal.

Enter 2010 with the most positive approach you can muster, and we could ask little more. There will still be trying times but their impact will not be lasting, and you will soon see the shape of things to come. Think of 2010 as the start of a new beginning as you see the old regime being swept away, and know that it will be permanent as there is no coming back for them. Their influence is already dissipating, and their structures are being undermined by our allies. Have faith and patience as you really are at the commencement of an historic year, that will be of great significance where your future is concerned.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and pass on best wishes to all of you for a Happy New Year from the Galactic Federation.

Thank You SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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