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January 28, 2011

Good evening to you. As usual I have been doing a lot of thinking about things. As usual, I have been thinking about my relationship with you. As usual, I always come up with the same result. To TRUST in the fact that what you FEEL appropriate to talk to us about is probably the most valuable information we could have at each given time we connect. So, once again, as usual, I leave it in your capable hands ... despite the fact that there are those who FEEL you should be coming forth with a lot more information regarding matters that are taking place on earth at this time.

We thank you for respecting our wishes and we KNOW also that although at times we may deliver words that seem to be of a repetitive nature ... we are aware of our plan and why we do so. For those that find our communications with you a little stilted, then of course we desire only that they find their path and satisfactory answers from other sources that are available to them at this time. What we wish you to keep in the forefront of your mind is that we, as so often stated, are here to assist. To bring about within your BEING that which will serve you and therefore serve the whole. It is not that we are unconcerned with navigational pulls and matters that seem to pull many into unrest, indeed this is not so. Yet we TRULY desire to bring to you that which can uplift and raise the frequencies of all involved in this great shift which lies ahead.

We do not FEEL it to be of great benefit to dispel words that can be so easily destroyed and contorted, so that there leaves only confusion and doubt. We wish to offer you knowledge regarding YOURSELVES. This is OUR mission. It is therefore necessary to keep to that which we find most useful to you.

And that sure is fine by me. Sometimes my mind strays off the path and perhaps I get influenced by things I read or hear and then I go into doubt about my work with you . How easily we can be misled. But the best thing of all is that at THEE most appropriate time, someone will write in with the exact words I needed to hear, although they are unaware of how I am FEELING. That always makes me smile for I FEEL that YOU probably have some influence over this.

We do not like to see you FEELING lost and confused. Especially where we are concerned. Yet we are aware, that for reach of you, it is your own journey . We cannot walk these steps for you. We can guide you, we can consider actions to take in order for the highest results to be achieved, yet we cannot make your choices for you. If you allow yourselves to melt into your own hearts ... instead of so often as you do ... allowing your minds to take control ... you would TRULY find that you had walked a mile when you had thought it had been just a few steps.

Ok. So, what is the topic for today? Oh! Just one quick thing if I may? More and more of these LIGHT Pillars seem to be appearing, in unusual places and now are displaying unusual shaping's ... even the weather experts are saying this is not normal. A few words on this ... if you wouldn't mind?

We are more than aware of critical information that appears in what is 'laughingly' told to you as factual news.

What do you mean by 'critical information'? Sorry, a bit confused by that last statement.

In that, there are those who are ostracized for what they know to be Truth and indeed it is. Yet sadly, in your world for a long time, what IS TRUTH has been swept under the carpet and trodden on heavily. We might suggest that those who 'speak' to you regarding climatic change and many matters regarding what is appearing or indeed not appearing, are little more than 'property', if we may put it kindly. So many of what you assume are 'important' therefore 'factual' issues are far from what they are made out to be. You wonder why, others ask you why we simply don't speak to you in a more 'factual Truthful' way about this. We are incapable of mistruth. Yet, what we KNOW to be Truth is more often than not best kept for a time when those that shall announce what is REALLY going on, are able to do so, without it being heard from 'other places' first.

What, do you mean from you?


Why though?

Because that which is to be revealed is of such magnitude that for those who choose to know and accept it as TRUTH are ... if you like ... already 'obliged' to retrieve certain information from certain souls. It has been decreed. And it is not for US to interfere with particular plans. If we were to reveal what is to come, before the time when it is most appropriate to be revealed, then we would not only be deceiving you but ourselves as well.

So, is this why then, you keep quiet about many things when I ask? Because it is not your place to say?


Very nice to know. It makes a lot of sense as to why many of our conversations have gone in the fashion they have.

Please accept that there are matters we can offer information about and matters that we cannot. Again we reiterate our position. We come to give hope. Although we are aware that some these days FEEL 'hope' to be a position of 'lacking'.

Eh, you've lost me there, well ,actually I do understand the sentence. Meaning one needs hope because they do not like the situation they are in perhaps? (lacking in something)

This is how some now look upon it ... yet for ourselves in our position we would always wish to shower you with rays of hope. For in this time that is upon you we FEEL that where there is hope there can be strength to carry on. We 'hope' that we shall continue to offer 'hope'.

And I hope you do too! Back to the pillars then ?? I know ... I'm a bit of a cheeky chops!

We wouldn't have you any other way. And indeed , we are happy to be brought back on track. We have been asked by you before, if these pillars on display have anything to do with our 'tactics'. What we choose to add is that we can not only influence power structures, we are able to account for many phenomena that your world may 'strike off' as something other than what it is..

So ... are these pillars from you ... ? ? ?

We are picking up on your frustration and we are smiling at you smiling. We would say that they are influenced by us. We would also say that due to impending conditions we shall make it known that there shall be a difference between those pillars of Light that are influenced by us and those which are directly from us.

Oddly enough the ones I have seen lately, even though different and apparently unusual, still don't have the 'hallmark' of that which you showed me in my mind when you first spoke of them. I feel there will be no question when YOUR pillars are displayed. I FEEL we will know.

It is for the benefit of those on your earth to have these definities. How often have we explained that there is reason in all we do. It cannot be understood by you at all times and we are aware that because of this, much confusion and doubt may enter. And yet, here you are dear Blossom still talking to us.

And here you are dear Feddy's talking to me!! Sometimes I wonder whether i might get demoted and someone with more credentials for this position might step in. I'd certainly put up a fight for unfair dismissal.

We smile and there are things we would like to say regarding your position that you are preventing us from saying.

Nope, just preventing myself from writing it down. I got it and thanks . Moving on then ...

We have many times also used the expression 'Hold on to your hats'. In this year of 2011 you will grasp more of why we have spoken this way. Yet, we wish to amplify the fact over and over that...


Do you 'get that'? Do you really ... from the deepest place of your heart KNOW THAT? We ask you to seriously and most conscientiously work on this. Allow yourselves to KNOW from within the very depth of who you are ... that ...


There never has been and there never will be. Fear does not exist unless you choose to give it life. Therefore choose NOT to give it life. Not to give it one moment of your precious breath. Let every breath that you inhale and exhale be only in the deepest sincerest KNOWLEDGE that you are moving forward into THEE most incredible times that your souls have yet experienced. How can you fear that? KNOW that all that is taking place and all that is to take place in the times ahead of you, are part of the master DIVINE plan that is to bring about the downfall of those that have for so long underestimated the power that is LOVE.

Connect with your heart in a New Way. Get to know your heart and its qualities. For when you do so ... it will allow you to enter into a new understanding of who you are. These things we CAN tell you.

Think WITH your heart. Think ABOUT your heart. Enter INTO your heart in every moment. BE your heart. Find yourself within it. For that is Truly where your soul resides whilst you are upon this Earth. And is it not the time now? ... and it is all in the timing ... for you to go there and find the Higher aspect of YOU? The YOU that is to come out into the open and awaken others. For by BEING LOVE there is not one soul that can deny that you could be anything else.

FEELS like the end of the session. Thank you . I for one FEEL more at peace with what you have offered here. I look forward to talking with you again soon ... and I look forward also to seeing 'YOUR' pillars of Light , not just the ones you have influenced.

And we look forward to the energy that shall abound when you do. Keep your spirits up , as they say in your world. It is indeed the only way for them to FEEL at home.

Will do our very best. Roger over and out! In Love and thanks as always.

www.spaceweather.com for info on more Light pillars.

Website: Blossom Goodchild

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