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Blossom Goodchild - January 15, 2015

Blossom Goodchild:

Hello again.

I wanted to get a channelling done ASAP to inquire about the video I sent out for your viewing yesterday evening.

My inbox was full of delight, joy and amazement this morning ... with just a couple of ' A possible hoax'. Yet, I needed to know from The Federation Of Light.

This is what they said .

Hello my friends. Straight to it, if I may? A video has been put out, of a Lightship and 5 orbs descending from it. First of all, are you there?

Welcome in Loving arms to you and your dilemma.

Indeed, it is a dilemma … for as you know, secondly I am going to ask … is this for real or is this a hoax?

We would say to you in all OUR TRUTH that this Light show is not one from which we would take our name upon.

In other words it is a hoax?

A very clever one at that … is it not?

Indeed. Ok … so, I was thinking about this, depending on what your answer would be. A part of me could allow myself to be annoyed at the prankster. Another part of me thinks … ‘Oh well, it certainly uplifted so many while it lasted' … judging by my inbox. So … to say to you … if a hoax can cause so much upliftment (only to be thwarted, once Truth discovered) … do you not see how uplifting a REAL LIGHT SHOW from YOU would be? You know … THE ACTUAL REAL THING. I was SO excited going to bed last night … imagining more and more of this kind of thing happening. I FELT it would make such a difference to the Planet and its Vibration. Just saying! Just repeating what I always say … ‘SOMETHING LIKE THIS … EVEN BIGGER MAYBE … FROM YOU … WOULD DO US ALL … THE WORLD OF GOOD!’

We accept that which you are saying.

No point in stirring it all up. We’ve been down this road too many times. Yet please, take note of how excited AND READY everyone was about this. Just before we move on, I would like to thank you for this answer. I, for obvious reasons, was a little apprehensive going into the questioning.

Yet, we can FEEL in you … your True disappointment.

Yep. Actually, after being so High about it, I now feel REALLY low. I shouldn’t be attached and to be honest … I had to do a long meditation before I began, as I was a little stressed anyway this morning. I guess this has just added to it. So, onwards to Brighter stuff!

And there is much of that to be had. We ask you not to let someone’s fun and games bring your Vibration down. For Each One of you KNOW that you are above allowing this to be. You can, without doubt … FEEL THE CHANGE IN ENERGY THAT IS STRONGLY TAKING HOLD UPON YOUR PLANET to the delight of many. You are aware that, that which is to come shall be so very heart lifting.

You stated the obvious to us … regarding the upliftment this particular video brought to one’s hearts … and indeed, we reiterate that there is more of the same to come … yet, in a position that is of TRUTH.

The facts are Blossom … this coming year shall divulge unto you … so much more of what you have been longing for and indeed expecting. So, hang onto your hats.

With all respect … My hat disintegrated a few years ago!!  

That feels better does it not? Your humour has a magical effect on yourself … as well as many.

Well, to keep positive I shall just say … I look forward to it greatly!

Would many of you not say that you are noticing a change in ‘who you think you are’? … For want of a better way of explaining.


You are allowing that feeling to get the better of you and so it should.

It is as if ‘The Calling’ you heart is responding to, is letting you KNOW that everything is really ready and about to step up in Vibration and pace. You are tired of having unresponsive …

Unresponsive what? We went blank there …  … Still nothing! … ... All ok?

Yes, all is more than fine. The delay in the communication is the need to find the correct vocabulary that befits that which we are trying to express.

You have been unresponsive to your faculties … in many segments of yourselves and this has led you to feel disappointment and disillusion. Yet … as the veil is lifting and these powerful Energies are entering in … you shall find your spirit Beings so very much more RESPONSIVE to ALL THAT YOU ARE … and this in turn ... allows you to bring forth gifts of untold treasures.

You shall surprize yourselves and each other over and over with that which you are able to access from within.

Again, we accent the importance … by choice only … of going inwards. The silence within you … the nothing - space that you travel to … whilst in meditation means you are able to contact the Higher part of yourself that is LONGING to be heard .




This indeed sounds exciting. Why now?

Because your Vibrational pull on Earth has reached a pitch that allows the Higher Energies to blend and create the change within you.

This change … when accessed within … will then allow the Change without … to materialize.

So, simply by meditation … this is how we bring all this about?

There is far more to you than meditation. Yet, in humour … we would also say …. There is only the need to breathe and you have everything you need.

You speak quite a lot about the breath … What am I missing?

The fact that it contains so much more than the automatic mechanism that you take for granted.

In what way?

In a way that ‘gives you life’. Is it not that if your stop breathing … your body ceases to function?


So, would you not think that such a mechanism holds far more secrets to its intense purpose than just breathing air in and out to survive?

Well,  I’ve only thought more about it through you talking about it and breathing deeply in meditation … yet, I still don’t quite get it.

We say then … that the breath has secrets to reveal to you. Listen to the sound of your breath. Allow it to take you beyond your worldly knowledge and impart knowledge that your soul longs to engage with.

Even when carrying out daily tasks … give thanks for your breath. Be aware of it … take moments to expand within it … and contract into the Love that breath is.

Wait a minute … breath is LOVE? I’m laughing because I know you want to say …




If you become in tune with this KNOWING … if you make yourself fully aware … at all times, that you are breathing in LOVE … so, that KNOWING this becomes as automatic as breathing itself … you will feel a change in who you are.

Who you are … LOVE … will then be responding in every breath taken with itself. Raising you to a Higher level of self. SIMPLE.

I suppose it is … So, we just have to KNOW that. Right?

KNOWING is the key to all that your soul self-desires to BE. When you KNOW that YOU ARE LOVE … when you KNOW that every breath you take … you are absorbing more Love … imagine then, the blending of the two and how it will lift you up … JUST BECAUSE OF THAT KNOWING.

OK. I will work on that. Can’t help but think back to the beginning of this conversation and the hoax thing. I guess a positive way to look at it is … that one day … as you say … we will KNOW … that what we are seeing cannot possibly be a hoax. It will be so TRUE … SO OUTSTANDING … SO REAL. So, you’re absolutely sure it wasn’t from you?  I have to laugh … I don’t really want to let go … I so wanted it to be TRUE.

We state categorically Blossom … that this little intervention … this little game … was devised to thrill … yet, not by us.

Let’s check on that … When you say ‘not by us’ … you mean by The Galactic Family in general?


Oh poop! Hey Ho! So, it’s now up to me … in my choice … to keep my Vibration High today and continue forth in the expectation that one day … I won’t even have to check in with you about something like this … because we will simply KNOW it to be TRUTH … due to the enormity of it.

Meanwhile our Earth friends … our souls of Light that have so valiantly remained in their Truth … even during times that Truth has been distorted and swayed … we THANK YOU.

We THANK YOU … for BEING the ones on the ‘main deck’ … who have to weather all storms … yet, do so … with your heart so securely fastened to YOUR TRUTH … for you KNOW that the still waters and the beauty and the tranquillity that is to engulf you … is on its way to you … through you … as you … for you.

Be not downhearted at another’s ploy to fool you … Send Love to that soul … that should do ‘the trick’!

I know. I know you’re right ... Thanks for all you give. Thanks for all you are. Although I was hoping you would say it was not a hoax, I am grateful for the Truth, yet, a little disappointed … none the less.


Then, I do hope it comes quickly.  Bye for now. In Love and thanks. xxx       

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