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SaLuSa, January 11, 2010

This year has so much potential, and it does not necessarily mean just those who are awakening to the truth. Every soul will at some stage reach a point where they are at the cross roads and can decide to stay where they are, or take a quantum leap forward that will carry them through to Ascension. The ever-increasing power of the Light, will be tugging at people’s heartstrings. It will ask you to create a higher pathway out of the 3rd. dimension, one that will open up the truth for you. If you allow it you will answer the pull to open up your heart, and the Light will enter and clear away the dross that has accumulated over many life times. Accept the opportunity without fear, as it will be for your best good. If you are in doubt, there is no need to worry yourself over it, as in the end you will make the wisest decision that is consistent with your needs.

Already there is great pressure building to reveal that which has been hidden for so long. Many groups and individuals are on the verge of announcing their findings, having accumulated much evidence to support them. They relate to the way in which your human rights have been abused, and the deliberate withholding of information and technology that would have improved your quality of life. You are all One, and have not been placed upon Earth to gratify your own greed at the expense of all other members of the Human Race. You are going through a period of spiritual evolution, that is intended to lead you to the understanding of your joint responsibilities for each other. Over eons of time the survival of the fittest may have benefited your physical evolution. However, survival of the most cunning and wealthiest has taken away your sovereignty and freedom to determine your own future. You have instead become enslaved by the intention of the Illuminati, who have sought to achieve total control over you.

Dear Ones, you have stopped the dark Ones from progressing any further, and their plan has been stalled by your defiance of them. Your loyalty and desire to adhere to spiritual tenets, has strengthened the Light upon Earth and it has proved to be a formidable force against them. What you are intent upon doing is to restore all that has either been taken from you, or denied through criminal activity. This year will see the reversal of a number of decisions taken against you that are unlawful. It will be one of great revelations, as the covert actions and world of the dark Ones is opened up. Your reactions will be ones of both astonishment and horror at how long you have been deceived. You will find that you have been used for years on end, by a deliberate policy to keep you ignorant of what has been taking place.

You will also be angry to find that your wealth has been misused to foot the bills of the secret war machine, and its clandestine actions. Regardless of your feelings we ask that you allow the law to deal with the crimes committed against you. You must try not to be distracted by the revelations, and maintain your focus on the ultimate goal that is your Ascension. It will be a joyful time as you will see that all that was promised to you, will have been manifested and delivered to you in a relatively short time. The changes will be breathtaking, and eventually transmute your society from one that has been held back to one of great advances. Every aspect of your life has been considered, and your prison Earth will become your veritable Garden of Eden.

Some of you are well aware of what is in store for you but for the majority it will at first be a shock, turning to elation at your release from those who have held you in bondage. You will also become more aware of our part in your evolution, and our numerous activities on Earth that have in recent times prevented major catastrophes. Believe us Dear Ones we have played a major part in your progress, and helped you find your spiritual strength to become your own guide upon the pathway to total awareness. Each of you will have the chance to reach such levels over the remaining period leading to the completion of this cycle. It is always a matter of choice, and if required you will be helped to make that decision by enlightened Beings.

It may be as well to mention Abundance, which we know many of you have sought for your own release from lack and poverty. Know that there will come a time when neither shall be a curse upon the Earth. However, also be aware that by sharing in the wealth, which is to be fairly distributed, it is not intended to set anyone up in a life of luxury. The maxim by which it shall be done is “sufficient for your needs”, and the Earth will no longer be plundered to line the pockets of the few. Respect for Mother Earth will return along with the recognition of what she has done for Mankind. Helping restore the Earth will be an enjoyable task that will benefit all life forms upon it. Harmony is to return bringing happiness and joy, as you ride the crest of a wave to Ascension.

Let go of any doubts you may have about the future, as it is in the hands of the Creator. A Divine Decree is the absolute final word where Ascension is concerned. Nothing can prevent it from coming into being, and chaos such as you may be experiencing the sign of change and necessary to cleanse the planet. Remember that Mother Earth is a conscious Being, and responds lovingly when gratitude and appreciation are given her. For centuries she has been neglected as Man has raped and disfigured her in the pursuit of wealth.

In the near future when you can create in accordance with your needs, there will be no necessity to live off the Earth. A completely harmonious partnership will exist, and life will be one glorious existence. There will be so much available to you for your comfort and happiness, and never again shall you experience suffering and degradation. Peace is your strongest cry just now, and we can assure you that it has been answered and it shall be achieved in your time. Your prayers or thoughts will never remain unanswered, but allow for the response to come in a way that is beneficial to all.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and hope that you can grasp the importance of this present period. All of the time you can keep focussed on the future; you will be instrumental in bringing it into being upon Earth. Already you have set the Light grids in place, and it will not be too long before the new Earth will manifest. Enjoy the success that is due to you and rightly yours.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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