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SaLuSa, February 10, 2010

Your ability to rise above the chaotic conditions around you is within your power. You are supreme Beings just discovering how well you can block the negative energies, through your power of thought. At all times lower energies swirl around you, but providing you centre your energies within self you are safe. You become that proverbial beacon of Light, that wards off assaults aimed at penetrating your defense. The dark ones deliberately create discord and fear, hoping to bring you down and take your attention off your goal. Keep concentrating on your immediate tasks to carry you on to Ascension. That way your mindset will be undisturbed by what is going on around you. When physical changes cause disruption and destruction, know that they will have no effect in the long term on your destiny to ascend. The old Earth has to be cleansed but will not be your home, as already the new Earth is taking form.

You have been through many unsettling times, and periods of utter despair yet here you are at the door of a New Age ready to put all of that behind you. It no longer has any bearing on your future, as you already tread the new path to glory and fulfillment. You will not be surprised to learn that the new experiences will soon consign the past to history, where it can no longer harm you. It is fortunate that you cannot recall all of your previous lives, as they would distract you from the far more important task of successfully completing this cycle. Dear Ones, as fascinating as it maybe to learn about who you were, the important point is that you carry the value of the experiences with you. These will help you overcome similar problems, and your evolution goes marching on.

After thousands of years in this cycle you approach the end times, and yet in the little time left will accomplish more in that period than any other one before. The growth of your consciousness is accelerating all of the time, and we see an overall surge in the numbers of you awakening. That is bringing about profound changes for the good, as the Light is becoming stronger, and stronger. It is why we can tell you that the battle between the Light and dark is really over, and it is only the last gasps of the dark Ones that keep it going. Everything is illusory anyway, as you are coming to realize. Your reality is not in the lower dimensions, as you are Beings of Light deserving of a future in the higher ones. You have tried your hand at creation in duality with little success, yet you have clung to your Light and the knowledge that you are more than what you seem to be. There is an inner knowing that has enabled you to realize your greater potential, so face the current challenges with complete confidence.

Going through so many trials and tribulations has made you fearless and warriors of freedom. You are standing up to those who would still impose themselves upon you, and they are concerned that you are no longer bowing down to their pressure. People power has returned and you are finding that there is strength in numbers. Events taking place are assisting you in your fight, and the dark Ones are collapsing into a hole they have dug for themselves. A favorable time draws near for the first announcements to take place that will seal their fate, but it still has to be timed correctly for the maximum effect. Disclosure will release so much information that it will change the world quite dramatically, and there will be no going back to the old beliefs. Those who already know the truth about us will not be shocked by the outcome, but some who had little idea about it will become disorientated for a while. That is something we wish to deal with quickly by a series of programs that will enlighten people as to why we are here. One thing will follow another until the imagination of all people will be excited by the prospects of what we will offer. It is the fact that we can carry out our promises, because of the size of the Galactic Federation and its immense resources. Also because we come to help you through the remainder of this cycle, and ensure you ascend.

Dream your dreams Dear Ones; your time has arrived when your freedom and sovereignty falsely taken from you shall be restored. It may take time to fully do so, but it shall be done with our help. Many reforms will be made with a view to bringing back justice, and seeking out corruption and criminal activity. You want a society based upon fairness and honesty where you can trust each other, and that is what you will get. Be assured that the plans for this have already been meticulously made to ensure absolute success. Our allies simply wait their instructions to proceed, and that is not too far away.

All that has been hidden from you is being revealed, which prepares you for greater revelations that will shock many people. However, the truth must come out which will help you understand why the changes will be so sweeping. The tentacles of the dark Ones have penetrated most of the great institutions on a worldwide basis. They have infiltrated the governments, military and big business often buying their way into them. All these issues have to be addressed, and they shall be sorted out to remove those who are guilty of going against your interests.

When we say there is a lot to do, we are clearly not underestimating the size of the tasks ahead. We already know those amongst you who have offered your services to us, and we are happy to include as many as possible in our plans. You have skills that will make you suitable for assisting us in our projects, that will call for people with technological experience. There are two years coming of intense activity, and it will be joyful work because you will know it benefits everyone. Last but not least there is Mother Earth deserving of your loving help, as she too must be ready in time to ascend.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and with each message hope to have painted a little bit more of the picture that we call your future. As you have learnt your lives will eventually be totally changed, and we want you to be prepared as much as possible for what is coming. There is nothing to fear, as the story of your time in duality has a happy ending. Our love surrounds you as always and is sent with our blessings to you all.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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