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April 12, 2012

Good morning to you. It’s very early yet I couldn’t sleep . So I thought I would see if you are awake also?

We have no need for sleep as you do. Yet we enjoy resting and rebalancing.

Mmm … I would have thought your state of Being would be pretty much balanced all of the time.

And yet we would not wish to remove the pleasure of making sure we are in full power. Very much as in your meditations. Many times have we suggested to be vigilant in this craft … for it is of so much benefit to the soul. There is never a time when it is not ... although it may appear to you that way on occasions.

Situations are arising upon your planet that will take one by surprise even though one feels in full preparation. Nothing that we offer will have you ready for what is to occur. In these words we do not mean to speak harshly … this is not our way … yet we ask you to be of strength and gather forces amongst you in order to carry out that which you came here to do. No matter what may take place … we ask you to remain steadfast in who you are … in LOVE. For by doing so there Is nothing to be of concern about. When you remain in LOVE you understand that all that is to take place is merely the natural transition that simply must take it‘s course.

These days, ,with all respect , I am very much of the nature of ‘what will be will be’ and as it comes about we will be how we are Being at the time … about anything!. Although for most of us, hopefully, we shall remember that which you have offered us and KNOW that by remaining steadfast in our Love centre we are doing exactly what we came here to do.

For most of you at this time you FEEL you are continually playing the waiting game. Nothing appears to be changing in front of your eyes  and yet we would advise you that all is not as it seems. It is just a little while longer before you notice results … before you receive the fruits of your labours. This year that you are in … is in its second quarter and although many may have found themselves to be sitting back on their heels ... we consider this a wise move. As it moves into its third quarter there shall be little time to catch ones breath.

I, along with many look forward to that. It will be interesting to see which scenario is played out … or perhaps it will be many of that which has been prophesied? We will not know till it is happening. As happy as I am in my life right now, it certainly cannot come quick enough. More so the longing to live in a peaceful planet where/when we can be totally free from all that has kept us in chains for so long.

This is our desire and KNOWING for you also.

 I could ask a thousand questions that I have been asked to ask … but this is not your way necessarily. You seem to be rather discreet in involving yourselves in opinions of other's prophesies … So, what would you care to offer that is something new to ponder on … or in your view have you given us all you think necessary?

We try to offer you that which we FEEL shall be most beneficial for you …. NOW. In the NOW that you find yourself in ‘later’ … we shall do our best to do the same. That which we offer you … under the circumstances .. .may appear very tame and yet that which we have advised upon , in our opinion , is that which is most beneficial for you to know. What benefit would it be to you if we were to send you ‘possibilities’ that may confuse and stun!

Interesting word to use … stun!

Yet we chose that which is most appropriate. Your minds would conjure up all sorts of ‘play outs’ that would not do yourselves or your planet any good whatsoever at that time. Therefore we feel to do so would not assist. However we chose to send out to you messages of Love because this and ONLY this is what will allow you the smoothest transition into the NEW WORLD.

Yep. Roger that!  So let’s take another angle … because we seem to be at a bit of a standstill this morning … which is ridiculous! If we were sitting together in this room ... I would be whistling and twiddling my thumbs   … This is nuts considering the wisdom you have to offer. So let’s say you were in the room … what would be going on?

Firstly we would need to blend energies otherwise it would appear to us that you had many late nights and needed to sleep. Our resonance would need to simmer down a little and yours would need to lift in order for us to have any interaction at all. Secondly we would not be speaking with you … it would be purely thought form as in the way we are conversing now . Thirdly … we would not be able to drink of your tea …

Oh the humour!  Now you see ... this leads me to something. As you say all this, it has always been for me that I sense you as ‘Light Beings’ . Difficult to express my visual in words. I do not see you as humanoid or ‘feline…oid' or indeed 'hemeroid' ... Ha! Couldn't resist a jest ...sorry ! ... like others may describe that have visited/been visited by. So would you say it will not actually be YOUR GANG that will be representing ‘off planet' civilisation’?

This is correct. Yet this is not to say that we will be hidden from view.  Our representatives will indeed be more of a level that is acceptable in presence.

So who will they be?

They will be those that are known to you as ‘The Loved Ones’.  Gradually as they are accepted more and more and known to be from another place and Trust is abounding … then ‘other races’ shall be introduced. Little by little.

So where do YOU come into all this?  Won’t we get to meet YOU?

Indeed, yet not for a while. ... You are hesitating?

Because of my issues with who you are I guess.  I am sensing that which you wish to say.

We cannot be that which we are not.  Allow us to put it in a fashion that is appropriate for you to ‘handle’.


We who speak with you are of a level of Being that is beyond that which can enter your Earthly atmosphere in any state of physical form . So in order for one to meet with us , their Being would have to be of a certain level  … a certain vibration …  in order to ‘reside' in our energy for any given time .

Cor dear! No wonder I have trouble bringing you through sometimes!!

Yet we ask you to understand that although we are of this level of Being … we are no different from you . Because we are part of you and you are part of us .

Yes, but you ARE different. You have just said ... we need to be pretty saintly in order to even knock on your door .

Yet understand too that the aspect of YOU/US that is residing upon the Earth plane at this time is not/cannot be the fullness of your complete self.  If you were to remember your entirety ... you would remember also that it would be impossible for your fullness to BE on planet Earth. Your Light resonance in its TRUTH is too strong … too bright to be able to enter into the Earths density .

So even if we move into the 4th /5th dimension upon this planet … would we not be able to ‘visit ‘ you then?

Only through allowing that aspect of yourself to experience an even Higher part of itself.  In the Higher phase of yourselves that you are moving into ... so very much more of who you are shall be exposed. There shall be a freedom of spirit that shall offer you experiences that you have long forgotten. Usage of much of yourself shall be retrieved and this shall keep your soul satisfied. For we are led to believe that enduring human physicality can bring the soul to its knees at times. 

This as we have said is your next phase. Life is infinite. Evolving  … is returning to your origin and although this next Divine phase will  … compared to now …  make you feel as if you are back within that origin ... may we say you are nowhere close.

Mmm!  Not sure I’m  happy with those words. ‘Nowhere close’. Although I am understanding that you put it that way due to how far we still have to travel , even when moving into a dimension that is so different from this.

 And yet once it was of such beauty. Once you KNEW upon Earth all that you are about to regain knowledge of.  You were not always ‘stuck’ in such density. Mother Earth did not have to endure such heartache. Your planet has sunk into a dimension of such struggle due to free will. Due to a downfall of consciousness that astounded so many that had put this experiment into being. 

Those who ‘devised  you' as we have stated before …  had not foreseen that which now is . Yet it has served a purpose to a degree that has taught so much. This chapter for evolvement is done. Lessons have been discovered and learned and this chapter is now on its end pages.

This may confuse many … when we say … that what you dream of … imagine … visualise  … feel  … to be the Light of God … for want of a better word …  goes way beyond that which you are capable of understanding NOW as you are. This is very difficult to describe,

Your telling me! So are you saying for example that when someone has a near death experience and ‘meets God’  … ‘Goes to the Light’ … that isn’t God or the Light?

We are saying that experience is not the fullness of GodLight.

 I reckon some who have had that experience would agree to disagree.

What they experience which to them is ‘All Knowing and BEING in the presence of GOD’  …  is just a ‘part’ of the GodLight presence. Even when ‘out of the body’ the soul can only experience a certain degree of that presence. As the soul evolves into Higher states of itself it is able to exchange an experience of a Higher level of the super consciousness of itself and therefore experience a Higher level of GODLIGHT .

I understand. Yet never thought of that concept before. That’s will set a few minds boggling!

This is why I remain amused. When you speak of the level in which YOU reside … would it not have been easier for yourselves and indeed human kind if you had chosen  a rocket scientist to use as a vessel  … surely … so much more could be accomplished for those of a Higher intelligence than ‘lil’ ol’ me’  from Bognor Regis Sussex. This will never be understood! Not in this aspect of myself anyway. If in the New World I find myself lecturing on the technology of teleportation then I will smile as I look back on this ‘simplistic’ aspect of myself who has no interest in economy or politics or anything at all of that nature, yet sure loves to belt out a song or two.  Thank you for today … I rambled on so much there  … you appear to have left the building!!! In Love and Light!!

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