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January 4, 2011

Hello there. We are now through to 2011. I feel things are going to start shifting very quickly now. How would you like to guide us with your first communication of this year?

We would like to prepare you for the exciting days that are just around your corner. We are now in a position to nurture you in ways that are more congruent with that which we have been discussing with you throughout our discussions together. We of The Federation are now in place to enter into new territory and stimulate senses that have been sleeping.

That sounds good. Is this because of the energy we now reside in ? Timing? Be great if you could expand.

We have been holding back on certain information due to knowledge that we care to bring forth being capable of being understood. Your BEings have now awakened into a deeper acceptance of who you are , and yet many would say they can not necessarily feel this.

Well if they are like me ... I FEEL different somehow and yet I wouldn't say that I now know who I really am. I accept I am LOVE , for you have told us over and over and yet I don't FEEL this amazing 'KNOWING' of who I TRULY Am.

But you would say that you FEEL very much more 'yourself' ' than say ... this time last year?

I suppose I am 'nearer'. Yes, my perceptions have changed , but it is difficult to gauge how exactly we are meant to be FEELING at this stage in the proceedings. How do we know we are on track?

Because you are. If you were not things would be FEELING very differently. Remember that at this point you are still dwelling in a material world. Therefore, most that is around you is of a material density and many who are still sleeping are clinging onto this particular energy for fear of losing all that they have. Not realizing that all that they have is residing within them. You have seen far too often of those who through 'freaks of nature' have lost in an instant all that they possess on a material level. Yet you can never lose all that you have gained within your soul. There is nothing and no one that can take yourself away from you . It cannot be done.

Actually , I have noticed lately that so many , especially the younger generation are discussing plans for their future. What they would like to do now in order to be safe when they retire. I sit there in silence thinking 'Guys ... this is a pointless conversation' and yet I say nothing ... for they are unaware that in thirty or so years when they retire the world will be nothing like it is now. I KNOW this , but I cannot say for they would think me nuts!

Yet as your days in this very year present themselves they will HAVE to acknowledge that plans they maybe thinking of making may now not be so relevant. You have seen changes present themselves to your world in this last decade that would previously have been a 'dream world'. We say to you that this year shall present more of the same, but that which took a decade to display will be done so in this coming year. This is why we have been preparing your souls. All we have been doing is reminding you of who you are, and you think you haven't remembered. Yet you have. This excitement that so many of you are feeling is because you have remembered this. You are ready to indulge in the wonders that you came to this planet to unfold and you are able now to KNOW within that these wonders are about to occur. All the preparatory lessons, leading through to that which you are now aware of have been for this time when your joy shall exude from your Being ... because it cannot do anything else. For you are of it. It is no longer a question of wanting to believe it, it is a matter of KNOWING it. And so many of you DO KNOW it and yet you still chose to believe at times that you don't!

My heart right now is on one of those 'here I am, can you FEEL me' feelings. As if you are building up to something?

We are simply letting you know that we are close.

You must be very close because it's getting stronger and I am feeling I need bricks around my ankles to keep me grounded. Close as in ... where? Do you mean literally or simply connection wise?

We mean that if you were to ...

I had to close my eyes as the energy was so strong and I felt the energy of 'The Federation ' come into my right side as when I direct voice channel with White Cloud and others. Beautifully peaceful. At this point I am functioning in left brain in order to write and 'they' are still here in the right. This is normal, yet they are so much more 'present' in the right side. Difficult to explain.

So what now?

It is that nothing is different from the point of view of communication other than that we have moved 'into' a new phase with you.

Out of curiosity what difference will it make? I mean I can feel the difference but how will it change what is spoken between us?

It will enable us to send rays of energy through these words. Can you feel your fingers differently?

Yes. I am just going with the flow to see how this all pans out.

We suggest that you continue this way.

Had you planned this ?

Of course and yet it was already agreed by you on another level.

Ok. Fine by me, and yet I suppose only time will tell why. What do you mean about sending rays?

We mean that by connection on a deeper dimensional level within you Blossom we are able to connect with those who read these words in a deeper constructional manner. Those that KNOW of this within will be able to readily understand what we are talking about. For it is not just of these words that we are now connecting with all, but we are now ..., through you ... able to directly connect up with the hearts of those who read them. Many, as they breath deeply ... as they will be doing at this point will FEEL that connection FROM US. Directly FROM US.

How does that work?

We need a conduit to make the connection.

That's me I presume?

Indeed. It would make things very difficult to do this if there was not a common denominator. (?) Through you as our electrical wire ... for want of a better way to explain to you ... we are now able to connect up with the energy that comes from us ... through you as the wire ... to those who chose to link up with that connection. It makes it a lot easier to do it through 'someone' rather than randomly send out this energy hoping it may hit home.

Its very odd ... or not ... but obviously this has come completely out of the blue and the concept had never crossed my mind before, and yet as you are bringing this idea through to me, I have the feeling that much of our work together has been building up to this all along.


I am still unsure though of what these connection rays ... and I KNOW you want me to put 'Golden connection Rays' ... are actually going to do? What are people going to experience from them?

Each individual shall KNOW for themselves. As before when we have 'given' ... many felt many things. Each concerned as to whether another had experienced the same. As we are able to deepen our connection with each, there will be different presentation to each soul and there will be NO DOUBT that it is US. So many have waited so long for this reunion. And now it is to be.

I know that there will be many asking a thousand questions in there head. What form will this take? How will they know it's you and not their imagination etc etc? What advice can you give us?

Nothing that is new to you. And we are KNOWING that many have already answered that question in their head before reading our answer.

Trusting in yourself and what you are FEELING is how you will KNOW of OUR TRUTH. If it FEELS uncomfortable then it is not of our energy. Yet we suggest that one cleans the mind of all debris in order not to allow fear of the unknown to interfere and breakdown communication services.


This is really quite ground breaking you know. I am happy for us because I know so many have wanted this for so long. My concern is that there may be those who do not feel any of this and will become downhearted. And also , how soon can we expect these Golden Rays to be presented to us in an individual way? It came into my head then , so I need to say , without getting off track too much , its the same with the pillars of Light , when will all this you speak of come to fruition?

Regarding the receiving of the Golden Rays it will depend on the various stages of the individuals acceptance and growth. It may be immediate for some yet for others not until such time that they can fully accept that this 'happening' is happening!

Just need to keep on asking questions about this ... so what you are saying is .... that you .... through my fingers on this keyboard ... because of your in depth connection now via 'entering my head' in this different way ... you are able to make a connection with all those who read these words.

Yes. Did not our Oct message reach many and awaken souls out of the blue?

Yes. I know this for a fact because many wrote in to say so.

A fact, yes. In the same way it is fact that we ... through the energy of our words through you ... sending it out ... will be able to do that which we say.

Yet ... what I don't understand is what exactly these Golden Ray 'zaps' are going to be like? Are we talking bright lights in the room? Are we talking being elevated off the bed? What?

We are talking in ways that your heart will say 'Hello. Hello, I know it's you!'

You do realize this is so very exciting for everyone don't you?

You do realize this has been part of the plan all along don't you?

Well, I feel , being just me , it will be interesting to see how this unfolds. I am smiling because over a good year ago, I began a Golden Rays page on my site, but with a different intent from that which you are speaking of today. It didn't really take off. Maybe it is now to come into its own and we can fill it with everyone's experiences?

Maybe. We smile also, for these 'zaps' shall bring much upliftment and recognition to each one.

And the shafts of Light? When can we expect them ?

As we speak.

As you speak NOW or another time? Cheeky I know!

Keep watch. We wish to add that ALL that we have said will come about. We are aware that there are those who feel you are making these words up, because 'promises' have not been fulfilled in the way that many would like. We are not of an energy that would or could make false promises. There SHALL BE a time when your hearts sing greetings to us. There will be no concern of who we are and where we are from? ... If we are Truth or fraud? All these discrepancies regarding all matters that we have 'touched' upon shall be cleared away and only TRUTH and KNOWING shall abound.

Well, that's it, I can FEEL its the end for today. Interesting though as there was no ... what I call ... actual 'zapping'. So I will be interested to see whether or not , just by you 'getting more deeply inside my head' ... did as you say it will.

We say 'cheekily' ... do you not Trust that this is so?

I reply 'cheekily' ... It's nothing to do with Trust ... Trust in you, I have. It is the 'Let's wait and see what happens' in me that I have come to know and Love! Thank you ... how exciting! In Love and Thanks.

Website: Blossom Goodchild

Comment from one of our readers:

"Hello Blossom!
I have felt today that something might come up in galacticchannelings.com.
So repeatedly I visited to see any updates, happily your new post was there and while I was reading it I felt differently. Always I have felt more deeper connection to your messages than any others.
But today that feeling was on another level, I felt strongly in my heart love and happiness and connection to that "energy" that send you these messages.
And I was taking deep breath just as I read from your message: "Many, as they breath deeply ... as they will be doing at this point will FEEL that connection FROM US. Directly FROM US."
So for me, I felt the connection in my heart and it was great!
Love and light
Saku" (01-04-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Dear Blossom,
Today's message did have a very boyant physical/emotional/spiritual effect on me. As one who's regularly meditated for the past 15 years, I'm familiar with the head & body pressure that occurs when my guides are gifting me with their energy, and while reading your message there was very tangible pressure around me head which simultaneously lifted my mood & thoughts, and caused my heart to accellerate its beating!!
THANK YOU! I have your web-site bookmarked and check there regularly.
Many blessings and thanks.
Paula" (01-04-'11)

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