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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - May 12, 2023

Mike Quinsey

Extract from an article by Uri Geller.

A map discovered by Russian Archaeologists seems to prove that intelligent life visited Earth millions of years ago. A three dimensional serial image was discovered by Professor Alexander Chuvyrov, of the mountains around Ufa a city 60 miles east of the Urals, revealing a giant irrigation system. He insists that such accuracy is only possible with satellite technology also that the stone slab was machined and called it “Map of the Creator”

Radio carbonic analysis suggests the carving was made120 million years ago, and Professor Chuvyrov believes it could not have been human. He questions whether the “Map of the Creator” was final proof that we have been visited by other intelligences.

12th May 2023. Mike Quinsey.

There is no real sign of the turmoil upon Earth easing so you will have to bear the consequences a little longer. We for our part will continue to guide you to keep matters under control and limit the consequences. Meantime you should focus upon the needs of the people who are being left in dire need of help. Keep good faith in the outcome as it will finally release you from the consequences of the changes, along with those deliberately caused by countries supporting confrontation. The people are against those who have chosen that way of fighting against change.

Humanity is rising up against those who ignore peaceful ways to settle problems, and when enough give out positive energies for change it will happen. We see far ahead but the timing of events is liable to change depending on the type of energies you give out, as it is possible to bring peace about this way. Mother Earth continues to follow her path regardless of your activities but it would be much easier if you all worked for a peaceful outcome.

Nothing is impossible for you if you can come together and work to a specific program that would also speed up progress. It all seems quite obvious but differences exist based on fearful expectations and lack of trust. If only you could see the options you have and collectively take responsibility for bringing about a peaceful conclusion. It can be done but not until the threat of a worldwide war is overcome, and a resolution made to put weapons aside that will not be used in any circumstances.

The people of Earth have shifted away from seeking domination over other nations having realised that you are in essence all One from the “Source of All That Is” Do you not see how futile it is to engage in wars, as in reality little if anything is gained from them. Where are your true leaders waiting to take over the plans for your true destiny, as they exist and are ready to perform in the best ways possible for Humanity. Given time you shall see them rise to guide you to a peaceful settlement.

The dark Ones are in their element at present as they thrive off negative energy. Deny them of it and they will lose their power to carry out their plans to control the world. Believe us they will soon be overcome when you deny them the source of their power. Seek a peaceful co-existence together and put aside your differences as you are One Human Race. See others as your brothers and sisters because in reality there is no difference between you all. Allow for their beliefs that are customary and often based on their religion.

Religion is a delicate subject as many followers believe theirs is the right one, and disputes can lead to violent outcomes. There is only the truth left at the end of the day and all paths will lead to it. It begs the question why you cannot agree to differ knowing that you all seek the answers, and will all come to the same point of truth in the end. You have your personal ways of acknowledging the truth, and will find that you are all looking for the answers to similar or identical questions. Your paths will eventually meet and there will be recognition of beliefs that are common to all religions.

Little time remains for the old teachings as with your expansion of consciousness you will reach a point of full understanding. It must be so and overcome the necessity of having different interpretations of what is your true reality. You must have heard the expression “You are All One” many times, and as you learn the truth of your existence you will accept that you all came from the “Source of all That Is”.

Many of you are awakening to the truth and rightly challenging the old beliefs. You are finding that the truth holds a powerful energy that cannot be disputed and holds fast at all times, and runs through all religions. With your greater understanding of Man’s origins, you will quickly realise that in essence there is no difference between you all. At any given time you will find that you have experienced the different religions as part of your evolution, and gained an understanding that has increased your level of consciousness.

You are at a very important stage in your consciousness that should help you gain a greater understanding as to the meaning of life. It is certainly not a haphazard affair as some believe and your lives have been carefully planned to help you lift yourselves up to a higher level of consciousness. Keep calm and know that you are protected at all times, and will be well on track for a successful completion.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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