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Blossom Goodchild - December 14, 2014

Welcome to you, once again. A question that I would like to ask … regarding those of us that have been chosen to be on this planet to help raise Mother Earth into her Higher position. White Cloud has often said that many, many volunteered to come, knowing what an important mission it is ... yet, only the strongest of the strong were chosen. Why is it then, that more than half the world seem to have slept through their alarm clock?

A warmest welcome to you and all who are of Light … and by this we mean ALL. For ALL BEINGS are of Light. They cannot BE of anything else.

Although of course, they may ‘appear’ to be something completely opposite.

Indeed. As always … we speak to you of the Bigger Picture. Consider the scenario of the GRAND PLAY … The PLAYING OUT of a performance. Within this story, there are the goodies and the baddies … the happy and the sad … the ‘everything you can possibly think of’s’ … in order to make this particular play, one that has an intense purpose … and leaves one, when leaving the theatre, uplifted and moved … and indeed, much wiser for having had the experience.

OK. So, if I take out of the equation … the dark ones … in the understanding that they are playing their part, in order for us to gain in knowledge and understanding … what about those who are simply still unaware of who they are and continue on through life, not really contributing to the upliftment of The Whole? Did they not come here to be of assistance?

Yes, they did.

In what way?

In the way of BEING themselves.

Yet, when those still in slumber seem to be ‘speaking ill of others’ and a thousand other things that would portray them to still be sleeping … how is this assisting in what they came here to do? Are those who didn’t get chosen, not a little frustrated by those who are not playing their part? Are they not thinking they could be doing a better job … in getting this show on the road? Truly, I am not judging … just curious.

Have we not many times used the expression …   ‘All is as should be.’ Or … ‘All is not as it seems.’?

Yes, indeed, there are those who are choosing to take a little longer in their awakening. There are those who are simply part of the cycle/circle of Life that are determining their pathway and which avenues to choose … and then, there are those who have come down here in a specific form with a specific agenda in order to ‘move things along’ for the benefit of The Whole.

Consider, that if all on Earth at this time were … would we say … the volunteers that were chosen … there would be little need for such a Divine Plan to be so fully intricate and involved. Yet, not ALL are of such a degree of Enlightenment.

Therefore, the position of many Light Beings was invoked, in order to balance out the necessary requirement of frequency.

So, when you say … ‘Others are here in the way of ‘being themselves’ to assist’ what do you mean?

There is so much to explain … in matters of everything.

Those, that for you … for instance … ‘go against the grain’ … if we may put it that way …

You may.

are playing out their role. There HAS to be everything playing out.  Every level of evolving … from the insect to the astronaut … because THIS … THIS LIFE ON EARTH is the experiment that was created.

Each individual soul has a purpose for itself on its journey … It has choice for itself.

Each soul decides who to be … how to be it … and when.

One could relate to picking up a script and deciding ‘Yes, this time around, I will play this character’. Yet, ALL the scripts are chapters of THE ONE VAST PLAY/PLAN.

I still get confused by the Divine plan. How can there be a plan when we are creating as we go?  What if the balance of many’s thoughts, veer of course from what the DIVINE PLAN ‘s plan is?

Yet … it cannot.

For The Divine Plan IS your creation.

That’s it.

That is the plan.

Your creation of Life for yourselves … of yourselves.

Yet, isn’t the Divine Plan … or at least part of it … to lift Gaia into a Higher vibration?

Indeed … yet, you have come here to create that.

What if we forget that is why we came? What if, when here, some change their mind or get distracted. And, if we came here to create that lifting of the planet … would that … could that … not be considered pre-programming?

In no sense would we comply with programming of self-choice. That would not make sense for the creation of yourselves.

When you are not of Earth, in the physical Being … you are a form of Light … different degrees of Light … depending on where you choose to be/go when you leave the Earth plane.

Those that were /are chosen to assist in lifting the Planet are driven by this KNOWING … that this is what they came to do. It is part of them. It is not programming … It is a conscious decision by THE ALL … that this is the ‘correct way to go’. The next step in humanity, if you like.

This part of the plan is a collective conscious decision. Therefore, when we say ‘You create your own reality’ … yes, you do. This is a Divine Truth.

Yet, have you considered that perhaps you create your own reality … or perhaps the ‘blue print’ of your Earthly possible reality … before you arrive there each time?

As if the creation of ‘Benefitting The Whole’ is a conscious decision of/by The Whole … before One enters into the Earthly life to then ‘bring it into reality.’

This is why so many of you KNOW. You have an inner KNOWING when you are following your heart. That instinctive ‘This FEELS so right’ FEELING … is your soul’s way of telling you, that you are creating that which you decided you would create before you came.

In the same way … when you have the uncomfortable feeling about something that is taking place … you KNOW that you are not on track with that which you decided would be part of THE PLAN.

There is the individual plan and there is the OVERALL plan.

One … wherever they were in perspective to travelling and opening up their souls Truth … would not consider coming back for another ‘ride/trip’ to Earth and living out a creation that would be detrimental to their growth.

Yet … in many souls lives, it may appear that way.

This word ‘appearance’ is a word that has many connotations …of which, at this moment in time we are having difficulty putting the right accent upon.

That which can ‘appear’ to be working or being presented as one thing … may not actually be the reason behind what it is ‘appearing’ to be.

I feel you want me to look up ‘appearance’. OK. So,

1. The outward or visible aspect of a person or thing:
2. An outward show; pretence:
3. One of the outward signs or indications by which a person or thing is assessed

Thank you. This assists us. For, what is the outward visible aspect of a person, is not necessarily the reason why the inward aspect of that soul ... is choosing to appear that way outwardly.

And the direction to the funny farm is?

We continue, in that, ‘an appearance can be an indication or sign of how a person is assessed’. Yet, we would clearly state that the outward indication MAY BE very, very different from the inward indication ... It just needs to be presented in a particular way.

Almost there, in understanding. Yet, so close also, to the funny farm!

We can only say then … for we FEEL unable to express correctly … that if you ponder on this … your soul will know its TRUTH. 

Yes, it sort of does. Yet, I have now forgotten the point in the first place!

It was regarding One’s creativity of the life chosen to live on Earth each time.

We would expand on this by saying … to hopefully make it more accessible to understanding … that some souls … are still ‘working on’ their individual pathway … as opposed to being aware of the pathway of Light for The Whole. Whereas, other souls … have evolved into a position where much of their own individual pathway has been walked … and they are now continuing to walk their own pathway … yet, it is ‘attached’ to the upliftment of ONE. Those that have come down here to ‘lift the planet’, have reached a certain ‘grade’ … would we say … and therefore, have come to create that which is FOR ALL ... and by this we mean … ALL.

It is a simple matter of One understanding more and more of WHO THEY ARE. This does not come from an egotistical knowing … for when One has reached a certain grade, the ego is left behind. Although, it can sometimes ‘appear’ to still be hanging around ... Maybe, this is for others to understand ‘ego’.

Mmm! Might go into that later. My brain cannot handle that right now. I can FEEL that.







This recognition … this remembering the BRIGHT LIGHT OF SELF … magnifies the speed of the transition that is taking place … greatly.

As you move into the next phase of Lightness … as your new year brings in even Higher levels of Light/Love Energy … as YOU … Each One … merge with these Higher Energies and recognise yourselves at this HIGHER level  … how you shall see CHANGES OF MAGNIFICENCE taking place.

Be of the GREATEST cheer Dearest Souls …

We are aware Blossom, that you have not wanted us to speak of how close you are  etc … of matters concerning time frames. Yet, we thank you this day for allowing us to say … that you are so very close now … to FEELING in your hearts, that …

ALL OF THIS that you have seen/been through …

ALL OF THIS that you have marched bravely onwards for …






Thank you so much … I know it is time to go … Always a blessing to have a chat with you … In Love and thanks.

Always, with much gratitude to Each One for remaining in their Truth as they walk their pathway.


The Federation Of Light speak of LOVE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmsCqVjqSss

An Invocation from Feb 14th. Always good to do when you FEEL like it . It all helps. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gqmukxqt2rU

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