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SaLuSa, February 12, 2010

That which was hidden continues to be revealed, and so it will continue as you are entering new times where the truth and honesty will be the order of the day. For too long deception and dishonesty have blighted politics, and led to outright corruption. It has figured in all walks of life and supported the greed for wealth and power. When all are treated fairly and wealth is shared, the need to resort to other means to acquire it becomes unnecessary. Inequality is something you are longer prepared to put up with, and your intent that it shall be changed will manifest the result that will bring it about. Indeed Dear Ones, with your awakening and growth in consciousness you have realized that what you seek is your right. Used correctly the resources of Earth can comfortably meet your needs, but only when you move forward into an age of technological evolution. Almost at a stroke problems such as pollution will disappear, and new sources of energy will be non-polluting and freely available. Your whole outlook will change and life will become what it was always meant to be, one free from stress and instead a joyful and happy experience.

Working together so that every one benefits will replace competition, and no one will be held to ransom to share them. Instead of the survival of the fittest or strongest, those more able will help others who struggle. The satisfaction of sharing and knowing that no one is in need is a sign that the energy of love is strong and active. Working towards making all as One is a universal goal, and becomes more successful as you move through the higher dimensions. Your challenge however is to overcome the dark forces and their disruption, to first bring peace and harmony to Earth. With all of the forces of Light working with you that achievement looms large, and already its birthing pangs are being felt.

The move towards major changes continues, and our allies are busy pulling the net tighter round the last cabal. Their hands are tied in many respects, and their plans for world domination lay in tatters. Events have progressed too far for any revival and their control is waning. They are no longer able to work as a complete unit, and thereby it is their demise. However the Light workers are used to working in small groups, and that is their strength. Disclosure is now at the crossroads, and it is up to those in power to soon make a decision as to when it will be announced. It is still the key to much that awaits this first action, which is so near to being taken.

The media is under increasing pressure to report the truth of what is happening all around. The news is still carefully controlled, but through your Internet sources a greater degree of truth can be found. Naturally it also gives a platform to those who are misguided or deliberately false in their reporting. It will all change in the future, and your leaders in particular will present an honest and truthful account of whatever news they give out. Honesty is the best policy in all matters, and a good opportunity to move your mindset into one that prepares you for your Ascension. As you have often been informed, only the truth can exist in the higher dimensions, and it cannot be hidden behind anything less.

In the way that you measure time, it must be hard to believe that 10 years have already passed since this century commenced. Yet it is not surprising inasmuch that you believe time has speeded up, as it has from your perception. This is another indication that the changes are happening, and eventually you will have a different point of reference. When you have the ability to move backwards or forwards in time, it is easier to accept that it is all in the Now. Time for you is exaggerated inasmuch that your life span is so short, and so much is measured by your age. That completely changes when you ascend and find that you do not age, and live a life literally for as long as you desire. You are immortal and know that to be a fact, so there is evermore to do exactly what you will and no limit to the time involved.

Following Ascension so much is going to be new, and for most of you your life will bear little resemblance to what it is now. There will no physical pain such as many experience, and living will be a complete pleasure and bring you happiness and satisfaction. There will be no unfulfilled wishes, as having reached a state of complete trustworthiness you can experience whatever you desire. Since you will have the powers to create whatever you require, money will have long disappeared as it will be not be needed.

By now you are likely to have realized that our way of thinking is different to yours. As ascended Beings it is based on our connection with the Light energies, which are expressed in all we do. As we love and respect others so we love and respect ourselves. That is important, as so many of you denigrate yourselves and harm your bodies without any respect for the godly temple that it is. Love yourselves without reservations regardless of mistakes you may have made, as life is for living and experience is exactly what you came for. Live life as an ambassador of Light spreading it wherever you go, and you will be lifting others up. Each of you affects all others, and the result is your creation of a mass consciousness. It is what you draw from and determines the level you are at during the cycle of duality. However, as an individual soul you can and do rise above it though your own efforts.

It obviously helps you to have an awareness of how life evolves, so that instead of aimlessly traveling through it you can focus on what should be your objective. Knowing where you are going enables you to focus your energy, where it will do the most good for you. This is why there have never been so many teachers on Earth at this time, or contact through channels such as this one. You cannot have too much information, and it has to given in such a way that it satisfies those who approach it from different points of view. You will all eventually find the absolute truth, and the opportunity exists now to find what you seek.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and on behalf of the Galactic Federation bid you well in your seeking. A lot may cross your path but be discerning, as that which is of the Light should resonate with you.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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