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SaLuSa, February 15, 2010

Events continue to move forward that will invoke the kind of response, that will make way for changes that will alter the course of Mankind. A general view of activities on Earth indicates that the old paradigm is all but finished, as it no longer carries the impetus or energy to go on much longer. Meanwhile, the new ideas that will establish considerable changes and carry you in the right direction are manifesting. It is always difficult to overcome the natural reluctance, to something new that removes people from their comfort zone. However, the changes are coming regardless of any attempts to stall progress, and some inconvenience is inevitable. Considering the extent to which they will alter your lives, much attention will be given to ensuring that you are made aware of exactly what it entails. Communication on these subjects is most important, so that you know where it is leading and your role in it. It is imperative that you are well informed as to the ultimate goal of the changes, which is of course Ascension and your return to full consciousness.

We are keen to get Disclosure out and it is not necessarily dependent upon President Obama, but it would be desirable in view of the role played by the US in suppressing information about UFO’s and E.T’s. However, we may have to take matters into our own hands, and we are fully prepared to mount our own Disclosure by presenting you with undeniable proof of our presence. The conditions upon Earth indicate a deterioration of the very fabric of societies throughout the world. The collapse cannot be halted, but if it is acknowledged and our coming is accepted, we know that you are very receptive to the idea and ready to meet us. We stand close by to assist in establishing a new leadership that will carry you forward. We are careful to emphasize that we have no desire to rule you, but to simply ensure that you are lifted into the next phase of your destiny. It will not happen until the old regime that has held you back is removed, and Dear Ones with true caring and love for you are placed in control.

The question you are always asking is when everything will get started, and we will respond by telling you that our allies are still moving closer to completion of their various tasks. In other words they are not idle and use their time very well, so that upon the command to come out into the open they are ready. When we or other sources inform you that it will get worse before it gets better, it is so that you realize the effect of the breakdown of the old systems will have consequences that will cause some turmoil. It is inevitable but will be quickly followed by beneficial changes that will set up a new way of living that can be built upon. That will involve introducing you to new technologies that are already available upon Earth, to which will be added many devices that we bring to you. It is a matter of quickly restoring a comfortable way of life, that overcomes your plight and brings peace to the world. These are gargantuan tasks for which we are more than prepared, and we eventually expect full co-operation from the different governments.

It is time to set aside your differences, and move more into the understanding of the Oneness of everything. Removing the root of your problems will be of considerable help, and it has been the deliberate plan of the Dark Ones to confuse and alienate you where other countries are concerned. As you know by now, fear is their principal weapon and used to set you against each other, by creating an enemy where none have existed. Confusion and chaos results and is used to tighten their control over you. Removal of the last cabal’s power will create a vacuum that will be filled by those who respect and honor your sovereignty.

Throughout your history religious battles have been at the root of many wars, but when you are given the full truth of your spiritual heritage there will be an appraisal of your beliefs. Much that is false will fall away and thus allow for a coming together as there is but the One Creator, and not the many Gods you have envisaged. You will recognize the Light within all souls, and that will lead you towards Ascension as the one great civilization that you are. Seek to know the common ground between each other’s beliefs, and you will begin the process of re-integration and comradeship. You have been separated for far too long and it is time to bring everyone back into the fold.

Man is at heart a peaceful Being seeking to share his love with others and once we are able to work together restoring the Earth, great friendships will come about. Most of you have traveled abroad and have found kindness and warm greetings wherever you have gone. Perhaps you have wondered why so many countries have pitted themselves against each other, as what you call the common people are found to be just like you. Dear Ones you have allowed the dark Ones to take your power from you for their own gain and world control. Their aims are now known, and people power is returning to help bring sanity and peace to a troubled planet. We know you are fully capable of overcoming the obstacles placed in front of you, and will turn your energies towards establishing a peaceful co-existence with the whole of civilization.

You do know exactly what you require, as deep within your subconsciousness are the memories of past times when you lived in Paradise. It is your destiny to return to those higher levels of existence, where you will enjoy the perfect life full of joy and happiness. Your glorious future is absolutely certain, and it is written into the plan decreed by the Creator. Duality is releasing its hold on you, and you have all but completed your time in that experience. It has given you much that has strengthened your spiritual Self and you stand as the Warriors of Light ready to travel the Galaxy. Yes, Dear Ones you are great Beings even if you do not feel as such, but you are yet to raise your vibrations to that level. That will occur within the period that prepares you for the higher dimensions, and is a quite natural step in your evolution.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and tell you that we speak from experience, and are pleased to share our knowledge with you. There is so much more to give you, but a steady flow of knowledge is preferable to overpowering you too soon. There is plenty of time to expand your understanding and build on your present knowledge, and we shall enjoy helping you do so.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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