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January 7, 2011

Dead birds in Arkansas

Good evening to you. I know this is a little unexpected (by me , maybe not you), but many people have written in asking if I could ask you about something rather odd that is happening in our world. I am going to see if it is appropriate for you to answer, if not, then I shall accept that. It is regarding the birds and fish from all over our planet that are dying in their thousands. Are you able to explain to us why this is please?

Firstly we would like to address a matter of a different nature, if this is agreeable to you?


At various points of communication with you we have dwelled on particular subjects that we feel are appropriate to discuss. Would you say this is correct?


However , there are communications also by us that are discussed on a level that may not always be satisfactory to many. Would you say this too is correct?

Well, if this is regarding people wanting you to answer questions that they think you should .... then yes this too is correct.

May we then suggest that if a certain 'project' is underway that may or may not be relevant to our communications with your planet, it is for us, with all respect, to make a decision as to whether or not WE feel it worthy of an answer. You are misinterpreting our words, for we feel you are questioning the 'we feel it worthy of an answer'?

Yes ... If many would like to know answers to questions that concern them , why would you not just 'sock it to them?'

Because we know better than to be so frivolous with our knowledge. There is much information known by us that would be dangerous to relate to some of your world. Therefore, we choose and know it wise to keep silent about certain issues until such a time when it is safe to reveal. If we were to tell you of TRUTHS that so many of you wish to know at THIS TIME, there is every likelyhood that this information would be received also by those who know that we know the Truth and they would diffuse this information in order to gain.

It is not that we wish to be secretive in order to keep you wondering and confused. Indeed this is simply not so. Many misinterpret our 'keeping shtum' as you would say, as 'tricking you' or 'keeping you in the dark' ... 'playing mind games'. We are aware of all that is spoken regarding our ways of connection and that which we choose to release to you. Yet it cannot be any other way at this time for reasons we have just stated.

Ok. I fully understand that. Perhaps that is why I have known all along not to ask and just let you say what you need to say.

Perhaps does not come into it. For you have known the reason on a deeper level and therefore followed your knowing without question .

Does this mean then that it would not be appropriate for you to give us information regarding what is happening with the birds and fish?

It means that were we to say all that we know , it would send many into a tailspin.

By 'tailspin' do you mean a downward flight or confusion?

Both. As frustrating as it applies (?) to be ... we ask you to accept that we know what we are doing. We cannot jeopardize our position by satisfying inquisitive minds ... as much as we would genuinely desire to appease the overactive brain.

Yet you can see that from our position we would like to know what is causing it ... be it something cosmic, logical, weather related, poison related, prophesy related ... we would just like to be given some explanation of Truth. Apparently it has our scientists baffled.

Not all of them! We sincerely understand your reason for inquiry and we understand also that you would not usually ask us a question of this nature unless you felt it important.

More so the number of people who have asked me to ask you . It's not that I felt obliged ... I am curious to know myself, to be honest with you.

You are never anything else Blossom. To reveal what is happening regarding these winged creatures and these energies from the waterworld would be risking too much . All that we may say to be of some assistance is that what you are told is the cause would not be one that we would endorse.

In my heart right now I know and respect what you are saying and therefore shall not pursue the matter . I will accept it is not appropriate for the Truth to be told at this time. It is saddening many that this is occurring. Is there any way we can help?

By knowing that Truth can be the only way to set you free. Yet the time for that freedom is not quite upon you, yet as you know, it is not so very far away ... even in your time frame. We are grateful to those that follow their heart and know that this is the way it must be ... for now. Yet how you will rejoice when all TRUTH is unleashed and EVERYTHING we have said to you will connect with your KNOWING in an instant. In that 'ALL KNOWING' instant. KNOW dearest souls of earth that what is taking place is KNOWN.

Sometimes I expect another few words to come at the end of the sentence and they don't. Then I realize that is how it is meant to be , and it is more powerful just as it is.

May we trouble you for a few more minutes of your time.

No trouble at all.

You in your world have concerns about what is to take place in future days. You wonder about on your networks trying to find solutions to puzzles that cannot be solved ... NOW. BECAUSE IT IS NOT TIME. We suggest you would find more value of your time by meditating and KNOWING all is well. Very well indeed. Take that time as we always ask of you , and we feel we do not ask much , for it is your hearts choice to adhere to its calling ... yet you all know the minute you begin to switch 'off' from your world and 'on' to ours that it is the most beneficial practice for the greater good of all. Yet with all respect, so many have fallen into the trap of seeking knowledge when it is not always knowledge worth knowing. For it is neither wisdom or Truth . There is much that is a concoction of manmade fairytales in order to lure your spirit into a place where the Light is difficult to FEEL.

AGAIN from a place of KNOWING we ask you to take note of what is of most value to your soul. To connect with home! This is where all Truthful information can be recoursed. This is where your batteries can be recharged when tiredness has made you lose reason. Home is where WE are. Home is not a place as we have said before. It is a KNOWING in your soul that you are LOVE. It can not be a place. For LOVE IS EVERYWHERE and EVERYTHING. YOU ARE EVERYWHERE AND EVERYTHING . ONE energy of LOVE ... YOU ... ALL OF YOU ... and EVERY PART OF ALL OF YOU ... are that ONE ENERGY OF LOVE. For there is nothing else , ever , anywhere ... LOVE ... ONLY LOVE.


We extend our thoughts of grace to you . We are so very aware that your energy on planet earth is shining brighter than ever before and that the Divine plan is 'falling into place' within each and every moment ... and it is all because of you .... EVERYONE OF YOU.

Blessed family from and of the stars .... together we bring about the NEW DAWN.

See you there!! In SO much Love and thanks .

And we would say the same.

Website: Blossom Goodchild

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