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Blossom Goodchild - January 10, 2015

Hello there, and welcome to the year of 2015. I was wondering if it would be appropriate for you to give us a message, as to what YOU see this coming year holding for us?

In greatest of Loving Energy Dearest Souls, we join in communion with you all once again. In the passing of the old year into the new, there has been an exchange of Energy between that which no longer served … and bringing through that of a New Energy. A Higher Energy that you shall discover … to your delight … assists you greatly in the lifting of your spirit -self into a place that brings much joy.

Along with the festivities of your Christmas time … which can create a tiredness, due to possible indulgence of many things … this exchange of Energy has also brought a tiredness as it makes its ‘swapp’. In the letting go of the old … it is allowing the body to release toxins and certain biological deformities that must be rid from your immediate inner functionings.

When you say ‘swapp’ … what exactly do you mean?

We mean that you are ‘swapping’ this Energy for that which serves you … to a much Higher benefit.

Yet, who/what/where/when are we swapping this Energy with?

You are sending it back into a ‘place’ where it can once again be renewed into a finer source. Therefore, it is not discarded … simply recycled, if you like … and re-energised, so that it is once again of use.

How is this done?

It is a blending/merging with Energies that are Higher than itself. A gradual remixing.  Rather attune to adding a mixture to a cake … a little at a time … in order to get the exact consistency, so that it may rise.

So, with these Higher Energies ... what can we expect?

You can expect a FEELING of elation that has not yet been experienced.  You are moving into the next phase in this year ahead. Much preparation has been worked upon and much commitment of mind, body and soul has led you to the entrance of a Higher doorway … of which you are able to enter at any given point … that you feel ready to do so.

Could you expand on this? Am I even in the right street? Let alone at the right door?

This doorway will take you through to a Higher understanding of yourself. It is of a Brighter degree of Light/Love … accessible only THROUGH this door way.

When we enter through … is this via meditation?

Certainly. Yet, in doing so … you will find that the YOU, you become … remains with you … to a certain degree … when applying that which you experience ‘within’ it … to that which you are doing ‘without’ it. If we are making sense?

Yes, to me you are. Meaning, we will ‘bring back’ on a soul level, some of that which we experience when BEING the other side of the doorway. Do we need a special meditation for this?

No. You need only to TRUST WHO YOU ARE. The intention is the key. Your intention in ALL things is the key to discovering the ‘righteousness’ of your experience upon Earth.

The experience of this meditation when repeated more and more … shall flow into deeper places as one re-enters time after time.

What sort of thing can we expect?

To meet up with many likeminded souls, both of Earth and non-Earth … and for many to meet up with the next phase of themselves.

You are ready now to ‘OPEN UP THE ENVELOPE’ and receive your instructions!

WOW! That is very exciting. White Cloud has often spoken of this. Can you speak of it now? ... for those who are saying ‘Envelope? What envelope? Does it come in the mail? I haven’t received mine?’ Etc.

We understand your point. We would explain it this way.

Those of you that volunteered for this unique expression of self upon the Earth plane at this time … those who KNEW that coming to Earth NOW… would be the greatest mission they could experience … and we would add … ‘Endure’ … were EACH given a certain ‘role’ to play. To ‘act out’ certain given experiences that would lead to the unfolding of particular gifts … that in turn would allow the unfolding of gifts by many others to occur.

In other words … instructions … on how to assist in the Awakening of many upon the planet.

Each envelope is derived for Each individual to interpret and make use of.

Many have often expressed of the KNOWING they are here to do something … here for a purpose … yet, unsure of what it is. By accessing these envelopes … a greater clarity is grasped.

So, are you saying … one just meditates and ‘Boom’ … There we have it! The answer to our individual purpose on Earth at this time.

 Yes … we are.

Far out. To be honest … I thought you were going to say ‘possibly’ or, beat about the bush in some way. Yet, nope! Straight to the point … Nice! I am getting the feeling that you may be able to assist with this meditation … are you about to bring one through?

(I felt then, this was the case, so I turned on my recorder and went straight into this guided meditation. As it was spontaneous, please allow all outside sounds of planes, birds, frogs etc., to enhance the experience rather than take away! I tried adding background music, yet it seemed to distort the voice somehow. So, Here it is. In the raw! (17mins)

Click here Meditation

Thank you. That was beautiful. What PEACE you brought through to my Being. Anything to say about it, to finish off?

Indeed. We give Gratitude for allowing this to come through. We would remark only ... that the ‘absorption’ of ‘instructions’ within the envelope shall take time to ‘open up’ into its KNOWING. Keeping in mind also … that although we use the word ‘instructions’ … these are ‘plans’ made by YOU for YOU. In the knowing that EACH ONE can assist fully in bringing forth their gifts in/of creative form that shall be as a key to unlock many doors ... for many souls.

This is indeed a most exciting time for THINGS TO GET UNDERWAY.

This is a time when all that has been spoken of in past times shall ‘fall into place’.

This is a time when YOU shall UNDERSTAND the makings of YOU and comprehend on a deeper level the reason you have come and why.

Dearest souls ... Be of the greatest cheer.

You are walking deeper into the forest of Light and Love and the trees exude a Higher Energy than ever before … for the very oxygen that is served … is of a Higher level ... in order to accommodate the Higher level of Love that you are allowing yourself to become.



And in doing so … watch … just watch, how quickly the changes within and without shall come about. They shall delight the soul … as a child opening a present under the tree … and in discovering the ‘present’ … the NOW of WHO YOU ARE shall ‘present’ itself to you in a manner that could not have even been dreamt of.

In deepest Gratitude to All of Earth who have remained steadfast in faith and have continued forth under circumstances that at times have been less than pleasant.



Oh, we will. In Love and thanks to you my friends.

Meditation Transcript. Jan 10th 2015.

We ask for you to take three deep breaths.

We ask that you release all tension within your body … by simply sighing out the negativity … the stress … the thoughts that do not serve.

Think, with your eyes closed … of looking up above you. Remembering to breathe deeply throughout the words we give.

Imagine yourself now … walking along a pathway … Nothing to view either side … simply focusing on what is ahead … which appears to be nothing-ness.

Keep walking in a relaxed and Peaceful fashion towards this nothing-ness.

As you remain focused … you see a pinpoint of Golden Light … As you draw closer … the Light become larger and Brighter … and as it does so … it penetrates throughout your Being. Filling you with Love … and Joy.

As you look into the Light … a doorway is presented to you … Notice its shape colour and form.

Keep walking until you are directly in front of this doorway … and as you look … it presents itself in a crystal liquid rainbow coloured form.

You realise that the door is not to be opened … and yet, when you are ready, you simply step through.

As you do so you feel the difference in your physicality. You feel Lighter. You feel more joy … for you are feeling more of your True self.

You have the feeling of many entering into this space alongside you. There is a hubbub of excitement. A chitter chat.

As you continue walking … you feel as if you begin to glide. As if you are walking on air.

You also experience the feeling of rising up … and as you do so … your soul again feels Lighter and Lighter.

Slowly, your Being begins to spin … as it moves upwards … Until you find yourself … entering the colour of Sky Blue Energy.

In front of you is a table … made of marble … and upon this table … there lies an envelope.

You walk towards it … pick it up … and hold it close to your heart.

You can feel the Energy that is within this envelope. For it is so appropriately connected to your soul-spirit-self.

You begin to feel yourself levitating … and your body resting on air … in a horizontal position … with this envelope still placed against your heart.

Breathe softly and gently as you float.

Allow colours to enter your vision … fading and pulsating back and forth … and you may feel your heart beat a little faster … as the wisdom and knowledge of your TRUE purpose upon the Earth plane at this time … is absorbed into your Being.

All you need do is feel and give Gratitude.

Remain in this place Peacefully … and little by little … the envelope dematerialises … and the Energy of it … enters into your heart space. As it does so …. take in a deep breath or two.

Be aware of the smile upon your face.

Be aware of the Energy you now feel … a Higher renewed Energy of Love.

Again give thanks as you spiral Earthwards … finding yourself outside the crystal door and walking down the pathway from whence you began … yet, noticing that either side is full of the Brightest White Light.

Give thanks once again and bow your head perhaps in reverence to yourself and All.

We send the Greatest Love to you.

In Love …


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