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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - May 5, 2023

Mike Quinsey

There is little evidence yet of changes occurring for the betterment of humanity but given time they will become apparent. Clearly major changes do not happen overnight yet in spite of the turmoil and uncertainty of the future, we can a assure you it is a preparation for a new way of living that does not include the dark Ones. The battle for superiority has been won and from here on you will be able to clearly see the direction it is going in. It will continue to be a very trying time as also much old karma is being released never to return, as the old vibrations are played out forever.

When you volunteered to return to Earth you were given a preview of what to expect, and knew that the hard times would pass for most of you in your lifetime. The timing is not easy to determine but already preparations are being made to introduce some very acceptable changes. Life is going to change for the better and be your introduction to many new ways of living that will make it much easier and enjoyable. It will become what it was always meant to be – peaceful and delightful to experience. Peace will have ascended and make life a very joyful and wonderful experience.

By stages illness and disease will disappear and life expectancy will increase quite substantially. Individual abilities will grow to the point when you can self-heal without medicines or surgery and even grow new limbs if necessary. It is how it was always meant to be but the drop in vibrations limited your self-healing powers. Yet even now some of you are powerful healers and eventually all souls will be so empowered, you will become travellers of the Universe having proved yourselves ready to become Cosmic Beings.

You cannot so to say “jump the gun” but only when you have raised your vibrations sufficiently. You may ask how you can do it and the simple answer is to keep your vibrations as high as possible. Easier said than done you say but practice makes perfect with control being totally in your own hands. The Earth has proved to be a most suitable school for learning where you are continually being tested. However, you are not given tasks beyond your present ability, but at the same time they are purposely planned to test your staying power. As always your Guides will be doing their best to help you achieve success and keep you safe and sound.

Meantime you have talents and experience that can help others to progress on their paths, so each soul is given every opportunity to succeed. There is no such thing as failure as every soul can be given numerous chances to try and try again. The dark Ones will still try to mislead you but with your experience you should be able to overcome such attempts. At this point in time you are capable of warding off any attempt to distract you from your path.

Back to reality sees you being surrounded by a multitude of challenges but you should be able to handle them because of your greater experience. The war is won but you still have much work to do, but as time progresses it should undoubtedly become easier. You have many souls around you who need your help, but it is best to wait until they approach you about it as you do not know what karmic reasons may exist for them. They gain more from solving their own problems but from your point of view it is knowing when it is the right time to intervene. You should be sufficiently experienced to know when to do so.

The Human civilisation must preferably progress together as one unit but those souls who cannot make it will be given another opportunity to succeed. It is the spirit of things that carries Humanity forwards and inwardly all souls know they have to progress spiritually if they want to leave the lower vibrations. Once you realise what lays ahead you will do everything possible to reach your goal that is Ascension, and be assured you will be given every help to make it.

You have all had so many lives through the last cycle and each one has been planned with your spiritual needs in mind. After all what else do you need your experience for that is more important. Many of you are ready to ascend and you should feel it right now as that “knowing” is a feeling of completion. You have done the hard work and now set yourselves up for a much easier life although you will be very busy at such an important time. You will know intuitively whether you achieved your goals, and pleased to help others who are travelling a similar path.

We have already told you that families tend to keep together, but each soul has its own path to follow that may not necessarily be the same. Be joyful that you can help others through your own experience, and be sure that souls will be directed to you because of it. Helping others on their spiritual path is a worthy cause and is normal throughout the Cosmos. How exciting it must seem to think that your travels in the lower vibrations are soon to end, but you have all earned it through your determination to succeed.

Easier times lay ahead but in the meantime you will find many opportunities coming your way to help others in one way or another. Even a kind word can sometimes lift another person up and opportunities to do so usually crop up almost every day. So help others in whatever way you can without overburdening yourself.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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