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December 28, 2010

Well, Christmas is over and we move on into the next year. Are you well?

We are never otherwise. Are you well dearest lady?

I always assume you know by picking up on my energy.

And yet is it not polite to inquire?

I guess so. Thank you, I am well. May I ask you a question about the shafts of Light spoken about with you last time we chatted?


Some beautiful pillars of Light appeared in Norway which I assumed was that which you had spoken of. Yet on further investigation it seems that these Lights have appeared before and it is due to weather conditions and ice crystals or something scientific that blows my head off. I was a little disappointed I have to say. Can you shed some Light on the matter?

What you saw in the photographs displayed were of a recognition of art form materialized due to distinct patterns of interstellar activity.

Of course .... I knew that!?

There are those on your earth plane who simply refuse to accept that certain conditions will allow displays from gathered molecules that are NOT formed by any weather condition ... to present themselves in the manner that you were informed of.

So, in a word .... were these shafts of Light that which you were speaking of?

No, and yet we do not refuse the question regarding whether or not they are formed in order to create curiosity.

So , what do you mean by interstellar activity? Keeping in mind I need to follow what you are talking about.

We do not need to become technical to explain something that is very simple. There will always be phenomena that will be 'palmed off' as something that it is not, in order to keep curiosity at bay. There will be so many that will simply put these displays down to things that they are told ... things that they can 'explain away'.

So , are you saying that these shafts of Light were not caused by the weather?

They were not caused by the weather and yet the weather assisted their formation.

Were they 'guided' by you?


Did they have anything to do with you?



We are asking those of you who are congenially swayed to our status to accept that occurrences that have and shall take place of this nature are of a purpose other than 'beauty'.

Struggling here to get the flow happening. Maybe it's me though ... worrying that I don't know what you are talking about. Let me say to keep it 'flowing', that the shafts of Light you showed to me in my minds eye were far bigger width wise than the ones in Norway , but I thought maybe it was 'telepathic licence'?

When the ones that we spoke of arrive there will be no possibility of passing them off as the weather. For they shall appear in all kinds of different weather conditions, therefore relieving all questioning of such possibility.

Retuning into you, as I feel the link very weak . I'll keep going for a while and see if it gets easier. Over to you ... if we are able?

Considering conditions of your world at this time we are doing extremely well. And yes, we are talking of conditions regarding extreme weather patterns that are occurring in many parts of your globe. There is interference taking place that is not exactly what you would call 'politically correct'. These freak conditions are not always explained by mother nature and it would appear to those of us who perhaps have intelligent forces streaming information from parts of your planet to us ... (perhaps you would call them 'informers') ... that tampering's with such forces is inadvisable. These incorrect policies cannot be allowed to continue as they are. It is of grave concern that what is taking place behind the scenes is having such a devastating effect and there are limitations to our patience regarding protocol.

Not sure exactly where you are going with this ... would you care to indulge?

From the perspective of The Greater Good there is only limited acceptance of tamperings with that which was designed to be natural. Too much has been 'taken over' upon your planet , for too long.

Interesting, as I am feeling a feeling of ... eh .... 'anger?', which is not of your BEing.

It is not of anger dear lady , yet for description of your knowledge of emotion , you may describe it as such. We would prefer it be known as 'tolerance tipping'.

I'd make a joke , but I feel it would be inappropriate at this time.

The extreme levels to which some are prepared to mask the Truth simply will not and can no longer be tolerated. We are not angry. This is not our way and yet the collective councils of combined universes (?) have decided that certain configurations must be dispelled in order for motions to be adhered to.

I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about!!

Let us then explain, for we do not desire to confuse. There are practices in position on planet Earth that have been designed to abhor the spirit. They are certainly not of a nature that one would call Loving. This we ask you to accept for we do not care to indulge in the energy of it. There are those on Earth who believe that they are the masterminds to many plans that they believe are to succeed, and yet we stress with great confirmation that such 'destruction for the point of self empowerment' shall not be allowed to continue. We shall make this quite clear if certain atrocities come to the fore ... and let it be known that they shall be terminated before damage is done.

This is unlike your usual line of exchange. What is going on?

We are just informing those who need to know that the end of the road is in sight for them.

Peace is to be restored in your world . All hatred ... war ... ALL that is not of a Loving nature is to cease and cease it shall. The original blue print for your existence was not to be distorted to such a degree. There was free will given ,and yet those that were involved in the designing were not to know of the degree in which this could alter the course of the initial plan. Yet NOW ... now you are steering back on course. Now ... dearest souls, you are returning to the shores of home in which your hearts are longing. The upheaval that is upon you is soon to subside and there shall once again , as designed ... be a place for your souls to reside in that is of 'heavenly comfort' for both mind and body.

You are checking that we are your usual communication are you not?

Yes, no offence ... always best to. I do not feel uncomfortable with you , just a little different.

We acknowledge your vigilance. May we convince you of our Truth?

No need. I cannot imagine for the life of me , that after all this time and Trust anything untoward would be able to 'sneak in', so I am not really concerned ... just, as you say ... being vigilant. I feel also that as we are moving into this next decade, things are really going to step up in many aspects, and we need to listen to our Truth in order to adapt. Plus I have just read back what has been discussed and I can feel 'you' there. It was more the line of discussion that was unusual.

We say this to you. What is to come, what is to present itself is far beyond your imaginings. We have said this to you before and yet now you are able to let it ''sink in' to a place where it can be accepted and KNOWN. The days that are ahead are of great change. They will have you standing on your head at times for you will not know from which angle to grasp all the newness that is to be upon you.

HOLD ON TO THOSE HATS. We wish you to be of great excitement!

I got such a huge tingle of Truth as you said that.

For that is what is ahead ... Our Truth ... Your Truth. There is nothing to fear.

Well, I feel that is the end of the session. A little all over the place today , but it is as it is.

Before we take our leave at this time we wish to extend our thoughts of the purest Love to each one of you. We feel so connected due to this discourse with so many. We are aware of how many have awakened and how much brighter the energy of your planet is becoming. There is NOTHING that can deter the New World ... the New World of Love and Lightened BEings ... in walking into its rightful position. Allow your Love to be your strength and guidance. Allow all that you are to become the new way of your world. Let go of that which no longer serves and dispel all thoughts of matters that do not belong within your energy of Love.

You will KNOW of us. You will KNOW of our Truth before too long. All those who have gathered together and remained pillars of Light ... Beacons of hope ... shall recognize their souls home in the days to come. It shall be instant. All doubts shall disperse for the KNOWING of Truth is KNOWN.

Thanks guys. There is excitement. I can feel it. We all so look forward to having a cuppa with you and swapping stories of our souls journey!!! In Love and thanks.

Website: Blossom Goodchild

Comment from one of our readers:

"I want to thank you for this enlightening message. As we are seeing that the earth's cabal are out to set up an orwellian world, it is refreshing that someone who sees it can help us from the grasp of control.
I understand that the light will also negate those forces and welcome any who helps open the gates of thruth. Peace!
Phil" (12-28-'10)

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