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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - April 28, 2023

Mike Quinsey

Law of One – Now we can disclose everything, you are going to have technology that is going to eliminate your need for fossil fuels. It will eliminate your need to pay for energy, and it is happening a lot sooner than you think.

28th April 2023. Mike Quinsey.

You are having to change your outlook regarding your future, as it is becoming increasingly apparent that you may shift to a new timeline that avoids the Great Flash of Light that has been predicted. Humanity appears to have raised its vibrations and if it continues to do so it could alter the outcome. So it remains to be seen which path you will take but either way progress will continue, as the changes are necessary to create a new and better way of life. There will come a day when you will look back and wonder how you ever survived the continual attrition. You were of course meant to do so but your freewill has been the overriding factor.

Many of your old ways of living have been shown as inadequate which is why they have had to change. With the increase in vibrations to help you along and prompting from your Guides, you have sensibly chosen to seek new ways of life that are better suited to your needs. They cannot occur overnight but the intent is strong and there is no doubt that advances will be made. The dark Ones will still try to hold you back but it will be to no avail as the changes are already in hand. Know that much has already been prepared and nothing will stop much needed progress.

Dear Ones, you are not fighting a lone battle, as all along we have been helping and prompting you to take the right steps forward. You have lived the illusion for far too long yet many of you have sensed that better things are yours to claim. The basis for your upliftment already exists and it is simply yours to discover, and with the return of Tesla your future is guaranteed. There is normally a time and place for major discoveries to be revealed, and it will be at the right time when you are ready and able to accept them.

You are still hampered by the wrong people being in power in many countries, but that will soon change as circumstances will demand it. Too many people in power are in it for “Self” and do not have the interests of others at heart. In fact at this time many such persons are being revealed for what they are and will be removed by one means or another. With the right people at the head of Nations progress will leap forward and we will be supporting such people. Hitherto, many leaders have used force or criminal actions to gain positions of power, but in time such intentions will be unable to be hidden or even lied about as only the truth will exist.

You can take much encouragement from our messages as slowly but surely the negative energies will lose their strength and disappear, and then shall only the truth exist. It may not be in sight at present but with the vibrations lifting up it is only a matter of time. The truth shall reveal the false lives you have led where advancement has been held back to keep control over you. The truth is slowly being revealed and you must already have realised how it has been hidden from you. To be frank you have been living a lie and progress has been kept back to enable your control.

You have been kept in isolation and used by the dark Ones to their advantage. Friendly visitors from other regions of Space have been warned off which is why you tend to believe that other life forms do not exist in your Universe. We have said before that the Earth is more like an open prison but clearly that is about to change. It is however true that most Presidents of the U.S.A. have had personal contact with ET’s. Valiant Thor who took on a human body stayed on Earth for some three years at the United Nations Assembly just after World War 2.

Great times lay ahead when peaceful conditions can be assured for ET’s wishing to make open contact. There have been many individual contacts made over the years but not on an official visit. Such events have nearly always been covered up and very little Press coverage. After World War 2 peaceful ET’s offered to make a deal providing you gave up nuclear weapons but that requirement was rejected. Looking back it seems that a wonderful opportunity for world peace was turned down.

Even as this message is being written a nuclear sword hangs over Mankind but as you have been assured many times, we will not allow nuclear bombs to be unleashed against Humanity. Get round the table and talk “Peace on Earth” because surely in reality no country really wants a nuclear war that would virtually destroy the Earth and make it unfit to live on. Man seems unable to learn from experience but greater powers than his have intervened, as your freewill does not extend to blowing up yourselves. Humanity at heart is for peaceful relations with other countries so why don’t they call an end to wars and settle for peaceful relationships.

We ask you to keep peace in mind and generate an energy that will carry it far and wide. Do not give energy to negative thoughts about it as it will be attracted by other beings of that nature and lower vibrations. We do not mind repeating such warnings, as it is so important that people remain positive at all times. Thoughts carry a lot of power which is why you have to be very careful how you use them. As we have pointed out before, you can use them for positive or negative reasons so think carefully about what you wish.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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