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January 20, 2011

Joyous hello's to you my friends. In this world of mine that seems to be struggling on so many levels, it would be great if you could offer some upliftment to our souls, and some wisdom to assist us in these challenging times. Thank you.

This is most fortunate wording from you as indeed this is our every intention always. It would not be appropriate for us to do otherwise , for we desire only to serve and allow those of you on the Earth plane who so choose to advance in retrieving the memories of the True soulself, which in turn of course, allows each soul to serve the whole.

There appears to be concern over matters regarding all sorts of oddities that are taking place upon your world. Again we would ask only that you focus on that which we have offered. To concentrate your thoughts, via your heart, and let Love guide you through every moment of your living. We are aware of our continual backup in this vein and yet WE FEEL it so absolutely imperative for you all to understand that it is THIS LOVE OF YOURS that is changing the very vibration of your planet NOW ... and therefore, one must surely recognize that what is happening NOW is what is creating your days ahead. May we reiterate a few pointers?

By all means.

There are so many choosing to remain in fear, even though they are given alternatives. One thing we cannot do is make choices for an individual. That would never do. We can only persevere with that which we know will assist greatly. This is why we have come. To help you understand about LOVE. There are so many that have questions of what may or may not occur within the next few years of your time, and yet have we not said that the way of your world in your future days is entirely up to you? Yet still many ask what will happen to them. Is the sky to fall? Is the world to end? Is black black? And is white yellow?

What is to take place for each soul is what they choose to accomplish within their minds creation. Do you see? It is YOU, ALL OF YOU, by creating thoughts of Love .... by putting into action these thoughts ... by BEING these thoughts ... that shall confirm the pathway that your world is to walk. This is why so many from other spheres have chosen to be a part of this glorious change. To show to you that THE LIGHT THAT YOU ARE is what is to be the GUIDING INFLUENCE upon your NEW WORLD. We cannot and shall not create it for you. Yet it is through the purest of LOVE for our family that we have taken it upon ourselves to continue to influence your BEINGS in a manner that serves the entire ISNESS of what IS.

Let go of these man made fears. For so many of you are now aware enough to see that is what they are. You are more than manmade are you not? You are so much more than who you believe yourselves to be. You chose to embark upon a journey of such magnitude in order to bring into BEING a world that is of the brightest future. You, who have endured much in order to bring this about, must recognize that NOW in your finest hours, you are aligning the new vibration with it's fellow assistants and through this the New Dawn is indeed arising. The promises made to the soul self are being fulfilled. The accomplishments that are occurring within yourselves on a soul level are astounding the core of your BEING. For you are awakening to your Truth.

YOU KNOW IT. YOU CAN FEEL IT. Yet it is now at this crucial time, that you must also recognize that there is a devious plot to counteract all that is taking place by those of Light. Many are aware of such matters. Indeed we do not desire to give it energy and focus, for as you have learned, by doing so you are merely feeding the egotistical energy of these lost souls. They sadly survive on the spreading of fear and darkness, and for everyone of you that allows for even just one moment to fall into their trap, you are undoing so much good that has been accomplished. This is why we continue to reiterate the importance of remaining steadfast in your Light and your TRUTH at all times. You know better now than to think for even a second, of matters that will bring down your vibration. Be vigilant dearest friends. Be alert. STOP ... PLEASE STOP recharging energies that do not serve.

We cannot understand, we find it difficult to know why you do so, when you have grown within your own understanding. WHY? Why would you continue to feed this darkness when you KNOW that is only LIGHT that shall see you through into this New World. This does not resonate well for us. Yet, we are not of human form. This we do appreciate and therefore, what may seem entirely plausible to us, may not seem the same to you, for you are working within energies that we cannot be affected by. This is why we are speaking this way at this time. For we so desire our words to get through to you.

FEED ONLY THE LIGHT. BE ONLY THE LIGHT. Let go of every atom of that which does not shine out in LOVE. You wish to move into a world that is of the finest dreams. You wish all wars to cease. You pray that those who leave your planet due to lack of food shall never have to return to such a circumstance. You ask for so many things from the deepest wounds of your heart to change. We say to you .... 'Then make it change. Make this world of your desires come about'.


If you want a world full of laughter, then laugh more. If you want to be peaceful as you walk along in nature then ... be peaceful as you walk along in nature. If you want a world that does not have guns , then do not under any circumstances give thought or energy to guns. To not concentrate on that which you DO NOT WANT. Give intense thought only to that which you do. Behave in the fashion of how your New World should be.

When you were children, you would play. You would create a world of make believe. If you liked a particular fantasy, you would return to that same 'place' over and over. The place and story would expand as one gave more time to it. This is all that is required of you now. Go back to the child that you are. Be one that plays and becomes enwrapped within that world of playfulness. Make that world a place that you choose to reside in more and more. Write down if you feel it necessary, all that you would like your New World to be. Write the script. Draw the scenery. And most of all FEEL the reality of this world you are creating. Use your imaginations. Imagine how you would FEEL in this NEW WORLD ... and hold on to that FEELING .... ALL THE TIME . Catch yourself when you are focusing on that which does not serve you or anyone else and MAKE SURE that you turn it around to FEELING LOVE. ... AT ALL TIMES. If you want a world full of LOVING BEINGS then you must become one ... AT ALL TIMES.

Move on from FEELING sorry for yourself and your world. You are finding these words confronting are you not dearest Blossom?

No , not at all ... I'm loving it . I feel we are in need of a bit of a kick up the proverbial!! Keep going please ...

If you continue in these last days of the old world to have your heart broken by all that you see around you, then you will continue to have your heart broken by all that you see around you. When your BEing is seized by sadness from a particular 'disaster' then BECOME aware that feeding that sadness out to those involved does not assist. Find in that moment of recognition your strength. Take a few deep breathes and change your thoughts to sunshine and laughter and imagine those souls affected by any particular disaster, laughing and Loving once again. Bring about the change through thought. This is so important. We desire that you see through that which is going on ... that which is taking place.

BE UPLIFTING ... to all those around you ... everywhere.

BRING IN THE LOVING THOUGHTS in times when you would find it much easier to break down and shed tears for all those who are suffering in many ways.

BRING IN THE LIGHT to that circumstance or situation. Shower YOUR LIGHT upon the places and the people that are suffering.

DO YOU SEE ... DO YOU SEE ... DO YOU SEE? It is your Light that will make the difference to them. If you cry along with them, you are 'giving in' to that which is not of use. That which does not serve. We are not asking of you to lose all sense of compassion. The very opposite. It is by being of strength and giving of Light that you are BEing compassionate.

There feels to be an urgency with in this wisdom.

Dearest souls who have become so very close to us. We Love each and everyone of you .... WITH A PASSION. We know that under ALL circumstances, the very most .... the very utmost we can do is offer our LOVE to you. All we are asking is for you to do the same to each other.

What may appear ahead may confuse and bewilder those who do not choose to see through it. LISTEN to your heart beat. Within its rhythm your Truth will speak. If it falls out of rhythm then listen to its FEELING .... NOT your mind ... NOT your fear ... for have you not just decided as you read these words of today ... that fear is no longer to be part of your makeup? Did we not just FEEL that so many ... if not all .... just made a decision to only EVER BE OF A LOVING DISPOSITION and to concentrate soulely/solely on bringing about the world of LOVE that lies ahead for each one?

Yep, I think you probably just did!!

Then ALL IS WELL and perfectly AS IT SHOULD BE. We are getting there ...

Where exactly is there?

The exact place that is required for your jaws to drop in wonder. We send to all of you our eternal gratitude for heeding what we have to offer in ways of 'enlightenment'. Our desire is to FEEL the LOVE that each one of you are , when all energies that must now fall away have left and only that of Light can be absorbed by one to another , as recognition that each one is simply a part of that other , just expressing itself in a varied manifestation of the whole.

Cheers my friends. Just what the doctor ordered !! In Love and thanks.

Website: Blossom Goodchild

Comment from one of our readers:


I hope that all is well. I must say that I was in a dark place this morning, and although I have understood the words of the channeled beings and known them to be true in my mind, I have found myself constantly distracted by (and thus focused on) the steady stream of challenges in the world in general, and in my life in particular. I have been in a sour mood for longer than I care to admit.

Over the many months, they have so passionately urged us to BE in LOVE, and I have known that this message is true. Admittedly, however, I felt that their words lacked a certain compassion. I felt that, perhaps they have been "out of the mire" for so long until they forgot how challenging it can be. Ultimately, it is all an illusion, but for folks who don't know anything else, while it may be true that we are better than this, or that we can lift ourselves up (or whatever else), it remains very difficult (if only mentally) to do this. For months, we waited patiently, with very little change in our individual circumstances, just hoping (in faith) that things would indeed improve.

Today, we still await that improvement, but I must say that I felt something in this last message that touched me. In spite of my challenges, I finally felt that there was something that I could do to feel less sad, less angry, less helpless. Finally! I am on the brink of tears because I have waited for so long for a life-line, or perhaps better said, waited to establish a connection to the life-line that has been available all along. I was able to sense their deep love and compassion, and thus, connect with that life-giving flow that I have been seeking for years! I only pray that this connection is not fleeting, so that I am not easily thrown off-kilter should new challenges arise, or existing challenges persist.

I thank God for this resource that has helped keep me sane during these turbulent times. Please convey my deep thanks and gratitude to them for their humble service.


Sam" (01-20-'11)

Our reply:

"Hi Sam,
Thank you very much for this very impressive comment. I feel that you wrote this straight from the heart. And I think you gave words to the feelings of SO many people around us (including me sometimes). You put it into words excellently, I can't say any more about it. I will include Blossom in this reply, so she can read it too.
Love & Light - Kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (01-20-'11)

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