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SaLuSa, February 1, 2010

Another month has passed by and in the same way as the seasons change when necessary, so duality is now giving way to process of Ascension. It has in fact been quite a time since you became aware of the higher plan to lift your vibrations, and you have responded magnificently to the challenge of doing so. You have had much assistance from the Brotherhood of Light, and have grounded the Light upon Earth. Where your collective consciousness is concerned, in a relatively short time you have raised your vibrations quite considerably. It was this achievement that led to the decision to allow your cycle to run its full course. It was seen that by the end time of 2012 a greater number of souls would have reached a level allowing them to ascend, than may otherwise have done so if the Millennium had been a cut-off point.

Dear Ones, the goal is to get ready as many of you as possible for Ascension in the time that is left before it takes place. The degree of your awakening is now increasing very rapidly, and the power of the Light on Earth is helping transmute the dark energies. Your progress is very satisfying and in some ways remarkable, considering where you were at the start of the last century. The vibrations were then extremely low, and coalesced into a dark energy that caused two massive world wars. It released much of it through Karma, yet at the same time left its residue that continued to power warlike nations. There has never been a Century where so much death and destruction has taken place. The results could have even been more far reaching, had it not been for our intervention that prevented the world from having been destroyed. This was one of the few times that we were allowed to alter the outcome of your freewill decisions. Such destruction is not new to Man, as you will recall that your civilization has twice before been destroyed.

You are beginning to understand that duality is not just a spiritual challenge, but also an experiment that you undertook to find out how you would survive when separated from God. At least you were living in the belief that you were separated, whereas that can never be so. All That Is, lives within the Creator’s perfect energy without which it would not exist. Conversely, nothing can be permanently destroyed but only change its form. This you will experience first hand as you move through Ascension to take your place in the higher dimensions. You are soon to be released from your temporary quarantine on Earth, and allowed to experience the freedom of the Cosmos. By then you will have achieved a level of Christ consciousness, and will be expressing yourselves through Unconditional Love. This is the reason the Christed Ones such as Jesus came to Earth, to show you what could be achieved by living in Love and Light. The Earth is a great testing ground for those who aspire to reach such levels.

In your world where anything goes we know it is hard to keep your feet upon the ground. There is hardly a day that you are not tested, so you have to be on your guard all of the time. Recognizing your weaknesses is a first step to overcoming them, and you can change if you put your mind to it. Today many of you carry a heavy burden, because you have decided to clear out the cobwebs and clutter that has accumulated over many, many lives. The pattern has been that you keep bringing them into the open, so that you must take some action to remove them. Willpower and a strong intent to live your life as an uplifted Being will almost certainly help carry you forward to success. If you have the determination to succeed, there is very little that will get in the way, and you will find it easier than you may have first thought. Believe in yourself, as you have traveled this path previously and the task is not beyond you.

Each one of you that has found the Light within, are able to help others do the same. Your challenge is to live your talk, and show others by your example how a balanced and happy life can be achieved. In the midst of chaos it is possible to stand out like a beacon of Light, and others will be attracted to you because of it. Your energy will embrace all of those who come within your aura, and they will be uplifted. You will have the power to heal by a touch of the hand or even a kind word, as both carry your energy with them. Look at others like you and see the energy within their loving gaze, it will melt the hardest hearts.

All that exists is energy and has an effect on everything else that exists. There is a constant exchange between all life forms, but if a soul has a lower vibration than yours it will be deflected or returned from whence it came. That is your protection against the dark Ones, and their constant emphasis on creating discord and fear. They still seek to pull you into their darkness and chaos, but that can only happen if you allow it. When the going gets tough stay centered and calm, because every soul that has the ability to do so is needed to bring a sense of peace around them.

We of the Galactic Federation see a number of possibilities emerging within the next few months, that could start a whole series of changes. Disclosure is still the current priority and it edges closer to being announced. As always we are fully prepared to play our part, and are helping our allies in whatever way we can. Since 9/11 the people have recognized the truth behind it, and also that a number of other events that have fuelled the threat of terrorism, are not what they seem. Consequently there is less faith in the pronouncements of government officials, and we see discretion practiced as necessary to avoid being misled. However, the day will come within your time when you will honor and trust those appointed to lead, and know that they are honest and true.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and must tell you that your response to the Haiti tragedy continues to astound us, as you have shown yourselves to be very caring and generous where the plight of your fellow Beings is concerned. As a result, a great deal more Light becomes grounded upon Earth, and hastens the day when the Lightworkers shall rise up and lead you to a peaceful existence. It sometimes takes a big tragedy to bring out your love for others, and it shows that at heart you are wonderful souls that have not forgotten your immutable link to each other. Our love joins yours and together we have become a powerful force for good.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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