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April 3, 2012

Hello there. Me here. I have a question in mind, which I may have asked before. It is to do with all the discrepancies between different channellings and different information that is offered to us. I Know you have said ‘to follow your hearts Truth’ but can you explain why it is that there is such vast differences? Each of the people bringing these messages through seem to be of good intention, and coming from their heart so why is this?  It causes great alarm for many. Can you enlighten us on this matter if you would be so kind?

What we would choose to offer regarding such discrepancies is that some of which is passed on is misinterpreted through force of will. In other words there maybe those who appear to be willing to bring forth Truth and yet those energies that are relaying a message to an Earthly soul have not the best intentions at heart.

Yes I can understand this. Many have said this about us! It would be insulting to say this to one who feels that those that they channell are of Light and Truth. To me … we can’t all be right … because so much is different. I really feel this situation needs to be cleared up . Many folk put themselves on the line in Trust to ‘give out’ information they receive … So, how is one to Know that which to follow and which not?

Again we would say ‘which puts you in a place of fear and which puts you in a place of Love?”. That is all there is to know .

So basically you are saying that all that puts you in a place of Love is True and that which makes you fearful is untrue?

That is what we are saying exactly. When you follow the path of Love there is nothing to fear.  We do not come to you with messages of ‘Beware … you are doomed’. To us there would be little sense in doing so. We come  … as we have said before to assist you in recognizing who you are and why you are here . We come to help you find YOU.

YOU ARE LOVE and from Love and only Love … no matter what takes place there is absolutely NOTHING to fear . Those that fear … have not yet found the depth of Love that resides within them.

I get what you are saying on that count … but it still doesn’t change the fact that channelled messages differ.  Surely if they are coming from the source of Love they would all say the same?

The fact being that what is to come … will come. You will experience it when it does. The messages coming through are doing so to help prepare you.

Got to interupt sorry … How can we be sure which scenario to prepare for?

In ALL scenarios there is no finer preparation for the soul than LOVE and joy AT THIS TIME NOW. That should be the main message. There is only NOW. So many of you are planning for a future that is not NOW. We come to ask you to LIVE IN THE MOMENT OF NOW.

And yet YOU also tell us of a time when we shall join together again as a family … in the time ahead … which is not NOW. Which can only have us thinking about the future that you speculate. I am not purposefully being awkward … I just feel these matters need sorting from our Earthy perspective.

We understand of your plight . We expect there to be questions for we cannot be in control of all that is sent through from others to others.

Yet why the differences in the story of what lies ahead?. Is it like the movie ‘sliding doors’ … where a split second can change how things pan out … perhaps in a parallel life? Struth Blossom!!! Why don’t you make it more complicated … !

No …  this is not the case.

Then what is?? If you are following a Divine Plan … then what is the TRUTH about what is in store for us within this year?

We have given you the TRUTH as we see it. We cannot be responsible for how others see it and choose to behave because of it.

Dearest Lady … We appreciate the fact that your task is not an easy one. We appreciate also that we are not of Earth and therefore do not always see things from an ‘earthlings’ perspective. We understand that you are speaking for many and needing questions answered. We understand that many of you are confused. We accept that for all those living in a place of fear within themselves  … they are unable to ‘let go’ of EVERYTHING!

Have you thought that although what you see and hear maybe of conflicting views …  that it allows you also to THINK FOR YOURSELVES? If you were to blindly follow all that was said … would you run of the edge of a cliff if you were asked? If you were told that in future days a Light Vessel would come and hover over the edge of a cliff and ask you to leap off that cliff and you would be caught in its beam and lifted up …  Would you just do it without asking your heart if this was a sensible thing to do? We ask for your answer Blossom.

 Nope. I wouldn’t … not without a parachute anyway!!  But then … what about TRUSTING?

TRUSTING IN WHOM? Unless you TRUST yourselves … Your inner knowing … how could you expect to Trust an outside source? What would be the point of Trusting US if you didn’t first of all TRUST yourself? This to US would seem of a ridiculous procedure … having everything back to front.

You are asking US for answers to questions that need to be answered by TRUSTING YOURSELF!

What if we can’t find the answer or simply … don’t know?

Then you do not Trust yourself … so why would you TRUST anything you hear or read that comes from another?

SO … from your perspective … how would you suggest we further TRUST ourselves?

By following your heart. It is interesting to us that this seems a little difficult for you. When you FEEL joyous and full of LOVE and you are happy with the way your day is going … would you not agree that you TRUST yourself in your decisions … because look how you are FEELING? This is how you learn to TRUST yourself.

What if one is feeling ‘off track’ … that can’t be that we don’t TRUST ourselves?

Why not?

Because we haven’t necessarily misplaced TRUST , we just maybe having a bad day .

Yet all that is required there is to change attitude … no matter what is transpiring. If you TRUST in the fact that no matter what … an outcome is for your Highest good then you put the TRUST in yourself that ‘to TRUST yourself and your FEELINGS is the requirement of the day. All days.

If you feel uncomfortable about that which another is saying … then why would you TRUST it? HOW can you TRUST it? You are being told by YOU not to trust it ... because of how it makes you feel! FEELINGS! FEELINGS ! FEELINGS!

Ok … Lets go further. I recently watched a documentary about chemtrails. I have known for quite a while about this . This documentary is of TRUTH for me . I TRUST it … yet it did not make me FEEL good. Do you see what I am trying to say?

Yes we accept this premise. Yet … was there not a large part of you that was filled with courage that the TRUTH is now being told? Did you not feel stronger in a united front that the souls who have followed their Truth  … to make this TRUTH available to many … have done what they did? You have known for a long time about such matters … now you are happy that something is being done. Did it scare you? NO. Because your heart tells you that such an atrocity shall not prevail. It cannot prevail. You Trust your instinct on this. BECAUSE IT IS TRUTH.

Yep. Good answer.

We ask you to KNOW YOURSELVES. That is all you need do. If any one of you were to stop reading and gathering information from those of us that are not residing upon your planet at this time …. Do you think this would make a difference to how you may react when those of us from ‘elsewhere’ communicate in an undeniable fashion for all to witness?

What if your communication systems were to fail today and not be revived? Would you survive? Of course you would! What if in three months time we were to remain in your skies for all to see? Would you run inside and hide? Of course not! You would TRUST that which your heart and FEELINGS are speaking to you of at that given moment of time. You would Trust in that feeling for there would be no networking from others to tell you ... or suggest to you how to feel in that moment.


This is what you must come to realize … THIS IS ALL ABOUT YOU.

It is not about US and who we are and what we stand for .

It is about YOU and WHO YOU ARE … and WHAT YOU STAND FOR.

STAND UP AND BE COUNTED! Let yourselves see who you are. Look around you NOW and notice the changes that are taking place.

 You are the strong ones. You are breaking FREE! ALL BY YOURSELVES.

You are waking up to the fact that YOU …. AND ONLY YOU can do this.


You are marching forth and you are a force of LOVE that cannot be defeated!!

You understand this NOW! You ‘GET THIS’ NOW.

You came here to do this … to change your planet into its former glory.

YOU! YOU! YOU! And you are doing it … Look around … You are doing it .

We  will happily assist in ways that will benefit greatly by means of advanced technology … yet as is happening … it is YOU that is allowing the position to be opened in order for us to do so.


OUR Trust is within ourselves to Trust in you to do so!

 We shall. We are! Thanking you as always.  From all of us down here … to all of you space bunnies up there … Happy Easter.

This is the documentary about chemtrails that I mention in the channelling. ( 97mins )

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